But if you remember the last test we did was the extreme wind test and it actually pretty good up to about 20 miles par heure, anything over that kind of started to blow it away. So we weren't really able to test too many functions in the wind. I wanted to test a few more functions, a little bit more on the return to home accuracy, the precision accuracy, because we were getting a couple feet in each direction in that high wind. So I wanted to test that, and I also wanted to test there's been a lot of requests for to see if this thing can actually do some tracking follow. If maybe you move while it's doing those quick shots, so let's go ahead and put this thing up in the air and test some of those, and this also has that latest, I think it's, the o 3o update, so let's go ahead and try that and see How it works Music, so I did get the flat Mart combo and the other combo guys just to review. I don't get any of this free from DGI, so these are all my own purchases given to me for review or I purchase on my tree everything exactly the same, no special preference for free stuff, but these I did buy just so you let to let you Knowand I did buy the flam ware combo, which I'm using here and so we're just gon na pick a random battery.

These are all charged up now. What you might notice is this thing. A lot of people say it kind of feels like a toy, and it really does feel like a small, little tiny toy but that's, because it's so light it's only 249 grammes, so you don't have to register it with the FAA. What you put the battery in here, you actually gives it a little bit more weight, donc sous 250 grammes, but then it kind of starts to feel like a quality drone, but without the battery and man. This thing does feel like a little toy, but it does perform a lot better than a toy and that's the main thing right and let's just go ahead and hold take off. d'accord, let it launch upand you can hear it's talking to you home pointhas been updated. So if you guys miss the other videos go ahead and check out the playlist I'll have that pop head pop up here and also in the description just so, you can see how this performs and wind and no wind using all the quick shots with my daughter. She was actually helping me in the first flight test and also the unboxing and stuff on the regular version and the flyer combo if you're thinking about buying this, especially Christmas, is coming around and you may want to get something like this it's. A pretty good darn. Bon drone, but if you want to see the other videos go ahead and check that out anyway, recording in 2k just kind of moving a gimbal around a little bit, letting it hover I'm gon na go ahead and pick it up.

I don't know if this makes a difference or not with the mini. I don't think it does, but you know with the Mavic Pro you usually have to pick it up to about 30 pieds. So I'm gon na go ahead and do that just to give it the benefit of the doubt we're here on Maui beautiful afternoon here, let's take a little look at the West. Maui mountains in the camera see how that cameras doing so pretty darn good so I'm. The first test, I'm gon na do I'm gon na fly out this way far enough away. Just so it can, Tu sais, do a be far enough away to do a precision return to home right. So I think you want to be at least 50 pieds de distance. 50 à 100, otherwise it's just gon na land within that 50 foot like radius and, je pense, that's the mistake I made on my my first test so I'm going to go out that far and then this is where I'm gon na hit return to home. So just hitting the home button here and definitely don't want to land right there. So I'm gon na hit return to home. You got ta click and hold, which is actually a good safety. So here we go let's just see how close before we do, like our quick shot, tracking wall or moving tests. Let'S see how close, maybe it gets in this precision landing. Cuz I've never actually done one of these when there was barely any wind right now.

There'S about maybe 0 à 5 coming from that direction and as you're gon na see in your video guys, this is not the gimbal. This is the mountain that slopes from left to right pretty hard. This is Haleakala mountain on Maui, Hawaii and the gimbal is straight. Don'T worry, it is just the mountain sloping down, so let this thing just land on its own and we'll, just see how precise it is. It'S had 14 satellites the whole time and we did everything kind of by the book and let it have plenty of time on the ground to fire satellites and all that stuff, like I was talking about so let's, just see how close it really gets. Not touching anything, you see how it's slowed down at about 5 pieds, it gets really slow, so it seems like it seems like it's, always at least about a foot away to me in my tests, and I have done my compass calibration and everything. So you know some people may get a little bit of deviation from that. Some people may have it landing perfectly, but it doesn't seem to have that precision landing where it uses that bottom camera to detect the landing pad. Like the say, the Maverick pro series does something they can update and they did update that in the Mavic too pretty quickly after they released it so i'm i'd. Imagine that might happen with the Mavic mini, but for now it doesn't seem to have that super precision landing, but good enough i mean that was 1 foot away.

D'accord, so let's try some more stuff. We want to try some of those quick shots with the movement right that's. The main reason I'm trying this test, so we're gon na go ahead and launch manually. You can also launch it manually, you push the control sticks down and in or down and out till they start, I believe they will shut off. If you don't, launch within, comme 10 seconds let's, see if that happens, they're still going by the way guys you can fly this without a phone. So say you forgot your phone, even though you have done the initial activation and stuff or it maybe just wanted to fly around the park line of sight. You actually don't have to put your phone in. You can leave this all closed up boot it up as normal launch with these sticks and fly it around what's going on man. You guys gon na play Music cool. You got about ten minutes and I'll be done that cool okay. So what I'm saying you can fly this thing with just the controller without your phone, if you wanted to line of sight just keeping it inside at the park or if you're training but we're flying it with the phone and let's launch with the sticks and let's, Do some of these quick shot functions right, so it's launching, remember you don't have to use that automatic launch if you don't want to and we're gon na try some of these quick shots and I'm gon na try to walk and move a little bit so with The quick shots remember, you actually have to stop your video recording and then you have to go into the video button up here.

Go down the quick shot. This doesn't have any unlimited, follow me or unlimited orbit modes right, so you're kind of at the mercy of these, so we'll do the maximum 120. To give us some timeand the first thing we'll do is probably want to do a circle, so maybe I'll step back a little bit here. So you have a little wider circle, so we'll press on circle here and then start okay and you got to tap yourself or whatever you're tracking. I guess you could track something else and let's see if we move yeah, it's, still kind of tracking. Alors, Tout d'abord, what we'll do is we'll keep ourselves in the center and then we'll start it like this: d'accord, d'accord, so it's, starting to record that's what this thing does and it moves so I'm going to go the direction the drone is going and see. If it keeps me try and track hmm China, it's kind of is I'm just I'm just walking in this same direction. It'S. Definitely not moving and doing in orbit see that and then you only get one revolution and it stops recording, and in this situation it went right back to where it was and then it stopped. So you can kind of do a moving track, mais euh. It seems like it has a designated camera setting that's, not gon na really follow you let's. Try that one more time and let's press on me here, press Start and I'm gon na walk this way.

À présent, in the opposite direction, the drone is going and let's see. How good is it keeping me in video that's, Pas mal, d'accord, certain to get a little dark? Oh interesting, so it's turning its head towards me, but it's still doing its orbit. You see that okay, alors oui, you can do little orbits like that, and it stayed pointing at where I was so just a little FYI. You can do quick little orbits like that. Definitely not as advanced as full on infinity orbiting and following let's. Try this I'm gon na do that again and I'm gon na run straight back: d'accord, it's a little start and when it starts to follow I'm gon na start jogging, d'accord, so it's doing its orbit now I'm gon na start jogging and see what it does. This is just a slow jog. Just trying to keep its head turned towards me a little bit to the right of the screen, but it's doing its orbit, so it's not gon na deviate off its course. Well that time it lost me see that I got a little funny so now it's pointing up towards the sky, so maybe they can work on giving us a little bit of infinity tracking. That would be pretty cool all right. So what else do we want to? Try well, I guess we want to try a couple of different modes here. Maybe we'll do a helix and see if this works I'll go start click on ourselves again and start so this is going to come.

Let'S bring it down a little closer remember what this does is. It goes up and out as it's circling to 120 feet so we'll, let it start and then I'm going to start walking this way, just straight forward, just a slow, walk and now I'm. Fondamentalement, where it was stopped from where it started from now let's see no, it looked like it totally lost me so yeah, so maybe not not gon na have tremendously awesome tracking features and see that so, since it lost total sight of me, it's just going right Back to where it was regardless of where I am so, he want to definitely keep that in mind. What else we want to try click on so the circle work pretty good. I'D. Imagine the rocket really won't work, but let's just try it anyway. So you kind of right, close and under it start and start will, let it do its rocket go up and I'm gon na walk a little forward and let's see what happens. I'Ll go to the edge of the screen because it looks like I can walk off the screen, so the rocket you're gon na need to be stationary or you can run around in where the screen is in the view of the camera is what I'm trying to Say: d'accord, so right back down, so remember it doesn't, really care where you are so careful. If you're trying to do these things in moving around there, we go and just for giggles we'll also try a droney and for this one we'll go right into the Sun.

Here and get pretty close Music start hey. Why is the X right there that's interesting, censoring right there we go clicking on myself. That was a little weird. I was clicking a few times. Let'S go ahead and start it. I think I'm at 120 feet and when it starts there started recording I'm gon na walk to the left. Ah, the head is turning okay, so you can do a moving drone. You guys that's cool, the head is tracking me and turning to a certain extent, look like it lost sight of me and it's, not tracking anymore let's, see if I stay here if it goes back over there or if it comes where I am so it's ignoring My position and see my hat cam it's gon na go right back to where it left off. d'accord, let's go back and do our recording again remember. We got to go back in whoop there's, all my photos. I just took a library. We got to press back on the drone II and then we got to press back on video and press through short, Enregistrement, vidéo, again okay, so the last test I want to do guys is: I want to just fly out that way and I want to do Another precision return to home with the manual launch right and see how that is this time: we'll press the return to home button on the controller press and hold you know what people are saying to is.

If you tap home real quick it'll stop the beeping, but it will keep coming home let's see if that's true once it starts, coming back it's rising up to about a hundred feet now it's coming back I'm a tap home, real quick! Non, so guys all you guys that are telling me that if you tap home it stops the beeping, it does stop the beeping, but also stops returned home. So I would not advise that. d'accord, so that doesn't work. I was pretty sure that didn't work, but that was kind of like a final test on that just kind of see how close he lands to that launch point. Even though we did the manual launch with the sticks. Remember I pressed down a min, but the propellers spinning and then pushed up to launch slows down right about ten feet kind of assessing its situation. Doesn'T really seem to be looking at the landing pad, so there we go so that's about twice as far as that. Last launch, where I launched it automatically from the app and then actually went up to about thirty feet. So there we go that's it I think that's. All I want to do so. I'M gon na stop, recording here and let's go through a pros and cons. That was about foot and a half two feet away at that time: d'accord, gars, so what a great little test with the Maverick mini another flight test and let's just talk really quick about how this thing did.

As you can see for yourself, it was at least about a foot in within the takeoff point so I'm not going to get that super precision landing. It seems in my videos, as you would with say, a Mavic to pro or a maverick to zoom or a Mavic pro so still definitely tolerable within one to two feet of its home position. So that was fine as far as the quick shots went. That was the main reason I wanted to throw this thing up in the air and see how those did those actually did pretty darn good, and you can follow yourself a little bit or follow an object slightly, but keep in mind that what's going to happen is, If you go too far out of the screen or too far away, it's gon na lose that tracking and it's not really gon na work too good, but it seemed to work in most of the modes, pas très bon. In helix I was surprised it actually worked in droney, where you could kind of go. How do a drone II of yourself or of an object, and actually you can move left and right and the head of the drone would actually turn while went out and did that Joanie. So that was really pretty cool and kind of surprised me. So pretty much! The Hilux and also the rocket the rocketI always forget that one it's called the rocket that one didn't really do any tracking and keep in mind that these things will not follow you and stop they're gon na complete their revolution and they're gon na go right Back where they stopped from so no matter where you move that's not going to work that way, so keep in mind that if you move directly under it or in front of it, it's not going to really detect you, it might detect you if you're within a Couple feet and won't land on your head, but that thing is going to come back directly where it started that quick shot from anyway guys.

I hope you enjoyed that quick little follow up video again we're, looking at the 2k footage on here now. This is the latest update that was the point: zero three yo update and that's kind of how its performing I don't really notice a difference myself at all in it. But there was an update to take care of a few problems and thats how it's flying so anyways, more reviews and videos on this up. There link will have been up there and also in the description.