Canada – NEW PROPOSED DRONE & RC AIRCRAFT REGULATIONS 2017/2018 – Qu'en penses-tu?

These are the Proposed UAS (Drone & Avion RC) rules which can take impact within the 12 mois 2018. When you disagree with them, please electronic mail your considerations (in a well mannered method) to the next Transport Canada electronic mail addresses:

Right here is the hyperlink to Transport Canada’s web site detailing the proposed modifications:

35 Commentaires
  1. Do they not know that Canada is on the metric system but they quote everything in feet and miles.

  2. who is going to enforce these proposed new rules? OPP? RCMP?

  3. Quite different from our regulation, here in Europe. Portugal, where I live, or Germany, where I get the permit, which are basicaly the same. My opinion is that your regulation will be more forgiven. Namely what concerns the weight of the uas.

  4. These regulations are made by people who are pilots of aircrafts and wanting the skies to themselves as well as all the beauty Canada has that can only be seen in the air. It would be like if motorcyclists were to write rules about where cars were able to drive. I would definitely not want cars on the curvy roads, roads with new pavement, they can only drive between the speeds of 20 to 30kms/hr in the right lane only, you can't drive a car on highways with 2 lanes, seulement 4 lanes, and again 30 kms/hr mac in right hand lane. Absolutely ridiculous. Nobody would be driving cars. They are poised because they spent many thousands of dollars to get their licences to fly, limited to where they can fly, take off and land. And the work that they have tho do pre and post flight. The money they spend for upkeep/repairs and inspections etc. I know I'm a heli pilot and the work for me to go and fly before and after is enormous as well as the cost. That is one of the reasons I fly my drone, because i can see beautiful areas I was only able to see if I fly my heli. Now I can drive up into the mountains, go for a hike and go for a drone flight to get some exceptional footage. They don't need to punish responsible fliers and hamper the business of drone services and the economy concerning drones. Stop it before someone buys a drone. Make them write a test, take a course, and register before they buy a drone. Make them have flight logs that records gps/telemetry info, température, wind direction, date, time etc. Make drone pilots have to inspect and check their drones at authorized dealers regularly. Not these regulations that kill the industry. Canada will be known as a drone free country with these regulations. I can go take a day course and write an exam, take another short course and write an exam. Then go buy a gun walk into a forest and shoot a gun Willy nilly. But I can't buy a drone walk into that same forest and fly a drone because I'm more dangerous then that idiot with a gun? Common sense does not rule. Just don't let idiots buy drones.

  5. Make it like driving a car. Except you have to take a course, pass a test, and every so often recertify to prove you are still fit to fly. Make it so you can't purchase a drone until you have that certificate. If you have any accidents your licence is revoked and you simply cannot buy a drone. Each drone has tracking information that updates to a database showing you are flying within the proper areas, fois, météo, allowed for your particular education or license you have. This will weed out the idiots that buy a drone a goes "hey I'm going to buy a drone and fly around people and houses and spy into Windows and stuff. "

  6. I don't understand how a manned aircraft can fly as low as the pilot feels it to be safe. Manned aircraft should not be allowed to fly under 500 ft and that is all that needs to be said about that. I fly mostly race drone's , flying less than 50 ft off the ground at any given time and i will need to purchase $100,000 in insurance because that is the minimal requirement for manned aircraft that are allowed to fly as low as they choose. They need to stop comparing us to manned flights , i am no threat to aircraft of any sort , people nor property , therefor why should i pay for insurance if i will never need it ? To me it sounds like another Great Canadian money grab for the insurer's , we pay and pay and pay , but you will never have to make a claim , and if you do your rates will go up just like any other insurance claim.

  7. Some of that info those guys gave makes me confused, Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 602.14-602.16, prescribes 1,000 feet as the minimum altitude that an aircraft may over-fly a built up area (500 feet for water), unless the aircraft is conducting a take-off, approach or landing (other exemptions may apply). This regulation is enforceable by Transport Canada Civil Aviation Enforcement. Sounded like they were saying there is no minimum alt for manned aircraft to follow. Confusing

  8. Thanks for doing all the homework for us!

  9. I really want to get a drone, but this all seems so complicated. Is out worth it?

  10. I agree with most comments here.
    With today's technology, under 1kg drones are mostly crap (unless you're willing to sell your kidney and your liver or your second car) – think air currents and wind. On top of that, any good battery giving you minimum 15 minutes or more flight time (so you can actually enjoy your flights after spending minimum 1.5hrs charging that battery), automatically weight half to 3/4 of the total weight of the aircraftso taking average specs into an account, that "up to 1kg rule" should be changed to up to 2kgs or at least 1.5kgs, with today's technology these crafts are being built with.

    Commercially ($$$$) used drones on a higher level have professional cameras (parfois 2), usually weight a lot more than 2kgs, and are automatically used by minimum 2-4 people at a time. But even then, machine error occurs (just like with any other aerial vehicle) more often than human error, and any number of your "spotters" or the amount of insurance you spent on it, will not do much, because business companies operate on income and often enough want to release buggy platforms before any inconsistencies are metthis is equally true for drifting or lost drones, and airplane companies.

    Companies already make rc quadcopters that weight less than 1kg, but they are ALL with average controls at best (poor or no gps / poor video transmission quality or no fpv at all / poor controls)… and most casual quadcopter fliers will not spend $1000+ for a more capable drone (most dji products) which would be categorized as casual hobbywhen was the last time you bought $1000+ bike?

    These Canadian drone laws are still as high on demand as the heights airplanes themselves are flying, and anybody with open mind would see that they should be changed to properly reflect their categorization as a hobby / business / and professional use "VERSUS" what these quadcopters are actually capable of. Aussi, weather you live in a city and want to go to a secluded park area, or you live away from the city on an acreage with tons of land belonging to you.
    And speaking of heightswhat's the difference of you flying your drone in a valley and going above it, or from either natural or man-made structure, and then taking that into an account vs your flying height limit? …nobody seems to logically comment on that lol

  11. The law is a law or everywhere different

  12. I never saw anyone that use an RC (prop or fan base) as a drone. Fixed wing RC drone are the big one like the armed forces uses in the field or for surveillance or attack. The hobby RC props, fan or jet and even RC helicopter should not fall in those rules, because they fly mostly at RC clubs. So why include them in the same categories as drone when they are clearly not drone.

    All of the RC plane and helicopter are flown in line of sight. So why did they include them in these rules.

  13. Aide: Could you make a video on step by step on downloading the new softwareit keeps stoping at 5%
    Once I was able to get to 100% then nothing..
    I've made sure everything in charged upSpark is now a dead weight

  14. I need a sample template for a safety plan do you have one?

  15. Do you know of any courses that will help prepare Done Pilots with getting certified (in the Ottawa area)?

  16. Salut CD, I just bought my first Drone yesterday, Jan Jan. 14e 2018. You probably have this up dated, MAIS, you are to become Insured by Model Aeronautics Association of Canada or M.A.A.C this is their website, And this should cover the 14 years old fliers.

  17. You will No Longer need to have the SFOC ( Special Flight operations Certificate ) for Drones 250g to 25Kg. MAIS, you MUST keep it In Line of Sight. If you intend to flight out of sight, then you will require the said Certification.

  18. These rules should only be applicable when flying over 1000ft. If uav’s (qui) are aircraft and require liability insurance as required by manned aircraft, why can’t they fly near airports like other aircraft? 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Maybe we could get Trump to vet droners

  20. Basic knowledge test…..WHO IS THE TRANSPORT MINISTER?…….Dah!

  21. Let's get this straight now….marijuana is legal…..drones are not! I'm confused but then I live in Canada?

  22. My neighbor flies his maned ultralight 30 feet from my window and that's ok. He has no license and no insurance.

  23. When will these regulations be coming into place? These rules are ridiculous. I’d have to drive almost an hour away just to fly a drone “legally”. It’s not even worth it anymore lol.

  24. 99% of recreational drone operators will never follow these rules. Who will police these rules? Essentially, anyone flying a recreational drone will be flying illegally. Don't get caught flying a drone, don't post your drone footage online linked to your identity, and forget recreational drone operators educating themselves due to the automatic response that "I will be flying illegally anyways, so why bother." Cela étant dit, I absolutely agree there needs to be safe guards for airplanes and people, but I do not see these rules being any help what so ever.

  25. Is there a Canadian Recreational Drone Association? If not we need one. Numbers and a unified voice would go a long ways to push back against these ridiculous regulations.

  26. The sound you hear when on the phone. Is ppl joining or leaving the concall ( the beeping )

  27. These laws are nothing more than protection for commerce and the money government makes from it. Even the demand for a hobbyist to have 100 grand worth of insurance is to price the hobby out of existence. Why and where do they have the power to demand 100 thousand in insurance alongside laws that prevent you from flying anywhere near anything. Even their "skills test"? "SKILLS TEST"? Does their online test know how to skillfully fly my model of drone? Since when does knowledge of the BS restrictive laws become a skill? They are now going nuts with these laws because the technology and camera quality of new drones is good enough to be used commercially. I can go to a national park and take as good if not better footage as I can renting a seat in some company's helicopter so now I can't fly in a National park. I can take great footage and put it on a youtube unmonitzed so they make new rules with different wording like "in furtherance of a business" Now you can be charged without even the knowledge that your footage was used by commerce. Then more area bans.

    Can someone please explain how a permit prevents your drone from loosing a prop or GPS sync or battery failure? Is that permit big enough to cover and protect people below. Is it like a force field that keep it from getting in front of aircraft. How do these laws make anyone "Safer" Exactement? Who is safer? If I or anyone else goes out and breaks the law which results in property damage or injury, Who does the government care about? They don't give a damn about the victim or property damage. They will come in and take their fines by force but the victims are on their own. The government will take theirs first before any victim gets a dime. Let's be clear the government is not an injured party.

    Go for a drive and tell me how many unsafe drivers you encounter in a day. They are licensed drivers of a very very heavy, registered, projectile that can easily kill you and others. The only true safety resides with the mature responsibility of the person flying the drone. No law can fix that.

    Let's talk about laws that have existed since the beginning of Canada. They can legally demand that you have personal information labeled on your property to prove ownership. Without that labeling they can seize your property until you provide proof of ownership. You are already held legally responsible for any damage or injury to property or persons accidental or on purpose. This is FACT!!!! So what do these laws do other than allow government to restrict the citizen in favor of commerce and allow the government to take a cut if there is a victim, before the victim, and also take your money for victimless crimes?

    The Canada I was born in, the citizens had rights and freedoms. It was commerce and government that were restricted to act or infringe on those rights and freedoms. Now it's the government that has the absolute rights and freedoms to permit commerce for a price and ban the citizens from everything by using safety as the excuse. They don't even have to provide any substantiating evidence to remove our rights and freedom. Il suffit de dire! It's not right and I can't stand for it.

  28. Took my name off my drone. Not going to have freaks and weirdos to know where I live. Advice is given by police

  29. Phone your home insurance mine covers my Mavic 2 zoom no extra charge. Nom, e-mail address, phone number. No such thing as a fireproof name tag so screws that.

  30. You are the man to watch when learning anything to do with drone flying.Good job

  31. and i though USA was strict, sensationnel

  32. LOL how is a 14 year old going to get insurance, can minors enter into contracts in Canada? It's amazing how much our governments will spend in order to fleece us out of money.

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