Make sure to verify this nice Mavic package from DRONE WORLD out beneath: http://www.drone-world.com/dji-mavic-pro-bundle-kits We’re are getting behind this method


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  1. Man I would love to have that. How much is that beauty ?

  2. It's kinda funny that this"luggage" is intended particularly for the so called "pros", which are notoriously rather nuts about flying save, being responsible, comply with all the FAA bullshit and so on. Yet you provide directional antennas which will make the RC breach the FCC EIRP limit.

    (not that I give a shit, but maybe "pros" faire)

  3. Why can’t I buy “generic” accessories on eBay? It would be less than $100.

  4. I BOUGHT THE MAV MOUNT and the base is nicel BUT the actual fixture that holds my I-pad air IS TERRIBLE AT BEST!!! yes it holds the tablet just the way you had hoped but the base itself when attached is very loose giving you the feeling your I pad will fall off. this to myself is very distracting. I wish I had a way to post picture or had a part number, I thought id be smart and get an adjustable one to either get bigger or smaller tablet. great video btw

  5. I don't believe these mods work sorry the only way it would really work if you had some type of amplifier to boost the signal

  6. If it really works why was your signal icon blinking

  7. Defeats the purpose of portability who wants to lug that big ass box around

  8. paid advertisement always ticks me off

  9. with all due respect, very ugly

  10. It does not charge, "Four times faster". it charges ONE battery at a time sequentially, not simultaneously. How can I trust you're, "Review", when I hear misinformation?

  11. Just not practical if you want to carry a big case with you get a Phantom 4 pro.

  12. Too much money for that lol i got my mavic pro new for $600 ebay and does antennas ebay sell tjem for $60 dollars guys just buy from ebay or amozon same shit fuk this asian dude lol

  13. Attendez, one thing I didn't quite catch… 1899$ for all of it including the drone/rc or just the modding part of it ? THX

  14. ….a big case for a small drone…..does it make sense ?

  15. Will this fit on an airplane? Or is it too big?

  16. This is the package I got. Definitely worth it if you can swing it.

  17. thx for sharing, definitely interested in this kit!

  18. you guys deserve more views and subscribe

  19. I am thinking about buying this drone (DJI Mavic Max Mod) and i have one question, is all of this included or is there some add on's in this bundle in the video

  20. You don't need it if you cannot adjust your maximum altitude more than 500 meters and maximum distance more than 5000 mètres.

  21. Thats san pedro and long beach i live in that area! belle.

  22. is the kit worth it? does the extenders much better than the stock?

  23. Love this details on these products. I as well leverage the Mavmount system with my spark and will be a lifelong promoter. Really liking the setup!

  24. hmm only thing ,NOT CORRECT.. is the charger hub ,,what do you mean charge 5times faster?? the Hub only charge 1 battery at the time.. i think it would be better to put the YX mavic charger in this Kit..

    also the ND filters for the mavic ,,realy suck.. it wil not calibrate with the filters on camera gets stuck between the gimbal..

  25. Bonne vidéo. What is that folding table you have and where can I get one?

  26. What brand folding table are you using in the video?

  27. If my inspire 1 pro would fit in that case it would be really cool! hahaha

  28. when did Ricky Fowler start flying drones?

  29. What kind of table are you using in this video?

  30. you need a hoodman drone pad @hoodmanusa

  31. That is one big case for a small foldable drone

  32. Leg extensions take away from the flight time. I'd rather hand hand catch than lose flight time. Yeah yeah yeah hand catching is dangerous; but so is smoking cigarettes and crossing the street lol Cool video none the less

  33. Kind of takes away from the whole portability and ease of transport but nice nevertheless.

  34. nice Alex, interesting additions for the P4P

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