We have ahmed again from in depth tech reviews, and today i have a very exciting video. We all know that the iphone 12 pro max is the first smartphone to use sensor shift ois and, as per apple’s keynote. That 12v pro max smashes the benchmark for highest quality video in a smartphone and one of the things that grabbed my attention and made me. So excited to try out the new sensor shift. Ois. Is this port in the keynote apple showed us, the iphone 12 pro max mounted on a fpv drone, and the footage was so good to be true, so i decided to do the same thing using my iphone. 12, pro max and put apple claims into action and here’s what i’ve done. Premier, i searched for a drone pilot in dubai and thankfully i met with aledin he’s, a professional fpv drone pilot and he agreed to mount my iphone 12 pro max on his drone to make this happen. So if you want to get in touch with him or check his work, you will find his instagram page and youtube channel in the description below. Then we agreed to film this footage in a place called exit 55, which is somehow similar to the one in apple’s keynote now let’s make everything ready and see. How good is the sensor shifting of the iphone 12 pro max now, let’s put the exciting music and editing aside and compare the footage in this video with apple’s footage.

We filmed a couple of videos at 4k, 60 frames per second using the wide angle lens, which has the sensor shifting technology. If you take a look, you will see. The video is not that stable. The iphone’s camera is dramatically impacted by the drone movement, and the result is a very shaky video now let’s put the one in apple’s keynote side by side. From what i see, my video is no way near the one shown in apple’s keynote when it comes to video stabilization. So i think apple claims are not accurate here, but we filmed another video using the ultrawide lens and the results were much better. So let’s put it side by side with the one filmed using the wide angle lens. Comme vous le voyez, the ultra wide lens video is much more stable, plus the extra field of view making the whole video look a lot better than the one taken with the wide angle lens and it’s very close to what we have seen in apple’s keynote. So i think apple used the ultra wide lens to shoot this video instead of the wide angle with the sensor shifting technology. So here is my final conclusion. Oui, the iphone 12 pro max uses the sensor shift, ois, which is very advanced but it’s, not as good as advertised and my advice. If you want to shoot a very steady video using your iphone 12 it’s better to use the ultra wide lens i’m planning to do the same video using the s21 ultra on the pixel 5 to see which one is the best when it comes to video stabilization.

So stay tuned for that, but for now please let me know your opinions in the comments below and if you like, my video, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.