À présent. I spend a lot of time around high tech gear and i'm, always finding new ways to do things and new gadgets that make my life a little bit easier, and i thought why don't, i start up a series: let's call it gadget fridays where i sit down And talk about some simple gadget that i use in my life now sometimes it'll be digital and you'll plug it in you need power for it. Maybe it's got something to do with the drone other times. It'Ll just be a better mousetrap, something i found that works, and i can recommend it and i've told friends about it, and invariably, when i talk to friends about some of the gadgets i use they go. Where did you find that so i want to spend some time on a friday sit down and put a simple clip together just to talk about some of the cool gadgets. I play with now tonight i'm going to talk about what i'm calling port adapters and, if you're involved in any kind of electronics, you know that technology is changing all the time. Standards are changing. The way we charge things the way we connect things is constantly changing. We'Ve gone from the early days of usb we settled on usba, then we moved into micro. Vsa, then apple came out with their lightning connector now we're into usbc, and if you're like me, you've probably got hundreds of cables in your basement.

That are all those different connections and they're wasted at this point, because you can't use them going forward or worse you're out in the field, you're trying to charge something or connect something, and you have the wrong cable with you. So what these port adapters allow you to do is really change. The cable you've got to either charge something or to connect it up to a pc and get better use out of it so i'm going to spend a few minutes and talk about them. But i've got a collection of four here that i'm gon na call plumbing. For your computer, because they basically allow you to change this into that and that's really really powerful. So i keep a collection of these with me in my computer bag and friends will say to me: hey where'd, you get that and i'll say, try and see. Si vous l'aimez, and then they hang on to it, so i've always got to buy new ones, but anyway these are the four most useful ones that i've got and i'll start with the computer. So if you've got a modern computer, you probably have a usba connection on it and maybe you've got a couple of usbc connections on it. So i think we're kind of in a transition period between still offering the usba and everybody's forcing you to go to the usbc connections. But the challenge is: if you've got newer devices like cameras or microphones or power supplies, you're, probably charging them and plugging them into the usbc and you're out of usbc ports.

Now you can't add a hub that's, not that big a deal but it's one more thing: you got to carry with you and i'm thinking. Why would i bring a hub along when i've got an available usb a in the end, so one of these port adapters turns that usb a it's, a female here. This is a male into a female usb c. So what that allows me to do is to plug this in to the usba connection and actually convert that i'll get it in there. finalement, there we go convert that to a usbc. Now i've got two usbc's over here and one over here that i can plug my microphone. My camera, whatever my mouse, whatever other peripheral i've got into the computer i've, also got one. That goes the other direction, because if you've got older accessories, you're going to use this usba over here and then you're out of usba ports and again you can plug a hub in and you can multiply that usba port by a couple more but that's. One more thing you got to carry along so i've got a usbc mail to female usba and i can plug that into any one of these usbc ports over here and immediately turn that into a male, i should say female usba now i know i'm flying through The terminology but there's really three types of cables on the planet. Aujourd'hui, you've got usba, which is the big guy it's.

This connection right. There you've got usbc, which is the other usb standard, which is this guy right there and then you've got the micro usb, which is sort of an older version of it. So those are the three main usb connections. You'Ve also got the apple lightning connection so again to put a cable together to make all of these work can be a little bit difficult, but having those two adapters with the laptop allows you to turn your usb a into a usbc and your usb c's back Into usba so that's a really convenient thing to have with you, and i can't tell you how many times i've pulled those out of my computer bag and used them on my computer and had somebody across the desk. For me say: where did you get those can i have one of them, so these are really valuable in addition to that, the cable side of it is really important as well. So if you've got a standard, Câble, here's, a a standard usba in one end and a usbc on the other end, this is probably the most common cable. I use nowadays because a lot of the modern electronics use usbc for charging your communication, and this is great if i'm using my computer, because i've got a usba over here. If i need another one, i can convert one of these ports using one of these adapters, but the usbc isn't universal, par exemple. My tablet is a micro and my phone is an apple, so i can't really use the usbc with that and that's where these two guys come in.

So what they'll do is convert the usbc on one end to whatever flavor i need. So if i can charge it natively, i just plug this into the device and i start charging it, but if i need it to be an apple, i can pop this on the end of the usbc and boom i've got an apple cable, so it makes it Kind of a universal cable that i can use to charge everything when i'm on the road and i'm trying to charge my tablet. I can pop this one on which turns the cable into a micro usb. So it gives me the ability to sort of charge anything and if i've got a wall charger like this. A lot of these modern wall chargers come with a full size, usb a and a usb c. I can use this cable to charge my tablet, but if i've got a phone with me, i'm out of luck because i've got another, cable it's got a usb a on one end, which won't fit into that usb c over there. So i can use this adapter and convert that to a usbc plug it into the top and then once i've done that uh, oh i've, still got a usb c on this end. bien, aucun problème! I have an apple adapter here i can plug that in and boom i've got an apple, cable and i've got a micro, Usb, cable and all i really brought with mewere these usb 80 usbc.

So it gives you sort of the ultimate kit of of plumbing. For lack of a better term that allows you to turn any port into a different port, any cable into a different, cable and it's, just really handy to have with you now the alternative is you could bring a hub with you and sort of figure it out That way or if you want to carry 72 cables with you, you're okay, to do that as well. Mais pour moi, je, like simplicity, and having a set of four of these, that i can throw in my computer bag and know that, no matter what i'm faced with somebody, else's charger, i'm borrowing or i've, run out of ports on my computer i've got a way To get around that so to help you guys out, we've actually put a kit of these together, you're going to get all four of them. They come in a nice ziplock bag where you can hang on to it and keep them in there to keep them organized and we're trying to keep the price down, because we bought these things in bulk. Maintenant encore une fois, you can go on amazon and find all these things and buy one or two at a time and it's going to cost you a bundle but we're putting four of these in a bag which gives you everything you need to convert, cables and ports and Whatever into different flavors the other advantages, these are two otg adapters as well, now they're not going to work in every device, but they're otg to convert sort of uh the two different devices that connect together a lot of times.

You need that, on the go connection, to convert that, if you're transferring data across both of these will do otg as well, so they're, really sophisticated devices i've been using them for well over a year, and i don't know why i haven't talked about them on the Channel, but i thought this is the first sort of friday gadget friday that i'm doing i wanted to sit down and talk about these, because i think they can really benefit you if you're running any kind of electronics out in the field. So if you have any questions on these drop, those in the comments below i have a link below. If you decide you need these and you want to go to the website, you can buy them from us. I have plenty of them in stock and i can ship it to you the same day you buy it we'll get it to you faster than amazon, but i appreciate you guys watching. Please let me know if you think this gadget friday is a good idea, because i have a lot of stuff i play with and believe me there's, a lot of better mousetraps out there and it's really fun to investigate that kind of technology and talk about it. Sur le canal, so i continue looking for new things and i'll continue talking about them on the channel. If you guys are finding these interesting. So give me your feedback. Let me know if you want to see more of this and i'll absolutely put these clips together and i'll do my best to post them earlier in the day on friday.

So you're not watching this thing at midnight anyway, that's it for today thanks an awful lot for watching. We really appreciate your support and i'm having a lot of fun, putting these clips together.