drone examen – XK X300 Brushed Motor Quadcopter

For pricing or to purchase XK X300 Quadcopter: https://goo.gl/Cu0XqN Coupon code for low cost: RC18OFF The XK X300 is a really cool trying FPV brushed motor


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  1. I have ordered from Gear Best a few times now. Gear Best has the best prices, great before and after sale support!

  2. Take off button needs to held down for a couple of seconds. Is this not in the instructions?

  3. Extreme positioning within 8 meters means that the altitude hold is effective up to 8 mètres. It's not a measure of accuracy.

  4. Does anyone know if the 5.8 gHz FPV monitor on the X300-F will work on the Bugs 2?
    I ask because I am looking at the Bugs 2 but my phone does not have 5.8 gHz.

  5. Hey! L'amour de la vidéo. Pardon, this is probably a dumb question because I am a noob, but can you control this with a smart phone

  6. Just bought this drone in the 5.8ghz version. Comes with camera and fpv monitor and 4gb micro SD card for $125.00. I think thats a great deal. I was also able to find extra batteries on hobbywow.com, and ebay, from around $18, there are also motors on ebay for $6. So I have 3 batteries which give me a total of 45mins flying time. This is a toy grade borderline hobby grade quad, but this thing is amazing. Fly's great, position hold works, battery charges in about 2hrs, and long flight time. This is a good beginner quad, and I highly recommend it.

  7. Modifying the screen assembly was not necessary. You can check RC Saylors video and it clearly shows screen attached to square collar. The way you have it shown is backwards. It does not go through the handle.

  8. I am not a fan of cardboard boxes. I found the perfect plastic box to carry my XK X300 F drone in. It is a MTM ACR8-72 Dark Earth Ammo Crate and you can buy it on Amazon for $19.99. I had to cut off 1 inch off the bottom of the styrofoam and then I placed some bubble wrap on the bottom of the crate. Then the entire contents slid perfectly into the crate. The crate is waterproof and has 2 latches.

  9. it does have auto take off you have to press and hold and auto land

  10. Auto Take Off/Landing must be done by "Press Hold" until the drone takes off or lands.

  11. damm nice drone but one set battery. i like to buy longer flight time batteries. um out.

  12. LOL!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I swear this was all my brother

  14. Ready set drone sorry this was my brother I had no idea please forgive me

  15. Looks nice good shape and everything but I'm not into brushed quads anymore brush less all the way,if only they made this brush less it be perfect I think…….paix

  16. I can still beat the fucking shit out of you and I can be 2 you will fucking touch me and start molding

  17. Ready set drone what are you doing with your life your like 200 years old and you make the stupidest videos

  18. I love this drone and this video!

  19. Hey can you please do some more tips for some drone

  20. u give very detailed and informative videos. I'm new to quadcopters, and charging these types of batteries. Could u make a video on how to charge the batteries cause I think I may have messed mine up or I'm just not doing it right. I have the Hubsan x4 desire, and the batteries aren't charging now. I use the charging cable that came with it, and I plug it into my USB charger for my cellphone. Merci

  21. The bracket for the small screen goes around the antenna ( pyramid shape) protruding from the remote control.

  22. The controller has two holes in the back that the bracket fits into and the piece that holds the screen fits around the antenna and then you use those two silver screw nuts that will hold it in place. Then you just push your screen into the slot, Also you have to press and hold the take off button until the motors start. I had to press mine several times before it actually worked but after that I did not have any other problems. The camera does take a descent video, so I am pleased with mine. avis Nice.

  23. would you recommend getting a storm racing drone 127 rtf package from helipal for a first time flyer?

  24. for the auto takeoff press and hold button for 3sec motors will start and take off on its own

  25. Merci pour la vidéo. J’ai aimé ça. From Will Mallen.

  26. I heve the phantom 4 pro whisch is the best mavic o phantom 4 pro?

  27. You always have very informative videos. I would love to see you do a review on the Traxxas Aton.

  28. I REALLY like this quad. My biggest problem with it is the proprietary battery. I've looked all over online to see if I could find any and can't come up with anyone selling them. I'd buy the quad in a second if it had readily available spare parts to be found. Seems like a growing problem in the quadcopter market.

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