I like him, La musique, La musique, La musique, so DJI has been wanting us to try out the Osmo action camera for fpv, with how much cinematic fpv has been getting more popular. They wanted to see what we would do with it, so we sent Zoe an Osmo action. Camera tell us what happened. What you get into. I am NOT a traditional cinematic pilot, so I had my friend's party Lama and Megalodon 77 to go out and film. Some one wheel, riders, some flew one wheel, riders doing some tricks having some fun we're like what do you do as a pro one wheel rut because I've written one wheels at one time I tried to do a a trick. I tried to like just do a little quick pivot and they think shot off from. I was on my back so fast and my neck was so sore for days. The machines so heavy compared traditional skateboard kind of limits you in the countries you can do can't like kickflip it or anything. You know traditional like that, but what you can do one board drop it on the ground and jump on to a second during one wheel, ce qui est assez cool. If you can grind ledges, I saw a lot of that happening where they take the one wheel and actually like get it up on a curb brinded on an edge and then pop back down like a skateboarder. Would it was just kind of cool? Like I didn't know, you could do any tricks whatsoever with one wheel, let alone what they didn't know.

This was a thing until when this ever this episode started a couple of minutes ago, I honestly was super impressed, like the footage a week on, blew my mind before using the Osmo. I was a little hesitant because I didn't know how to use it. I didn't know you know the limitations of the camera, but the image quality is absolutely cinematic. Like the GoPro has a very wide field of view. The Osmo is very narrow, very linear. It looks more like a movie sorry. It was this your first time flying with the obvious. Yes is my first time so. The first thing you did was immediately go fly over concrete and try to weave around humans on roller boards. Yes times about what Zoe would do and we did kind of break the camera by the end of the day. What you broke it yeah, Kwasi Londo, is flying. He ended up bumping into one the ski and then basically got stuck on the skater wounded on the lens on the concrete, oh gosh, I'm hoping you were using drone with some protection. What were you flying? Oh oui, we were flying the rubber editions, gendron's squirt, d'accord, alias, the cinah woop, the cinah woop, and it was so much fun because when the riders realized that they couldn't really get hurt by the props, they were down for the challenge. They want to see how close these machines could get to them at one point in time were flying through their legs flying through their arms.

I was flying within inches of one guy's face at one point: what oh, Mon dieu, it was really cool. I was really stoked on the footage. This is actually the first day. I flew a salute and it does have some pickup and go like you might think it's a little bit slower but realistically, Comme toi, can still cruise around like 40 miles an hour and get some fairly fast shots. If you put that cam tilta in the rip. So I was doing split us: is power loops with it at one point but like I was flying a freestyle like it was a five inch and it held upon zone. De la même façon, I kind of felt like the footage from the Osmo. Maybe didn't lend itself as good to freestyle as some of the other cameras that we use that have a wider field of view, but you know it: doesn't have that crazy fisheye makes it a much more cinematic camera so for the actual chase stuff, it probably worked Out good, I liked it like at first, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy flying it, if I would personally want to keep it in my arsenal of cameras, but after doing chase with it, I have to say I would put that on my drone Over a GoPro for those kind of shotsand you gave me Music, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, d'accord, there's just way too much good footage today, guys like I am overhyped.

This is the best day of flying. I'Ve had a long time, eventually, after the flight day, I had the other day where lots of Music quality fpv, so zoe thanks for filming for us, that was a really awesome episode that you guys put together a huge shout out to Katya llama on that. I guess on the hook that big connection to that team, thank you guys for watching. If you love what you saw and you want to try out flying and Sinope, vous pouvez le vérifier, it wrote, arrived, Calme, we've got Cinna whoops and now we are carrying Osmo action cameras. So you can fly the exact setup that Zoe killed it with.