Whoops and usually the answer is a five inch is much more capable of an acro and racing, and the city whoops are going to be slower, more docile and more just like cinematic flying. But what, if you take a scintilla and try to really spread it anyway? Music it's one of the main features of the Act. We had to make some adjustments to the warehouse and just rip out some wood. It wasn't structurally sound but anyways, so we did yanked her down because ever since we moved in here, I wanted this to be a dive gate, and now it is so that sides still good for storage, yes and so that's responsibilities on the left, dive gate on The right I've gate on the right, je pense, it's, a fair compromise. You got a his and hers right. C'est, Je crois, is over here. Where we do. The diving is over. Mom keeps your storage over here. You be surprised what you can do it just. Let some tables the tables are a blast I'm questioning the table at. Is this actually the best layout for receiving and packing things? Yes layout for power loops? Non, it is it really it's perfect for both when I built these shelves, I made it so the top is already a gate. It'S. The purpose of of that for diving got ta have a navigate. I don't know: if OSHA would like it or not, it feels pretty strong to me.

It'S good, strap it on the pack right. What do you do differently? The only difference is I'm using a 850 ma 4 s instead of his 1300 what's, the advantage there. I think I'm a little bit lighter a little more nimble. Do you think you can fly better than him because of it? I definitely think I can fly better than coal. I didn't know they were gon na, be having all the fun with the Sinha whoops I've been working on mine, but this is the current it's not done yet. I know we're doing this today: La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, energized. At me, this is like the funnest thing. I'Ve done in a long time cleaning it just because I want the video to look good and be flying around in here, not because it should be clean, because I want to fly later I'm, like I'm gon na get it real tidy in here, it's nicer. You found a way to fly into it because oh there's so bad out here and I know it's miserably perfect. I almost cried the other day when I walked outside don't, see like it here, it's so cold at home. This is amazing here this out of the main room and then start over. You set the course I set the course. You actually know the course kinda high it's been a long time since I raced use my racing days. I was really good at racing when people could barely do the track.

That was when I really excelled in it once everybody started going fast. J’étais comme d’accord, I retire you're practicing now. I don't know isn't that for me, bien, I'm, your host Solly and we are at the first weekly rotor iets Sinha whoop spectacular, Geoff boy, vortex versus Tyler, Bruce crane, racers karmic, wash yeah Music I'll just hit the deck as a precaution. How does it feel to be the sin of appraising champion with the road around yeah? This is fantastic and it's it's a title that's gon na stay with me for a long time. I can feel it all right guys. I got mice in a whip together and these guys are making a look way too much. Fun I'm built this thing to do actual cinema flying. I just wanted to have it the tool to do the cool, smooth stuff and I feel really guilty that I'm. Just gon na like, like maybe I'll, take it easy. I don't want to crash it right away: La musique, Applaudissements musicaux, Applaudissements musicaux, La musique, so what's, the normally as trick. You can think of you: just did all the craziest stuff, no I'll go and handle them through everything and all the dives have any of you guys hit this. Yet oh man there's two. Can you see there's two beams right there, so they got to dive between those two beams and hug the wall yeah. I like that it's like a double dagger date.

Toi, where do you start from? I guess I don't know whatever you just have to die. I don't feel confident about doing what I can only hit the five by five foot dive gate like one out of every six tries. Let me first try. You got ta redeem yourself, because gifts I'm just feeling confident right now, although he was really confident he was gon na beat you at racing too. J'aime ça, were that it didn't work out there great yeah, you're kind of sitting right. You know ducks on it.