We found some awesome fpv drone videos from the community and we want to share them, hopefully introduce you guys to some new people to follow and get these guys some some more subscribers, so let's get right into it. Our first category for this community spotlight is sick tricks and rips. Tellement bon, all around fpv freestyle action starting off we've got insane fpv really high energy song, and what I like is he's, got a good mix of styles and definitely has flow. He'S got some crisp tricks. Certains, Tu sais. Fluid he's got okay, that crisp inverted yah, spin like that was hot, and then he goes over here and does some Madi stuff. And then you know, he's also got some flowy split, ac sort of things: tight proximity, these tall trees, look like they'd, be a ton of fun to fly. I like how, when he power loops up he's able to keep the trees in the field of view. The whole time as he's going up and then just crest right between them really well done, I've seen a lot of clips from Zane and he is always he's, always a strong pilot. Our next featured pilot is or be fpv. This is just too epic. This dog, Oh, I love the effect that he put when he hit the ground and it like shook and all that stuff and just really high energy tearing it up. Oh and I like that, go through and then back super cool and this fog man when he gets up there, it's like he's.

It looks like he's like in the clouds it's just fog but like that's, just a really cool effect and what a great spot that died, though I've died around at the beginning, that's. What hooked me it was like. Oh dad is awesome. Prochaine étape, we've got Jubal Spano with another dive clip, but he's going backwards through multiple gaps. You'Re giving quarter tap a run for his money on the BAM two gaps I know cricket would be impressed. This video is by Farouk fpv guys watch this whole video link. In the description to this video and every video we're featuringand this is just a great freestyle videoI was captivated by the whole thingit's got a very nice bluish color grade on it and the style on this it's. I don't know how to describe it. There'S there's something unique about this guy's style that right there was that that movement, when he's coming out of this schmoopy thing and locks into the orbit, it's that I don't know how to describe it, but it was really cool. I just find myself watching that one bit over and over he's coming in and then but don't press pause and run it back too many times. Because of this whole, vidéo, comme je l’ai dit, is great to watch through, so just sit back, take it in and enjoy this one awesome work, Farooq FPV. Our next category is micros. We want to show some love to the little guys we don't feature micros enough and they are so much fun and a great way to get into the hobby, they're less expensive, a lot lower risk to fly.

You can fly them indoors and they're getting more and more capable some of these clips, some of the things that these micros are getting capable of mind blowing. So Christian, Jordan Tesoro look at this it's Madi flip and then back into the power loop, and I had to rewatch that a couple times, because I really thought that he just reversed the video, but he didn't you can tell from the timer and the other OSD Elements but like that was really cool and man just that he's doing these tight, natty flips and just like proximity treat right. Look at that it was. It was really close time to be alive. Bien, here is another crazy micro trick. Regarder. What was that exactly? So he looks up snaps back and as he's snapping back. He goes up into this dis light fixture and corkscrews through the gaps in this structure. It I'm gon na call this a snapback, corkscrew it's, trop cool, trop cool, so guys something we like to do with these community spotlight. Videos is pick one of the videos that we feature and do a giveaway, and this time we are giving away and wrote a riot HD one frame. Usa edition. So we've done a limited edition run of the roto riot HD one frame and some of the carbon is made in America, it's cut in Ohio and it's. Something we've wanted to do for a while and if it goes well, hopefully we could expand it and and continue to do some USA editions of the frame.

So this is just a trial. Limited edition run, the top plate features laser etching of the rotor riot logo kind of like that, États-unis. themed t shirt we have, and I think it looks really cool. So if you guys want to support some drone frames being cut in America, you can pick up an HD one. Us edition on the roto ride, store and one of the pilots that we are featuring here is gon na get one of those for free let's. Get back to the videos our next category is location. This is tofu number 10 FPV. C'est beau. I just I just love those mountains that just shut up out of nowhere, it's just skimming them and he's got the it's got. This cinematic feel really chill music. I just I like the style of flying, it's it's really well flown for the location. He does some dives and things like that, mais pour la plupart, it's just very like mellow and letting the scenery speak for itself. Here we have George FPV and the title of this video is. This is not a simulator and I can see why he called it that, because it really there's something about it. I don't know if it's the color great or if this the boats are really just that vibrant but gosh, it just looks like almost CGI and the flying is also really crisp. George'S always bring in the fire. Excellent emplacement, great use of location, garder le tuer.

George you're always impressing us with the stuff. You do so everybody loves getting the fly there. Fp drone in cool locations and another thing everyone lovesis chasing things. We all love getting to chase cars boats whatever. So this next category is chasing things. So SEPs here got to do some super bike chasing on an actual road course, and it looks awesome man I mean. I love seeing the angle that these guys are at from a really unique perspective and he mixes in some like b roll, where you get the audio and you get kind of the third person view of what's, going on and it's really cool that you can see. The bikers and actually see the drones ride on them and then right here, boom that's the shot. We all wanted to see it as soon as you saw the bikes. I know what you thought you're like. Are they gon na go under a wheelie? Et oui, he did he got to go under the wheelie excellently done, and just the the speed that these things are going at. It is not gon na be easy to chase them with the drum you can't fake it, because I mean the angle that they're that they're leaning up through the turns like they're at speed, and so the pilots are having to keep up with them and like that It'S love it so here we have another chasing video, but this one is a little bit lower energy, but it's still super impressive.

This guy is getting the chase, some skiers going through very fresh powder, and it is so pretty and he's playing everything and in like slow motion. So you've seen the powder come out from like this skis just like in this cloud: it's just it's just really nice, and I think I love it sunset or sunrise or whatever, but the Sun is at that perfect point where the lighting is just looking great it's Got the long shadows, but I just I just love the effect of that powder coming out so chase everything just chase all the things here. We have Alex Crider doing some air to air aka chasing a wing getting the chase. Other RC aircraft is one of the things that like really inspired my love of RC flight, just air to air footage is always so fun to watch and so fun to do, and this is ass, you don't see a lot of we're. The wing is really at speed and low to the ground and the quad is able to keep up with it, seeing someone not afraid to push their wing a bit that's. You know cuz wings, they don't they're, not necessarily as durable as our carbon fiber drones, which you know will bounce off most things these wings, the foam usually usually, is gon na break. So when they're willing to push it and do some stuff, it always makes for a good clip. Our next category is progression.

That is one of the most fun parts of fpv trying to improve and get better as a pilot and then helping other people improve, helping other people learn new things, so we've got two Clips here. This first clip is by tarik Gilani, Maccabee and they're, sharing their progression and learning what I like to call a reverse split s where you flip upside down and then pitch forward and shoot under a gap kind of like a half, Mady, flip and they're working on It with these this lightpost thing, which is a great obstacle to learn on because it's, nice and tall, so you got lots of room for error and you know it's cool, seen that seeing the progression seeing the failed attempts ultimately getting to a real, clean execution. Seeing people learn new things and improve as a pilot it's always inspiring. It makes me want to get out and keep pushing myself and learning new things, Et maintenant, in this progression, video we've got a pilot, hoping you guys learn. This is a trick tutorial. I love trick tutorials and I love seeing pilots tried doing trick tutorials and sharing their knowledge and their own way of approaching tricks and their own style. So Rodo here is doing a sideways power. Loop and he's got this trick on lock might be the cleanest sideways power. Looping I've seen this guy I've actually had my eye on. He has got a lot of really impressive videos definitely check out his channel, not just for this really helpful trick tutorial, but all of his flying is really really great.

So like this video isn't, even as best flying, but I wanted to feature this clip because I think it's so excellent when pilots go out of their way to try and help share their knowledge and their skills and help everybody improve and get. J’ai eu. Ta get out work on this stuff. He'S got some good tips here. I need to find myself a branch and start doing the loopy things, and that brings us to our final category for this episode of community spotlight and I actually I don't. I don't know what to call this category. There'S there's only one video just look at this video. I stumbled across look at this look at this video. This guy only has four subscribers in this video. At the time, recording only has 27 views hello. I just think it's a cool video there's way too much effort put into this video for it to have so few views so check this out, but I think it's really funny he's doing the Star Wars. Thing he's got quad wars, so he gets to the FPV and it's it's like the in cockpit view and we've seen this before. But I just feel like he takes it to the next level because he puts in the animations here of the the pilots in the cockpit and then there's there's the over the shoulder. Regarder. Look at that he's got the over the shoulder going on and then he's editing. Some like Tie Fighters that he's chasing and stuff like that.

So just really fun really creative definitely put a lot of effort into it and I just think it's a fun video. So check this guy out alright guys and with that it's time to pick a winner of the HD one frame and this time I'm going to pick or be fpv with that epic behind the stairs dive. Because I really want to see you go back and get it clean, so hopefully you can build up a whole new drone and not be afraid to bash the hell out of it, because the HD one is a really tough frame, great job or be fpv and Great job, everyone that we featured here, we hope that you will check out all these pilots again links in the description to all of these awesome, rippers amla drib. This has been community spotlight and we'll.