I appreciate you guys, subscribing and hopefully you're not going crazy at home with all this self quarantine coronavirus, Kovan 19 we're over eating. Staying at home, playing a lot of games and playstation, and hopefully you're flying some indoor drones like these or maybe similar to these, the mobula 6 was one of the most popular drones of the last, probably three or four months, and I love these myself but I'm. Not going to keep them because I can't fly them all I'm gon na start doing more giveaways on the channel. I will announce a new giveaway coming up by the way in the next couple of days, but for today, I'm gon na give two of these away and I'm gon na ship them. As soon as I possibly can. It is a quarantine right now and I'm not going to the post office, but I will try to do a USPS pick up and send these to your door. You will have to contact me on Facebook. If you win, I want to know that you're a real person because that's important to me that somebody doesn't try to scam me to win one of these. So the first winner is Josh Delmas Josh you're, the winner dude I'm gon na send one of these to you and I believe Josh was out on the coast of Oregon, so what's up dude from Portland and Nathan, Newton you're, also the winner dude you're, the second Winner of the mobile of guys enjoy these fly indoors and stay home and stay safe, stay tuned for more giveaways on the channel guys, I'm Justin Davis I'll see you on the next one, take care and be safe.