My drone today, let’s get on to the review hereare the accessories let’s gon na talk about this first um. These are the propeller guards. Those are the extra propellers and here is the extra battery let’s get on to the main part. I can’t wait for the unboxing time. d'accord, let’s get on to the point so here’s, the screwdriver for like unscrewing and screwing. The extra propellers from the you know. Drone here is the app instructions. This is the barcode so that you guys know where the app is and then you can scan it. And here are the instructions for the controller and for the drone, d'accord, let’s put these back and there’s also a charger but i’m, not gon na show it to you guys. Um here is the controller joysticks and there are different modes headless mode, automatic takeoff and emergency landing. Donc, c’est, assez cool, and here are the you know antennas, and this is where you put your phone cool, and here is the drone itself. Here it is folding now let’s unfold it and by the way, this is where you put the propeller guards in these little holes right here and yeah. It feels plasticky, because this is a toy drone, because i’m still a beginner i mean like. If i did have a fancy drone. It would just like break right away because i don’t know how the controls work so yeah um how you turn it on um.

You can see there’s a button over here, you press it there. It is and then unpress it there. It is gone and it is having a camera and camera here in the bottom, since it can’t move so yeah. I guess that’s it now. We’Re gon na go outside and test it out, mais attendez une minute. The drone is still charging all right. It’S been one and a half an hour and it i think, it’s ready Music, La musique, oh Musique, d'accord, guys we’re testing the flight out; Oh mon dieu. d'accord, d'accord, hold on hold on hold up, hold up this one’s way too cool dude it actually like. I can catch it. I know how to catch it. You know i just learned yesterday and i’m pretty i’m, a pretty fast learner. Comme vous pouvez le voir, the lights are, opening so let’s. Try it again so i’m gon na use the automatic takeoff thing that i showed you guys earlier: La musique, Whoa, d'accord, guys so we’re gon na check the footage out let’s see how it does Music and, like i said earlier, i am going to rate them. So here control response 8 hors de 10 camera q, aka camera quality 7 hors de 10, assez bon, Pas mal. Vol 10 hors de 10. flight means um how flexible it is when it is flying. You know like when it’s flying it’s, like so flexible like it, can go right away right away. You know so yeah modes, Tu sais, 10 hors de 10 and modes mean like are the modes useful in the controller? Oui, Ils sont.

There are pretty useful stuff in that controller and battery life 8 hors de 10.. It has a um that’s, une 25 minute de temps de vol, which is pretty good, but i want something low key like 30 minute. Tu sais, because you know i want to fly out more. You know so yeah, i guess that’s it. I have one more thing: c’est juste ici: pas cher, d'accord, good and expensive, so i want cheap, but in good quality, cheap and okay. I don’t want that. I don’t want that. Okay and expensive not worth an hour, fit expensive and good worth it, but this may not be worth it, but this is the price good stuff. You know this is where i’m aiming for so it has useful modes. It has okay camera quality; it has okay, camera quality um. What else yeah it’s, definitely right here in the middle except it’s, not expensive, it’s more on the good side. So it may be a toy drone but it’s in a good spot. So it has to be right here: it’s gon na be right. There it’s got ta, be it’s, got ta, be right. There it’s not on the okay side, it’s some of the okay side, but mostly on the good side, so that’s good to Music.