Have i got a cool gadget for you today, they're called gator eyes and it's, essentially a package of five really small, clever flashlights that are incredibly versatile and you're gon na find a hundred uses around the house for these now they were recommended to me by a Good friend and he said to me: rick, you got ta check out these gator eyes, they're unbelievable and i thought to myself gatorize man that sounds like something you catch when you get bit by an alligator hey. What happened to frank? I was out there poking around in the swamp and he got gatorized they're, not actually that they're flashlights, but i guess the team that put them together either lives in florida or louisiana because that's, where all the gators are. We don't actually have alligators in new jersey. So if i invented these they'd be dear eyes or chipmunk eyes, ou quelque chose comme ça, but i guess the name came from sort of if you've been out in the woods and you've had a flashlight and you shine it through the dark woods and you see a Pair of eyes, reflecting back that's exactly what they look like by the way, if you see that start running the other direction, but anyway that's what they look like and the reason i like them so much is because they're incredibly versatile now you're, probably thinking do i Really need another flashlight rick i've got 50 flashlights around the house.

I do too, but you don't always have a flashlight in the right place when you need it or it's, too big or it's, clumsy or it's, throwing too much light. These are perfect because they've got a lot of ways to use them as far as mounting goes. They'Ve got an alligator clip on the back, but i never thought about that. That'S, probably where the name came from, but anyway there's an alligator clip on the back there's a magnet down here. So let's pretend for a second you've got one of these in your glove box and by the way put one in your glove box and you break down and you've got to change your tire. Maybe you've got a flashlight who's going to hold the flashlight if you're alone you're out there on the road one of these guys, you stick it to the side of your car. You turn it on. You got plenty of light now: they're, not the most bright light out there they're not going to be halogen or cree or any of that kind of stuff, but they throw just enough light to get a job done and then move on and that's exactly what i Love about them is i've had these in my toolbox forever, and i use them for short periods of time where i'm doing a job, and i need a little extra light in a situation. I'Ll clip it to something i'll, stick it to something turn it on get the job done, turn it off, throw it back on my toolbox now some of the things you should know about them, they're, not rechargeable, which i know a lot of people are going to Be upset about but think about it.

If you put a lithium ion battery in there, you'd need a port to charge, it would be much bigger. I love the fact that they're, incredibly small, because they're lightweight you can clip into anything they're going to stay, so they are a sealed unit. There are sealed batteries in there, which means they're a one use product, but i've used them for a long time. I'Ve had one of my toolbox for geez, i guess going on a year and i've probably used it 50 fois. It'S got plenty of juice left in it and throws a nice amount of light. If you turn them on and want to use them continuously, like you're out camping or something you're, probably going to get about 15 hours use out of it on average now i haven't actually run them that long, but i did notice if i run it more than 15 ou 20 minutes it does diminish a little bit, but then it stays consistent beyond that point, so i think they're great little handy lights to have around they're, not terribly expensive. So you get a box of five. I would throw one on my glove box. Keep one in my junk drawer keep one on my tool. Sac, maybe put one in my backpack. I'Ve got one in my computer bag because a lot of times i've got to get in my computer bag and find a connector or some kind of doodad in there, and i can't really see the bottom of the bag.

I turn on the light. I grab what i need to turn it off and it's back there when i need it, and i know everybody's got a phone that has a light on the back of it. You could turn it on, but if you're under a sink trying to fix a pipe and you're underneath there and you're upside down, looking up at the pipe trying to angle your phone or try to angle a flashlight to get at that, pipe is going to be Really difficult these you can clip on your shirt, pointed in the right direction, you're good to go another place. I use them is back in the patio we've gone into the winter time, so we're now in the daylight savings period, where it's darker earlier and if i'm on the patio cooking a couple of hamburgers, i don't have a lot of light on that grill out there. So i can clip one of these to my hat and then when i look down i'm, like a master chef, cooking, those hamburgers and hot dogs back there, i've got plenty of light on that grill and again, i know you can buy a grill light but that's Another flashlight you got to keep track of, so i like them an awful lot, they're relatively inexpensive compared to other flashlights on the market. I think the company that invented these sounds like there were a couple of clever people that sat down and said we're going to build a flashlight to fix these situations in our lives that are frustrating and that's.

Exactly what you're getting here so i've got links below. If you want to check them out, i like them an awful lot. I use them all the time matter of fact i bought a set. I liked them so much. I bought two more sets. I gave them away for christmas last year. I had a lot of people asking me about them. I ended up buying more sets, so the cost on them is nice. The functionality is really good and when you're done with them, you just put another one in your bag and you're good to go from there. On out so anyway, there's a link below if you want to check them out on amazon, i promise you i've got a lot more clips coming around these gadgets, but things like this are things you wouldn't normally look at and buy for yourself. You might see them somewhere on a website and go. I don't know if i'm ever going to use that thing. I use them all the time and i love them so anyway, they're great. If you have questions about this drop, those in the comments below and i'll get back to as quickly as i can. I have a ton more gadgets i'm going to be reviewing so stay tuned to the channel and if you haven't subscribed yet hit that subscribe button down there and join the drawn valley family. So we can make sure you get a notice. Every time we post a new clip and that's pretty much it for today.