JJRC X7 – Tel un bon drone!

That is my evaluation of the JJRC X7. It carried out very effectively and I am certain individuals who purchase this drone might be very pleased. You’ll find it on the GEEKBUYING web site.


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  1. Where i live in Grayslake Illinois the temperature today is 24 degrees below zero with a wind chill of 40 à 55 degrees below zero. Where's your hat 😃👍🇱🇷❗

  2. Wow LOL! You use the wordy dirdas my five-year-old would say. LOL. You said in your video "way the hell up there". LOL

  3. I can see JJRC (or one of their other **RC companies) knocking Hubsan out of the park pretty soon. They have always produced decent quality products. My first drone was a JJRC H31 which is still indestructible. I am sure JJRC will have a gimble camera soonthen the competition will have their hands full.

  4. Wow I like that toy charger with the light bars…. you'll be able to see each cell and set it at 50% for storage. I think all toy chargers if they want to go property should at least give you a way to see the half way mark in batteries. …But I would take any XT 60, XT 30, Jst or any of those common plug types to charge on a hobby grade charger any day. Thanks for the video Cap 🙂

  5. When comes the one and only drone with a great stable picture and nothing else?

  6. non. I rather have a color camera.

  7. Oui, another nice looking drone, build quality and looks, but I just can't stand the Live Stream from an non-stabilised image. It's nauseating.

  8. JJRC has good beginner drones. avis Très bien.

  9. Une autre bonne critique, quite like that..Are you going to do a review on the HUBSAN ZINO ? Wondering what your take is on it

  10. JJRC does make some very nice drones. Again I wish we had your weather. Down here in Iowa I woke up to -28 F (-33 C). Une autre grande vidéo!

  11. You talked in this review about images, not videos, is it possible to post some pictures so we can look at it's quality. Peut être, there are more people interested in images, more then videos. Thanks a lot for your reviews. Learning to fly now with the Eachine M80.

  12. I like your style of presenting things, but you may be more critical in your reviews. I think I never heard you say that a certain drone is “meh”. I understand that a cheap drone can be forgiven some flaws, but even the cheap drones have flaws like a crap camera/short distance/low battery life/cheap build etc.

    Still I like your style, but you may be less Canadian every once in a while 😉

  13. 1:56.. Doesn't it show the number of Sats on the screen ??

  14. like the content, i only have dji mavic air and very happy with this drone. Think is best price quality drone. but always fun watching other dronesthnx for the entertainment 😁

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