Let’S begin the other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by very special co host ron braun a majority evening. We discussed the brand new dji fpv drone that is going to be released so without any further ado, let’s roll that clip in its entirety. We want to talk about the show about about the dji fpv drone. Now i want to bring up the article from hey kesley, but ron. Did you see that unboxing video of the dji fpv i i didi saw it uh, you know i think marcus was the first one to send it to me and uh. You know i mean you know it was revealing, bien sûr, et e uh ., but you know i kind of got the feeling that the guy did the unboxing. He didn’t really know much about drones, yeah exactly same here, it’s a hundred percentand i don’t you know it’s interesting well, his video was is was taken down, but hey kesterlu got a copy of it and, and he included it in his article in drone xl Um, but you know that was my thought exactly when i watched that video it was like okay, this is someone who is so green to drones. c'est, not funny it doesn’t know. You know the first thing about about what all what all is contained in the box and everything i mean it was just yeah. It was i i was just kind of taken aback by that now.

The other thing that i wanted to ask you too ron before we before we go into it and we’re going to look at specs and some other things in this. Who do you think this drone would be right for? Do you think it would be good for a novice fpv person, someone with a mid range of experience or someone who’s, really experienced well bill i’m gon na i’m gon na send everybody over to ken dotto’s channel. He made an excellent video on trying to figure out who this drone was for and in the same video he was holding the coffee mug courtesy of build a drone reviewer, yes uh. You know you know what i i kind of led led you in for that shaver’s plug folks, shameless plug stainless plug shameless plug, et, if you guys can remember our our good friend ken um, his grandfather passed away, and he also got some other bad news too. So um and keep him in your thoughts and prayers he’s, going through a lot right now. Um i reached out to him. I texted him tonight and let him know if he needs anything. You know give me a shout because i’m, not that far away from him. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Je suis. Sure he’d really appreciate that. d'accord, so i’m gon na bring it they asked to answer your question. I kind of don’t know who it’s for bill because it seems like the hardcore fpv guys.

Um are kind of. You know don’t aren’t excited about it because it doesn’t have true acura, je pense, est, as john coope maybe said, last night in the chat in drone nation and, bien sûr, the hardcore camera drone, guys like you and i aren’t that hyped up about it. So i i don’t know who they’re gon na find in the middle of that um. Vous savez euh, you know who is gon na gravitate to it and and what i ask you a question off this. I know it’s gon na sell well initially, but once the early you know, kind of excitement is ward off. Do you think it’ll be a good seller in the long run for dji that’s? A really you know, that’s a that’s, a fantastic question and a question. I was actually going to ask you as well too, because you know once that new new excitement wears off now. Hay posted at the end of the article, and i was going to bring this up. They estimate the cost is 1500 euros which um here that’s, probably going to translate roughly probably about a 300 différence, so maybe about twelve hundred dollars. Ici, real quick, it was a uh. I think dro dj had an article this past weekend and it’s from some retailer in the ukraine of all places, and they had a price point quoted between 999 us to 2099 États-unis, d'accord, that’s the first time i’ve seen that so i take it out of the Grain salt came from the ukraine yeah.

That pricing is is probably right. I think here here’s here’s my initial thoughts on this. I think it’s going to pull a lot of people in who are fpv, curieux. d'accord, who don’t want to go the route of say what a professional and i’ll call and i’ll like like coupey uh, a professional like koopie? Who, who really knows his ins and outs and and even ken donna, you know ken knowsannounced with the fpv right now i this isn’t going going to appeal to something like them. I think it’s going to appeal to either probably a a novice somebody who is new to it, who wants to experience it. Let’S say somebody who has experienced dji goggles and liked the experience that they had with the goggles and thinks this might translate well in having a drone and flying it with a drone and trying that there um, je pense, that’s who it’s going to appeal for, and I think you’re right, i think after the initial you know euphoria the first month, maybe two months of this, i think it’s gon na going to kind of like level out. I i don’t see a whole lot of unless people get it and really like it. Now the one of the big problems with this okay, is you know you can’t? How can i say this? You can’t duplicate the experience. En d’autres termes,, you know you can’t show what you’re seeing in the goggles.

You know what i’m saying like we can do. A screen recording from our apps, you can’t do that with the goggles you can’t, a person has to experience it firsthand in order to be able to do something like that right. Alors: hey real, rapide, laura in the chat’s put 11.99 us and 14.99 us for the fly bar package. d'accord, thank you lauren for that. d'accord, we just we got sami burns in a chat tonight, who’s become a hardcore fpv guy, starting with cabbage roads, but he’s. I think he shifted over mostly um. You know fpv fly now and he’s the type of guy he. He may not be juiced up about this drone because again it lacks a lot of the things. The hardcore fpv guys, the builders i’ll call them. Oh oui, Oui, oui, you know like koopie like like, like um dobo. Those guys are gon na want to go, for you know the gusto they like you know they like to do their mods on it. You know they like to um. You know they’re they’re they’re full to full on into that okay and to pairing those things up and building them on their own there’s, something there’s, something to say about that. d'accord, because here it is, this is all this is all ready to go for you. d'accord, vous savez ceci, est-ce que vous savez, it’s that’s good, for guys like you and i we yeah. We want a drone. We wan na we wan na, take it out of the box charge the batteries check, the software update and go um, but i think the downside to meand you bill is that the the goggles are probably our biggest entry or you know the our biggest obstacle Is getting uh acquainted with the goggles? Would you would you agree bill? I would agree 100 ron because you know there’s no real.

I mean from what i hear there’s. I guess there’s some ways to go to kind of experience it like. If you can hook your goggles up to a pc, i’ve heard there’s some training around that i’m, pas 100 sure uh. But you know here here’s this you go and you spend you know. Let’S say eleven hundred dollars roughly on this drone. Okay and you go out there and and mind you it’s, qui, from from the way it looks as far as the size is concerned, it looks like you know: ses, pas. You know you think of a lot more of the fpv type of of drones there’s. They seem to be kind of a different configuration and i’m going to say smaller, physically okay, because this actually looks fairly decent size. d'accord, it looks like it could. It looks like well it’s going to outweigh the mini yeah. I don’t know i don’t know about the the the you know the measurements on lengths, but you know it looks like it’s going to outweigh the mini yeah. Definitelyand you know this, one also has from what you know. What let’s do this i’m gon na i’m gon na go ahead and look at some of the specs here? Um video shows the content and i dropped the link in the description. So you guys can go ahead and do that and it shows the full unboxing video. I don’t want to go ahead and play that, because i think this is this is hayes right here.

We don’t want to get taken down here. Non, i don’t want now. It says the drone weighs 795 grammes. d'accord. So more than more than twice the amount of the mini twice, the amount of mini uh, it’s battery and props flight time is 20 minutes. A battery is 2 000 milliamps um with a removable, Canopée. d'accord – and i get here bill. These will be the type of batteries that us us, camera guys are used to not the type of battery that’s going to explode, or you have to manage down to the millisecond that they’ll be the kind of batteries but we’re used to with our camera drones, which Is good that’s what i’ve heard i don’t know that for fact, but that’s what i’ve heard the camera sounds like it’s, a decent camera uh one over two thirds um: 4k, 50, 60 fps or 1080.. You already set the big number there. 4K 60. So they checked off an important box right there. That is an important box. Um iso range unclear whether the bit rate of the camera is expected to be at least 100 megabits per. Seconde, video clips are compressed using h.264 h.265. and before you move on the important thing in the camera is, is there you know most of the guys now rig up like a gopro? You know whatever thing so this looks like it’ll be able to uh at least be as good as what the guys are getting out of the gopro yeah.

I would. I would say that too, that angle of view of 150 degrees is a good fish eye. I mean that that that seems like a a pretty wide swath you’re, going to get a wide view of things when you put those goggles yeah. Just to give you a what an instance like the uh, the osmo pocket 2 is like a is 90 something so it’s much much wider than if you get out of the osmo pocket. Now hey brings up the point. Is he thinks that they’ll have some type of image stabilization like they do with the osmo action, which kind of makes sense, because uh you’re gon na you’re gon na need something with that? I mean you just can’t. It would be unwatchable for, for you as a pilot. I mean it really. Unless that were a smooth video, you really couldn’t, i mean you know it would be up and down all the time and yeah i’m sure, parce que, like um, the the hero9 has unbelievable electronic image. Stabilization i’m sure dji’s got the same thing in their labs. Tu sais. Oh absolutely now so two sensors for obstacle, detection and forward flight uh two are on the underside of the drone, which may be used to assist during landing procedures. Probably again, you know it’s pretty much. You know i don’t know if it’s gon na be interesting to see if it’s going to have things like a return to home feature kind of like um.

You know our dji drones do especially that this is you know, and the more that i’m getting into this and the more that i’m finding out about this ron i’m thinking. This is going to be geared toward an entry level getting people’s feet, wet with fpv um. You know getting in their their first taste of that you know pulling in say, someone like you, moi même, marcus any of any of our our followers here, pulling them in, pour la première fois, experience to experience something like this. You know now i kind of agree with their. Do you think they’ll they’ll artificially keep the price lower than they actually should, because they they want to draw you in on the first one yeah i think, make money on the later ones down the road. Maybe they will sell this, for you know much less than we think just to kind of get people hooked yeah. I think they want to get people hooked andand i think one of the things now it’s well known – et vous savez – and i have i have known this and i think koopie could probably verify it um that dji does sell a lot of parts um for Fpv, i know a lot of people buy a lot of this uh out. You know parts for their fpv drones from dji, d'accord, that that i do know um, you know so what i’m thinking down the future if they can, if they can make inroads with this, if they can get another core group of people to be interested in this Along with their regular camera drones, then they can start branching out and maybe offering some some kits.

You know um, you know like say, add your gopro or your osmo action um, Tu sais, get your own transmitter or use this transmitter, use your own goggles or use our goggles kind of a thing they might. They might do this. I think this is they’re dipping their toes in the water. With this ron and lauren said a little bit back in the chat, he said it uses rock study for uh stabilization, so that’s right, that’s the brand that they uh stabilization. They use on the uh osmo osmo action yeah, it works. It works super well, Je suis. Gon na tell you that right now, because i’ve tried i’ve done videos with the staple with that rocksteady on and with it off, and it makes a world of difference. It’S it’s it’s a lot it’s a lot like what you see on the gopro that’s for sure i’m sure this will be like the rock study 2 or something Music. Oh oui! Definitely now you can see you know the physical size of this um. Tu sais que c’est. I’M going to say, ses, probably a little bit bigger than an air 2, but probably not as big. Let me ask you: what does the air 2 weigh? You know i don’t know. I believe this is about the same way to zero to it. I believe you quoted seven seven: ninety seven hundred ninety five great yeah and i’m thinking, vous êtes, probably right. Je pense que c’est, probably right around the same same mark, i i i’m pretty sure it’s under a thousand grams um but i’m, pas 100 sure um boy.

This fpv controlleri mean you, know um with it just it just it looks. It almost looks like the controllers for the mini two and four, the mavic air tube, almost um, except a good place to put a phone on as a screen right right. That thing up tops your antenna right that black that’s the antenna yeah now, d'accord, here’s very interestingit says there’s a return to home button, so it does have that feature on here. Encore une fois, you know this is something that’s going to pull people in who normally you know, maybe we’re going to take a look at this. Maybe we’ll buy something like this um. We love return to home, Oh oui, i mean especially how about precision landing yeah. You know you know if you know what i think would be a good thing is: maybe some dealers go out and have some demos of this um? I think it’s going to be interesting and i and i hope dji puts out some good videos of this to kind of like demo the experience to kind of like walk you through what it’s like to fly this um. You know because i think a lot of people, par exemple, two things for me is number one. You know how fast these things go all right because they go fast. You know they’re they’re, faster than a normal drone and being able to control that during during the that speed and having the maneuvers, i mean because let’s face it ron.

You know if you’re heading to an oak tree and you don’t you don’t swerve out of the way. d'accord. Now it does have obstacle avoidance so well glad you brought that up bill now, most times on our drones. Our camera drones obstacle voice, doesn’t work in sport mode which are faster modes. Do you think this optional voice will actually work in in in whatever full full flight mode? Ici, yeah that’s a great question: we have dji dji cracked that uh that formula and now they can make um obstacle voids work at high speeds. Maybe lauren might have the answer to that lauren. Si vous le faites, if you could post that in the chat, uh that’d be very interesting to find that out, because that would make a difference for a lot of people on whether or not they could. They would want to consider this drone because they might say you know what this is something i might want to consider this, because you know when you’re flying i mean it’s. Just like i’ve watched some of ken’s videos, you know and he does a great job and i mean it’s, just like it’s almost number one dizzying number two. You know the speed that that that he goes at with this is just off the charts. Je veux dire, c’est. Just it’s, just completely off the charts, um hey john drew fly, makes a great comment here: there’ll be a couple of dji fpv drones at sebastian in march.

Oh ok, now here’s a controller here. It said that the controller weighs 346., probably occu, Synchronisation 2.0 um i’ll! Stop you right there bill there’s, Rumeurs, C'est, optisync 3, or something oh, three yeah that’s i’ve. I kind of heard something about that as well. These are confirmed rumors, but you do hear people say it may have three and 10 kilometers in fcc and six kilometers for europe and a flight mode selector switch on there, which i mean it makes it a lot like a regular dji controller again. Bringing that familiarity of the feel of the controller and the functionality of the controller um to you as well, so you know that’s that that’s that’s a good thing, hey here’s, a quick question for you. I think i asked this and nobody really came up with a a a you know, a full answer bill as the as the faa rules stand as of today, not two or three years now, but but march, when this drug is not march. Seconde, if i go down to best, buy pick this throat up and take it to my field, put the goggles on and fly around the field am illegal because i don’t have. I don’t have a what do you call a spotter with me or what’s? What do you call the person, the visual observer, a visual observer yeah? Why am i legal just to get this drone and go over to the park and fly around the infield a couple times? Wow that’s a question for the chat that’s a great because uh.

I definitely won’t get this drone. If the only time i can ever fly, it is say when i can bug my wife to go with me to the field, because otherwise i’ll be flying illegally. Yeah yeah that’s a great question. If anybody i know i don’t. Malheureusement, i don’t have a buddy flyer in here morgan, if i did have a buddy flyer and we both got the fpv drone. You know if the news were off, we wouldn’t go out together anymore, anyways with it probably so um. I i don’t want to drone that i always have to have to take somebody with me. Yeah i mean you know it kind of kind of defeats. The purpose you know it’s, not it’s nice. When i have valerie to go out there and help be my observer, but a lot of times she can’t come out there with me because she’s doing other things right same for you. You know susan has other things to do too, and you know you just can’t. Do that all the time? So that is a great question. If anybody in the chat has the answer for that, that would be fantastic um. You know i i know i know, but according to what we’ve read in new regs, when a new race kick it in whatever year they kick in what we say three years, but we’re already ticking on that um. I know it won’t be legal. Then you’ll have to have a visual observer yeah.

At that point you will andand you might have to and here’s the thing you know are we going to have um um? The module have to be added to this to track your drone, i mean you know: it’s it’s still considered a uav, so you know with that as well. So that’s going to be interesting to see how that pops up, i mean i don’t, you know i i don’t know how how that’s going to come into play now i didn’t noticeand i don’t know if you saw this ken posted a note on the community Board on youtube about the goggles and apparently there’s some issue with the software with the goggles right now, because the goggles are available by themselves, the dji goggles v2 and he did post something out there about that and he said there’s no there’s no work around at This time he uh, i think he tried both a pc and, je pense, a mac um as far as as trying to to do somethingand he said, there’s an issue with it, so um stay tuned for that. C’était, that was some. That was some news that i saw he had posted separately out of a video, so i wanted to kind of share that because i know not not a lot of people look at the community tab at times i i don’t either that’s good, Hey, johnny, johnny demon. If i’m saying his name correctly, i i don’t miss bounce last name, but he brings up a good point.

Not only is you, you know worried about being legal, mais bien sûr, if you’re in the field by yourself somebody come up behind you and pop you in the head, you won’t even know anybody’s there yeah yeah, so you know you, you want to fly in familiar Surroundingsyou probably want to you know like uh yeah. You probably need to have that porridge right yeah. I mean it’s it’s yeah, because you know your your whole senses are going to be focused on the drone. You won’t, you probably won’t, even be hearing well either. You’Ll probably be focused on the drone: Hey, what make the right says, the matter, what the weight uh as steven he’s, telling steven ewing, a visual observer, is required and and that tex arc drone guy that’s my that’s michael ray’s, new new, alias that’s, his new name. Oh ok, d'accord, so so, and he’s a part 107. So mike’s well versed in most of the rules of rexville that’s, good that’s, vraiment bon. Now they’re saying um as far the um, the goggles have an 1800 milliamp hour battery and it says it’s a maximum of 110 minutes de temps, and it also includes a micro sd card slot, and i don’t know enough between the v1 and the v2. What the differences were um, you know i don’t, i don’t know what’s improved with this uh again. You know it may be that occu sync 3.0 um with this communication system.

So you know we’ll we’ll see you know. If that’s the case, then you can expect that ocusync 3.0 to come out on a dji, mavic 3 slash cloud, barre oblique: hey i’m glad you brought the battery up for the goggles in the video that unboxing video we we talked about the guy, maybe not being royal Drone nozzle remember: he pulls the battery for the goggles out of the box. He called it like a uh. He thought it was a like a mobile charger. Yeah yeah these chargers, you put you plug your phone into the charging to go what what’s the what’s, the buzzword for those things. Oh he power back. He thought it was a power power bank, Oui, oui, so yeah that kind of keys it he’s, not the most knowledgeable, uh drone guy, you know and what’s interesting, is the whole premise behind that video ron, you know um was he like and i’m sorry. I forget the gentleman’s name pick up the mini too um and that i had him on for for a rotor. Talk live very nice man. Oui, very nice yeah that gentleman, a very nice guy you know was it. Was it dumb luck that he walked into a best buy and was able to get one there’s, no back story behind it? c'est, just like all of a sudden here, Umm, you know here’s this video and he obviously was a brand new drone channel because there was like, je pense, peut être 10 ou 15 people subscribed to it.

Wasn’T a lot uh in this video comes out and there’s. Just not, Tu sais, there’s no backstory behind it. You know because i’m sure best buy has received. Probably some reprimands from dji saying you know, look guys. You know release it. When we say you can release it. d'accord, euh! You know i talked to the manager there and lauren may confirm this. Um is you know, dji can slap your hand pretty severely in terms of of of selling their product if you don’t agree to their stipulations and they say you know there’s it has to. Il. Has to go out on this date. It has to go out on that date, not a day before. Okay yeah, i i definitely understand uh, you know release dates in my business. Nothing i’ll throw in there for is um. You know uh dji’s kind of at the hands of uh best buy a little bit because if, if they pull best buy from their, you know approved sellers where, where would anybody go where anybody know the gold used to get a dgi drone yeah? And i think that’s a good point ron, because i think a lot of people feel very comfortable going to a brick and mortar and picking up their product, and you know i do because that’s obvious that’s, where i got mine. You know if i have any issues or something like this. You know if i buy it direct from dji it’s like i got to pack it up and send it over to shenzhen um right here i can.

I have a point of contact. I can go back to my best buy, which is five or six miles away from me and saying: look you know this. Is this this and this isn’t working it’s within in the so many days? Can you just get me a new unit and chances are pretty good, they’ll, say they’ll ship, the other one back and give you a new unit. You know and other big retailers here like walmart and target. They only seem to handle dji drones like you know, spark or the mini one. They don’t seem to handle uh the full line of dji drums and they only only seem to handle them when they’re kind of you know a little bit older or whatever i shouldn’t say that, but you mean they’re they’re only into selling the budget dji drones. Now one of the problems with um, like amazon, buying a drone from them. You got to be real, careful okay, Quand, when you buy themand you know the big recommendationand this will go outthis is a blanket um. When you’re, when you’re looking at buying drones out on amazon, you want to make sure you’re buying them from amazon directly and not a reseller, because you know these resellers will offer these crazy packages with it. You know all these, you know the the super case and these props and all this kind of stuff and it’s all garbage okay, ses, just it’s, just pure garbage and you’re, paying probably a hundred or two hundred dollars more for that than you should right.

But on the other side you can get some good deals that way i bought my hotel, evo off amazon, mais oh, it was off a third party seller, beach camera who actually is located in new jersey. But i love that beach. Camera is an approved hotel, reseller yeah, so you’ve got seattle. I actually got a um. I paid the same price i would have on from buying directly motel, but i got a. I got a free extra battery phone and some other doodads that weren’t that good, but just the free battery alone made it worth uh, Oh oui, yeah and and that they got here like the one day i ordered a friday. It came on a saturday yeah see that’s that’s very well, get that snippy from uh when you order from chinaville. bien, my original i got my x star premium off of um adorama camera, but that was through through amazon, right um. Tu sais – and i looked it up very reputable right – vous, you it’s it’s, d'accord, to do something like that on amazon, si vous, if it’s a reputable seller like in this case beach, camera or adorama um, does that a lot uh? You know that’s one of the things that that i would suggest just just make sure the third party reseller is not bill and ron’s drone emporium. Oui, you don’t want to you. Don’T want to do that or or or our marcus ron and bill’s uh drone drone inc uh.

You know we’ll res we’ll, just resell you some crash, xeno2s blades are optional. Batteries are optional as well. Kind of returns are unacceptable. Oui, no returns, absolutely no returns. As far as far as that’s concerned um, you know we really hit the highlights. One thing we didn’t hit bill. What about this thing? Over the weekend we saw their calling and saying the flash. Now some people say that’s just an internal code name but other other, but they the article the article’s tried to claim, like it’s gon na, be called the dji flash. No clue, non, because right now, Ils sont, not just gon na call the f, the dji fpv drone right that’s like that’s like calling the mavic the dji uh. You know uh camera drone, Oui, oui, so yeah they’re, gon na yeah, ses, probably that’s, probably a good name for it. I i would think um andand it sounds like it’s it’s imminent meaning. Tu sais – Hey – puts a proposed date of march 2nd out there um. Tu sais que c’est, probably it’s, probably going to be fairly accurate. You know it’s close because, bien sûr, this unboxing. It was a retail box. That said not for sale. It was set to some store for a display. It could even be a small store and when, when um what’s his name acetylene when he starts, you tweeting tweeting the really crystal clear pictures of it. You know we’re only weeks away, yeah and that’s exactly where we’re.

At with this i mean you know: c’est que c’est, ses, ses, right around the bend and i’m and i’m also going to think too, because i know from what what lauren is saying, you know the um second version. Seconde, iteration of the osmo action or the action 2 is probably right on its tail with rockstar 2.0 dessus. So extensive come out about the same time as rock stroke. Now one thing we didn’t get into either. How do you think the release of this drone will go? Do you think it’ll be uh any type of uh hype, but hoopla and pre order or it’ll just be like the the mini two it’ll just be you know the date there it is you buy right now, euh, Tu sais, or you think it’ll be like some Of those where you know you pre order and it’ll be it’ll. Come you know a month later or i think here’s what i think they’re gon na do. I think they’re going to put out a pretty good video and i think they’re gon na get some fpv enthusiasts um. Some like real pros um, then i know kelly has kelly, has talked to several of these people: kelly shores, um and probably probably filma good video and have them give their thoughts on this, because you know that’s very effective. You know andand i watched when they released all these drones and i’m going back to um.

You know let’s see the spark when they did that the um original thing. I went to the presentation up in new york from spark and when, when we went for the mavic 2, those videos that they did of these professionals and they had professional photographers in existence, they used to use the drones and gave you gave them. Obviously very favorable. Impressions of it and i think, that’s what they’re going to do. I think the drones will be available immediately. I don’t think there’ll be any weight for this. I think they’re here they’re saying because correctly overall last year, the the air too, it was a pre order period, but the mini the mini two it just it was just when it was announced. It was available right, wait what right, d'accord, droite, il est, exactly right, the mini tube boom. It was right away. Ouais, you had the pre order like weeks yeah, pour que vous sachiez, and i don’t see any you know i see that’s. One thing i think dji has done well. Is they learned their lesson from the original mavic pro, which was oh, mon Dieu? It was like october 2016, a lot of people didn’t get theirs till january, and a lot of people were upset about it. Yeah look looking back and all that i guess there’ll be a dji. Probably somebody thought well who’s gon na want this folding drum people love phantoms, and maybe we better not make too much of this people.

They may not want a folding drone exactly question of the day.