This is the eye flight. Green Hornet is a 3 pouce. 4S configurated analog video Cinna whoo. It does have the t700 carbon fiber on here. This is different than your standard. 3K. Carbon fiber 3k used to be the most durable and nicest quality carbon fiber. That most of us got on the frames, but now t700 is coming along in the early part of 2020, and this is what you're gon na start seeing on this higher in frame. So it is not the same thing as the bumblebee don't get confused. People think that the Green Hornet is just a green version of the bumblebee it's. Not it has different specs on here. Il a 1408 motors 35mm pscs and they made this one a little bit more affordable. It doesn't have that DJI gear on here. bien, what's cool about this one is that it is around a hundred and I think, it's, a hundred and twenty five dollars cheaper it's around one hundred and ninety one dollars on the bank good website, it's running an xt60 on the back. Here I have a little stubby antenna – 45.8. It does have smart audio 35e FPSes, a CAD X, camera and what's cool about this quad is that you can do multiple mounting options on here. I tried it in the back right here. If you want to do kind of an experimental thing, you can tilt this down a little bit and see the front of the quad as you're flying along, which is kind of a cool little piece of video.

You can do or you can put it up front and not see any of the quad, and even in the back hereand I was playing around with thisyou actually can't see it in front of the quad with it pointing straight ahead, which is kind of Interesting but it does balance out the CG quite well when you put the camera in the back and your battery is sort of riding up front, so everything equalizes out but without further ado, gars, let's go ahead outside and experiment and play around with this I'll show You several different camera orientations we're going to do the 360 video we're going to do some GoPro hyper smooth on here and we'll. Also do that flat, singular lens that I have here from mr. 360, so let's go ahead outside and doing some more Cinnabons. Ici, nous allons bien, cinema guys here we go. This is hands down some of the most futuristic types of shots you can get with a drone nowadays, principalement parce que l' 3 inch sinner whoops are way tougher than any of the DJI quads out there. They are a bit noisier, mais en même temps, you're going to come home with all your gear intact, it's not going to break into pieces, your Gimbels not going to break your camera is likely to survive just about any crash you throw at it. Unless you hit it on a concrete wall, you can also get some really cool shots if you play around with different cameras like the insta 360.

One are that you see here. Lets me see all the way around in a spherical view and what's cool is inside the insta 360 app. I can actually change and edit where the camera is pointed in that 360 vue. So I can keyframe and make changes in the timeline on the free editor, which is really cool and I'll. Show you an example of key framing coming up here. So I'm gon na fly past myself and my buddy right here and I'm gon na make a turn and you'll notice that the camera turns around as I'm turning and that was key framed inside the insta 360 studio same thing. There we went back to the rear view and you can spin it all the way around up and down. Look at your aircraft. You can go to that tiny world view and you can zoom in and out, which is also really cool and it's fun, to experiment with these new types of technology in 2020. But it also has stabilization on there as well. So it looks like motorized gimbal when we really don't have a motorized gimbal on here, it's just hard mounted to the drone, qui est vraiment cool, and I love how fast it looks low to the ground. But what's neat about this particular platform is. It is extremely stable. You can fly it in stability mode if you're a beginner. This could be your one of your first or second quads.

You could go out and get films like this pretty quickly because there's not a huge learning curve on this particular drone and you don't have any type of restrictions on where you can fly it. It will let you take off literally anywhere, but you guys know where not to fly it so, but it does do some pretty nice, video and right now, you're. En regardant cela, un, our singular lens now we're gon na check out the GoPro Hero with some hyper smooth. This is a very popular camera to get seven and eight also fit on here. It also comes with hero 8 TPU mount, which is kind of nice in the box, and if that doesn't come with it, I'll put the link down below for you guys, just in case, I think they're like twelve dollars or something. But this is pretty great for what you can get for a hundred and ninety dollars, and I know that doesn't include the camera cost, but you're gon na use your camera for much more than just your drone, really cool nice and slow and that's. My friend Tom's Calypso kind of a classic plane, that's, now no longer being sold that one's got flaps on it. It slows down quite well. Nice sail plane. I love the colors on that one that one's lime green, very similar to the drum camps, logo, and he also has one of my all time. Favorite sale. Planes here today is the Radian from Horizon hobby, which is also a very slow and steady sail plane.

But what's really neat about this particular setup with this in a whip. Is that if you've never seen us in a weave before it will get some amazing shots that some of the other drones can't get, because this quad can really get in there? Nice and close, I can even fly through the grass. It has prop guards on there. So I'm just kind of pushing through the grass less than a foot off the ground and getting new perspectives, and I almost got hung up right there but I'm back on the way. Now it pushed through it and it usually does. le 1408 motors are quite powerful. Now let's check out some of the fpv video. Now this is cool. This is what you're gon na see inside the analogue view and it's a Caddo CAD X, nous 2 camera on there with beta flight display, and you can move and change your display all around the screen. There I've seen my battery voltage there and you also see the two crosses on the screen. That'S my throttle pitch and roll and y'all access right. There so left hand side you're, seeing my percentage of throttle just above the battery right there, and I rarely ever fly above 40 percent throttle with us in a loop which is really cool. À présent, a little boost up not a whole lot of throttle, not a lot of wobble it's. Vous cherchez assez bon – and I want you to notice too how little I actually move the sticks when I'm flying this particular quad, if I'm flying freestyle, I'm really jamming on the sticks, but when I'm flying a Synnott whip I'm trying to be as smooth as possible and Less movements are better if you're trying to get really nice in my quality video.

You want something nice and smooth, get used to make really minimal control movements. That'S gon na get bring home your best, video and then after almost 10 years of fpv, I'm, quite used to it by now, but I'm really loved in this quad, and I think this is kind of the one that's. The answer for the guys who were looking for a little bit cheaper, so no whip, and I got to show you guys the inside here. Il s’agit de la 500 milliwatts with the mm CX connector right here. You can see that button right there for changing channels manually, but you don't need to because you have smart audio, ce qui est agréable, so I'm gon na move this out of the way. Now you can see the Sussex ef4 of five miniature flight controller. C'est un 20 par 20 stack with lots of dampening on here, qui semble assez bon, and we have the 35 amp for in one ASCs below there, with 4s 1300 recommended battery size. Bien, so now that you guys have seen some flight footage you've seen inside the quad we've talked about all the specs on here. We know that it can run a 4s battery on here. It can carry pretty much any camera on the market. You have quite a few different options on this one for front and back mounts, and I just did that with a go pro style mount with a little VHB underneath it two zip ties here to hold it down and it's, pretty sturdy it's not really coming off And I can still change my camera angle and point it wherever I want.

But the nice thing about the insta 360 camera is that it does have a 3d lens option which is doe lens there it's the twin lens, and then you have the singular lens for gopro style shooting, and i think this one actually might look a little bit Better than the gopro hero – et c’est le 7 ici – i don'thave the 8 yet but it'll carry either one of these cameras, aucun problème, if that's, what you want to do and then you're gon na probably be seeing more of this one on the channel, Because it does have such versatility and on the fly, i can swap these lenses out, qui est vraiment cool. So i like the fact that this came home in one piece as well. My final thoughts about this one are that the price is good and it's neat that they upgraded the carbon fiber on here to the t700 carbon fiber, and they also made some special changes to the duck so i'm. Ici, if you look closely at the ducks there's, not a lot of space, the prop guard right here in the middle and the prop itself, so the closer they get these props to this wall right here, the smoother this is going to be in the more efficient It'S gon na be they're still fairly loud for what they are, but it's gon na be a more efficient quad and you should get a pretty good flight time on these as well.

Vous pouvez aller jusqu’à, I mean I said 1300, but you can probably go up to something like a 1550 if you wanted to but I'm very satisfied with it it's very modular. The thing is definitely like an aircraft carrier and it's really easy to fly. So get out there and create something, cool and drop me a link down below. Si vous le faites, I will also put the links for this down below 191 bucks and then, as well as the one are from an instant 360 super cool camera. I think you guys would have fun playing around with this on your quads, but that's gon na be my go to camera for this year plus. It also has stabilization so yeah and thumbs up for this one too, and I'm gon na go two thumbs up for the Green Hornet. I think this is cool.