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  1. Bbbuuurrr! You got a big set..oh maybe a small set..out in that cold! I enjoyed the ride and especially liked the car roof landing. Prends soin.

  2. My DJI Spark worked fine in the cold -24 in Milton ONbut the phone turned off from being exposed the cold..

  3. OMG!!! Capitaine, Capitaine, Capitaine!!!! You sir are crazy insane awesome!!!!!… LOL!!! Grand vol .. how’d you keep your battery warm pre flight?..

  4. Nice flight for sure .You have more guts than I do for the cold weather to fly . I live in Quebec and same temp here . I will wait till it warms up for sure lol .

  5. Oh well those batteries will never be the same

  6. Miss flying , just can't bring myself to go out in this deep freeze. Supposed to warm up next few daysbut rain ?! Nice to see someone flying!

  7. Oui, the car landing was smart. But I wonder how the metal fatigue affects the life of the Spark.

  8. cool😉 video my friendand thank you for sharing and the nice informations about icefishingthumps up👍

  9. Hei from Norway. Bonne vidéo. I also fly In Winter. I do It fore many Seasons and I never had one problem With It. Only that mobil Phone frezz)) And stop but not drone. I also had Dji Spark nice littel sweet drone. Film very god but range is short. Now I fly Dji Inspire 1 v2.0. and Dji Mavic Pro. On Inspire 1 I bouth somthing whoo warm up battery before flight. Today we have 60 Fahrenheit=15,5 Celsius outside yes Its Could))) I will fly my drone.

  10. I have issues with my device working normally when it's cold out! Doesn't sense my touch! I just bought some pens with the soft tips for devices and plan to try that and see if it's any better! Also just got a pair of gloves where the fingers fold down!

  11. Another Ottawa guy!! Just discovered your channel last night and I am watching your back log of videos.

  12. Wonderful & cool flight.
    Over here in Melbourne it is currently 39c (43c tomorrow) so I flew when it was cooler around the beaches nearby
    Hope you stayed warm. A great spot.

  13. Nice à, bud. What was the outcome…?

  14. cool video, no pun intended 🙂

  15. grande vid. Very nice shots. Aimé et subbed. Check out my Spark flying in -10 F which is -23 celsius if you have time. Merci! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw68Nb0bmAU

  16. Know that the spark temp limits are officially 5 à 40 °C

  17. so you don't have to adjust your blades before taking of, 'cause the will be adjusted by centriful force?

  18. Incredible cold. Let s go Spark ….:) İstanbul is 1 ° C … it s better then nothing 🙂 thanks for useful video.

  19. What was the outcome of the motors?

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