Welcome back to the camp's Channel. Aujourd'hui, we're gon na review the gap RC skip 3 Quad HD avec un 3 et 4s option de batterie, CA X, tortue de bébé à bord. Il a 1080p empattement vidéo HD est 118 millimeters on this little baby and it's running 3k, uneibody de fibre de carbone avec 2.5 millimeter bottom plate there it's pretty nice and thick one point: turbo de huit millimètres. I lens it's a CMOS 800 TBL camera and it's also recording 1080p at 60 images par seconde sur ce DVR. Soit dit en passant ce qui est agréable, il a des caméras décentes ici, protection vers le haut, pas tellement sur les côtés. L’antenne Dipole remonte ici et vous avez aussi un 200 milli watt VTX avec audio intelligent, it's, IRC Tramp and down here we have the cat X baby turtle just below the vtx and there's your DVR slot right there and the push button start stop record button. Est ici pour votre DVR et il a une lacune. Nos FC pour le contrôleur de vol avec 12 ampli ESC, alors soyez prudent au sujet de l’exécution 4s plug et les moteurs de jeu ainsi en dessous ici et beaucoup d’amortissement sur le cadre. Il ne se déplace juste un peu. Nous avons aussi le port USB ici pour le vol bêta. Vous avez également un 16 par 16 option de montage sur le fond, ce qui est agréable. Si vous choisissez de mettre autre chose sur ce cadre, vous pouvez le faire plus tard et un XT 30 pour votre approvisionnement de batterie et un condensateur de retour ici et aussi des accessoires de trois pouces.

Ce sont des 30 18 3 accessoires pouce de l’écart RC. Ils ont un cordon large agréable à une pointe effilée. Do not run them on 4s with try props by the way it might burn up these motors that's coming from Gap. Rc 2 boulons sur le sommet de cette vitesse X, moteur de marque 1105 5000 moteurs kV. Nous avons quatre boulons qui tiennent que 1105 moteur sur le bas du cadre là-bas et nous obtenons beaucoup d’extras dans la boîte qui est agréable, obtenir cette sangle gab RC, pas le plus grand écart obtenir. Rc 3 pouces accessoires une antenne supplémentaire, pôles et deux séries de casquettes il. Vous obtenez également un mini tournevis. Le chat X, OSD panneau de menu de contrôle de la table de fréquence pour votre VTX et pour obtenir ces impressionnants, gab RC autocollants dans la boîte, which is always nice let's, aller de l’avant et zéro sur l’échelle et voir quel genre de poids sec nous obtenons. This is without the battery looks like we're gon na get 73 grammes. Il n’y a pas mal. À présent, let's check out the 3s 450 Milliampères. That was my first go to battery on the HD 113 grams let's check out the 4s 450 will go up in size from there. You can also use a 4s 650 Si tu veux 125 grams that's, pas trop mal. If you want a little bit longer fly time with 1105, I always do kind of battery up to a 650 let's go ahead and put that for s 650.

là-dessus, 148 grammes poids total au décollage, so let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test and get into it here, and you can see that it looked pretty dark, but it does have some light adjustment transition. As you come up off the ground and the VTX. Actually did quite well that baby turtle camera looks good, I've flown it before. So I knew what to expect here and as always, whenever I'm flying anything gap, RC it's, one of those days where I come out to the field I'm like okay, this is gon na be fun I'm, probably not gon na have any problems, it's, pas gon. Na short out, when I plug in a battery, the quality control is pretty high on gap. Rc and I've talked about tons of their quads on my channel having a great reputation in the community, and here we are again with another decent release from gap RC. But let me get critical for a minute because that's what I do on the channel a review cannot be a review without some criticisms. So in the really high power situations, I do see some jello some vibrations in the video in the HD feed, not so noticeable. In the analog feed and your bottom left hand corner on the screen, but when you get up really high like right here, you start to see a little bit of those vibes in the video, so it's a little bit overcast today, and I got to make a Comment on that as well there's, a little bit of light shift transition with the baby turtle, as you notice, it looks a little bit brighter here.

So I point toward the ground and then, when I point the camera up towards the sky, the ground gets darker. Once I get low to the ground, everything looks totally fine. I'M gon na go up for a flip there, and I think that the quad itself, being this smaller 3 cadre pouces, it's quite maneuverable, 3 amp 4 s capable the 3s battery was probably my battery of sure. There I felt like 4s was great for freestyle, but if you want to just make this a cruiser and a mild freestyle quad, you could always do 3s. Les 3 550 is a great battery and the 650, but it will cower Lou. So one of my favorite shows out: there is the show that they make swords with, and I always think about the guy on there he's always saying it will kill and this one it will rip. It will actually rip this quad if you want it to. If light on for us and it's gon na become a freestyle, beast and it's really fast low to the ground, ce qui est agréable, nice and snappy, y'all snap, there the tune on here, I have to comment on the tune as well, because it is snappy nice, rapide, Snap right there, but it it felt a little bit slowed down for me, I'm used to getting really fast on the sticks, and I felt like they have this tune on here, a little more geared toward slower flowing and more cinema type stuff.

So keep that in mind there's that little bit of shudder there and I almost went into the puddle now right there I'm pretty sure I dinged my prop when I was coming back around and hit that tree branch. Are you smack a tree branch going about 75? Throttle like I just did it's gon na cause your quad some problems most of the time. What you want to do is just go ahead and land. You can see just a little bit of jitter in my video right there and I can know I can be really critical about things so back over this tree for a power loop, I'm loving the power put me way back behind this tree, bien que, with all that Power with the 1105 1105 s to me in the micro brushless Kingdom, they kind of feel like the 2306 24 50 kV motors for five inch. They just feel really hopped up and a lot of times. They do sag a battery. If you have an old battery watch out for the 1105, because they'll sag an old battery now back around these two trees, but I also have to comment on the cat X, baby turtle, core video quality. It looks great now this is a Pacific Northwest super overcast day. You can see there's water everywhere. If I crash on the ground, the quads probably done, but all the colors look fairly true to life, which I love about this camera, even though there's some light shift adjustment, maybe it could use a polarizer filter on the brighter days, but this is one of the Cheaper CAD X cameras out there with DVR there's a lot of sugar right there, a lot of shutter coming back around that power loop.

One of the reasons was because of that bent prop. It just makes a terrible video, not quite as noticeable at the medium speed back down to about 30 étrangler. I don't see it as much only when I take a really hard turn and put a lot of G's like right there, but this quad is maneuverable. It will fly like a toothpick, and the best thing about this quad is that, like the mobula HD, it was a whoop style quad. This is a toothpick and it flies more like a 5 inch quad and you have HD onboard. So you don't have the prop guards, but you have, À mon avis, a better flyer for freestyle or HD cinema style filming so let's just look at it. One last time on the bench and I'm gon na talk about my final comments on this quad. This quad at first, I actually did feel like the profile of it, was quite lightweight looking and it feels light in my hands also very, très durable. The TPU canopy feels bomber tough, it protects all the stuff inside here. This strap right there I feel like they could use a better strap, mais dans l’ensemble, the quality control on this quad is just also about about a hundred percent. The only thing I think could be a little bit better on here, maybe the tune. le 1105 motors were a good choice. je, like these new 3 pouces accessoires. They are smooth.

You can turn down some of the rates on the PampD and smooth out this tune just a little more, mais dans l’ensemble, I think they have about a quad. That would probably rate somewhere in the neighborhood of about 4.5 hors de 5, so taking off a half point 4 and okay tune, but overall it's safe to purchase quality control.