drone examen – Walkera furieux 215

Walkera Livid 215 FPV Racing Drone Pricing & spécification: https://goo.gl/vg59oV (GearBest) Hyperlink to GearBest Flash Sale: https://goo.gl/wNZl4i For extra particulars


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  1. whats the didifference between the Weyland WD215 RC Racing Drone and the Furious

  2. Lookin for something simular RTF but- I don't care about cameras and FPV flying (For now anywayHave a Bugs 6 with that)… I just like line of sight speed flying… Des idées?
    I have not seen a Furious 215 package without the camera yet

  3. salut, some quick questions if yall dont mind
    Whats the top speed on this with stock 4s batteries?
    How long do batteries take to charge and whats the flight time without the gopro attached?
    Can i upgrade to thr f4 kakute fc on this?
    How does it handle hairpin turns?

  4. salut, I Just purchased this furious 215 and was wondering, is this quad repairable if needed? Upgrade motors or flight controller if wanted too? Seems some people really bash this product. I bought it for something thats half way decent to use

  5. Dog seemed like he wanted a racer too

  6. ATTENTION!!!! I've like the drone, but the design of the PDB board with the integrated receiver has been a nightmare. I've had to replace this board 12 times do to the pins breaking where the receiver connects to the PDB. It can't handle a hard landings and crashes over time. I've discovered you have to try padding the landing skids with additional foam and the top plate to absorbed the impact of the battery. I wouldn't recommend this drone do to this design issue.

  7. Pro-Tip: Put two strips of moongel on your gopro mount for the camera to rest on, and your camera jello will be significantly reduced.

  8. How are these ESC'S replaced they only have 3 wires red/black and Blue. normal ESC have red/black and 2 signal wires?Merci

  9. There is an improved version on the market for some time! Just paid 250eu for the RTF incl. shipping! Wondering why no one is mentioning their awful construction flaw regarding the mounting of vtx connector……
    …..i mean its pretty easy to fix….but without this fix vtx connector will just tear off the vtx after 50-100 batteries.

  10. J’ai besoin d’aide frères!!
    Quelqu'un ici est familier avec le walkera furieux 215 quadrilatère??

  11. Help please after firmware update devo 7 controller not connecting to furious 215 Walkera
    S'il vous plaît Aide!!!!

  12. Will the charger in the box charge 3s lipos also?

  13. Quel est la vitesse de pointe?

  14. Beautiful dog. He is well behaved and and very cool looking.

  15. $500 for a Walkera Are they high? I like Walkera, but seriously? There are so many other options for that kind of money. En aucune façon, it's worth that price.

  16. Merci pour le crier! Can't wait to hang/film with you!

  17. Does the included Devo 7 and Devo RX support SBUS?

  18. + Ready Set Drone I'm thinking about getting into flying drones. I know you highly recommend the Syma X5C. What are your thoughts about the holy stone HS170 (https://www.amazon.com/Holy-Stone-Predator-Helicopter-Quadcopter/dp/B0157IHJMQ/ref=sr_1_4?s-jouets-et-jeux&Ie = UTF8&qid=1492452595&sr=1-4&keywords=holy+stone+drone)? Merci!

  19. well that seems cough an expensive racer at 500$ I would like a side by side of a Falcon 250 and this one.. thank you another great review ..

  20. I didnt see the link for the video change you mentioned early in the video…..any chance I could get that from you? Merci d’avance. it was at 5:56 sorta

  21. Je vous remercie pour vos commentaires!

  22. ow, i wish i have one 😞 Coo drone tho 😍

  23. how much money? cool video, entreprises

  24. sensationnel, great packaging! That's unusual in the world of FPV mini quads

  25. it is already setup for the airmode fmd switch or you setup it.because i realy want to do airmode at devo 7.you know how to do it

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