This FPV racer is best as an acro trainer for new FPV fliers. Trouvez ici

Available BNF for Flysky and Radiolink transmitters.
– 600 TVL Foxeer Arrow CCD camera.
– 40 canal 25 to 200mW video transmitter with on screen display.
Omnibus F4SD flight control board loaded with 3.4.0 flight control software dated 7/18/2018.
HSKRC 1104 4000Moteurs de KV.
Five full sets of Kingkong 2045 accessoires.
Beeper and LED lightbar.
Comes equipped with 2S 550mah 80C battery that provides over 5 minutes de temps de vol.

Les inconvénients
Provided 2S battery doesn't provide much oomph. Not really good for freestyling, but still good as a FPV acro trainer.
Stock PIDs are a little wobbly in high speed turns and could use some tuning.
Propeller clearance is minimal and may impact some of the quadcopters other components Before flying, closely inspect each installed propeller and correct any that may be impacting structure.
No Smartaudio capability. Can't adjust video transmitter or tune PIDs using OSD.
Flysky version uses FS-RX2A receiver. I couldn't find a way to implement failsafe with my T8SG Deviation transmitter.

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