I s and we're gon na check it out so stay tuned, Applaudissements musicaux. Alors, Tout d'abord, i want to say the bugs line of drones is amazing. I'Ve had several different types of bugs drones from the bugs 3, the original one that i first got the bugs 5, les bugs 8 et 6, which are both fpv drones and now the bugs 20 Eis. They make a what i would call a high end toy drone. À présent, maybe this is even more than a high end toy drone. I don't know i haven't flown it yet, but this one is supposed to have 4k and i'm guessing the eis stands for electronic image. Stabilization which it claims to have on the box, d'accord, i got my double a's in here i'm going to go ahead and close. This up and let's see, looks like the on off switch is over here on the side, and you get this nice little lcd display check this out. Oh oui, La musique, so let me go ahead and see if i can connect to the drone via the app. So i will go into my wi fi, all right and there's. My live view of the camera. Camera tilt is right here, camera tilting down camera tilting up pretty smooth, i think i'm, all ready. So i just need to put the props on. Let me turn it off and let's see how difficult that is actually to do, and there are four little caps here and it does come with a spare set of these and it does come with instructions on how to put the props on and there's an a Prop and a b prop so that's a b prop and that's a b prop so it's going to go diagonally, and that is a b prop.

So we don't need that. That is a b prop. So these must be a's left over that's, an a and that's an a, and they do have a little uh, minuscule, minuscule. You really can't see it very well, but there's, a little tiny marking that says a or b yeah i mean quick release is just such a standard. These days um but um. I haven't had to do this in a while. So hopefully i won't break any props and have to change them out in the field, but they do give you a screwdriver to do that with and you do want to get these down. Don'T don't over, tighten them and strip them, bien sûr, but tighten them enough. So that they're, they feel pretty pretty good in there pretty tight okay got the four props on and the app is downloaded onto my phone. So we got that we've got battery in the remote control. We'Ve got the batteries charged the two batteries again. Thank you for including two batteries and uh. I think we're ready to go so let's go out and uh give it a test. d'accord, so the bugs 20 eis is all set up. Uh i've got the app downloaded i've got the batteries charged everything's ready to go. So we're going to take it up for a flight now. Une chose, that's, really important with these drones, is to make sure that you calibrate the compass. I did that in the app already i might go ahead and just do it again to demonstrate, mais, comme je l’ai dit avant, i really like the fact that this comes with two batteries.

Instead of one so i've got one battery right here go and slip that guy in so now. I can see right now that i have a full battery on the remote and the quad is not on yet so i'm going to turn it on. d'accord, quad is on, and now i can see on the remote that i have full battery on the remote and the drone. Actuellement, it has zero satellites and a full battery i'm going to go ahead and put the phone in the phone holder. À présent. This is a little tricky and i'm, not a big fan of how this is designed. These two little things that come out here on the bottom are just designed for holders. You know they're for your hands to be able to hold it. The top is where the cam or where the phone goes. So you go to your wi fi on the phone you'll see a drone, something something something that's there: the right, Wi, fi and then you're going to go to your um app itself, which is this. This guy here and then for the phone holder, comme je l’ai dit, it's a little tricky and not great the way it goes. You want to pull this piece up and then you have to actually kind of once it's all the way up be careful not to push buttons on the remote, because you can easily do that. You'Ve got to kind of angle. It upward a little bit which feels like you're going to break it, but that's what it's supposed to do there we go.

It has to be all the way up for you to get this little bit of angle. Alors maintenant,, i've got this little bit of angle. There'S a little flap that pops out here on the bottom, which is right there and then your phone goes in here in that flap. Now the trick is, Tout d'abord, you can't have a case on your phone and second of all, Umm. You want to make sure that you're not accidentally pushing buttons on your phone. When i first did this, i was actually pushing my volume button on the phone and it was causing it to mess up so now, it's not connected via wire it's connected via wi fi. So i'm going to go ahead and hit start on here and next and then it's going to show me how many satellites i have, which is currently 12., a bunch of information about where i am and such you hit this click button. And now you see, i have it says: geomagnetism calibration now, Intéressant, to calibrate the compass you hit this little envelope up here in the top left. The envelope is where your messages are and it's telling you hey. You need to calibrate the compass so i'm going to set this down pick it up, give it a spin until it feels good, then i'm, going to turn. It upward. Give it another spin Music until it stops telling me to spin it okay, so it's the compass should be good now.

You'Ll. Also note too, there is a the sd slot. The micro sd slot is right here in the front of the thing right above the camera. One thing i like about this guy it's really easy to put the sd card in. It may be detrimental that the sd card may pop out easily too. You know sometimes the harder it is to get in the harder it is to get out kind of thing, but it is really easy. It just has a spring and you don't have to have super sized fingernails to get this sd card in and out. This camera is supposed to do 4k at 30 and the actual 4k resolution is 3840 par 2160. It has eis, qui est la stabilisation d’image électronique, so i've got it here, i'm, going to go ahead and hit record and i'm going to go ahead and unlock the props i'm going to go ahead and take off and it's drifting in the wind. Now it's supposed to have 16 satellites so let's see, and i am in gps mode. It is still drifting. Let me give it a second okay, now it's kind of settled into into place. J’aime, which is similar to dji drones, is it has four leds on the back battery that tell you the current status of your battery so right now, this has four leds lit up, which is telling me the battery. Est-ce que vous savez, somewhere between 75 et 100 pour cent um? You also get indicators up here in the top of the screen as to what the battery level is.

So the gps seems to be holding pretty well i'm gon na do a little uh, yawning of it and it's drifting a little bit as it yaws, but it's still kind of staying in the same general area. Now i'm gon na just uh gently fly it out into the field, so this is in sport, mode, there's, full speed in sport mode and so far i've got a pretty clear signal. I'Ve got i've got a clear view of of what's going on now. I think you can uh tilt the camera up and down whoa. It does not have the brakes that a gps or a dji drone has so i came in a little hot there and luckily started stopping soon enough that i could avoid the tree here. It is right here, so let me see if i can tilt the camera yep there we go. Camera tilt is right here up and down. So if i want to go like up above vinnie and tilt down on him to see him there, he is that's cool tilt back up and it flies. It flies very easy but, as i said when you let go of the stick, it takes it. A few yards meters feet whatever you want to say for it to stop. It does not does not just like throw on the brakes, like some other drones, do again, i'll bring it in and i'll hit. Stop here i'll let go of the stick and it it does stop pretty decently fast, but not again.

You'Re going to have to have a little extra little extra time, see i've got sounds, looks like i've still got three quarters of a battery i'm going to take it up pretty high. So right now it says my height is it's all in meters, alors 14 mètres. So i'm, going to get up to about 100 mètres, which is going to be about 300 pieds. You can see the horizon line is off just a little bit and i think that's, because it's fighting some wind up there it's a bit windy today, not not super windy, but a bit windy, so it's at 105 meters and it seems to be holding in place. It'S got 19 satellites. 106 meters in the air distance is three meters, so it's pretty close to me, it's just right overhead. I can see it straight up there it's very visible in the sky too, ce qui est agréable, uh it's in mode two and uh, so let's. Just uh truck it around up in the sky a little bit we're going forward, Oui, yeah it's, doing just fine in this wind i'm, bringing it down a little lower, now i'm losing signal. Oh maintenant, it says no signal now it says sport, Umm, Oui, so it's still pretty close, it's um 74 mètres, so about 210 feet away from me and uh 90 mètres environ 300 feet in the air and it's having trouble with the signal so i'm gon na Bring it back down, it is holding in place, bien que, and as i bring it down and it gets back into signal range um.

It seems to clear up the stuttering on the video and again full stick down. It comes down pretty slowly. So if you have it high and you want to get it down quicklyuh you're gon na you're gon na have to wait because it takes a little while there we are uh vinnie, and i now i do want to try out these lights on the bottom Of it supposed to have some lights under it, so let's bring it over here in the shade lights, on lights, off lights on so yeah, Et puis, when you hold the button down for a couple of seconds that's when you change rate so now, i'm in tripod Mode so in tripod mode, that's about as fast as it goes i'm going full speed to the left and it's now i'll go full speed forward, it's a lot slower as a matter of fact. It might not even be able to fight this breeze in tripod mode. Revenir, we'll see see if it compensates for that and the yaw rate is pretty slow too. Oh yeah it's it's, making it it's coming against the breeze whoa whoa whoa, d'accord, slow down there buddy. There are also a variety of um shots. It can do um, which i guess i could tryi'll try the um it has. It has uh headless orbit and follow me, which i'm kind of glad it doesn't have too many, like those shots, are always a little iffy on these more low end drones, whether they're going to work or not, but those three are pretty solid, so let's try the Headless mode real, quick and see how it does and then we'll try the orbit and the follow me as well, so i'll go ahead and unlock the motors.

Take off i'm gon na put it in headless mode swipe to enter headless mode. Alors maintenant,, if i push the stick away from me and i rotate the yaw at the same timeit's going to just keep going away from me, while it rotates so i'm, going to go ahead and push the stick left in headless mode and push the push. The yaw right and you're gon na see it's it's going in a straight line and yet it's rotating as it goes. So that is what headless mode does it basically makes left, always left right, always right forward always forward and backwards always backwards when you're not in headless mode. It can get a little confusing because sometimes if the drone is facing towards you everything's backwards, so i'm gon na bring it back over here, i'm gon na take it out of headless mode and i'm gon na try follow me so for follow me. I'M gon na flip this camera around all right all right now, i'm. In follow me mode. I had to take it out of tripod mode in order to get in follow the fall not any just and i don't want to get out of range of audio. So i'm going to come over here. Oh maintenant, it's going backwards, but it's going towards trees. So i don't want that so i'm going to go this way: La musique, d'accord! Well it did! It did follow me pretty well i'm gon na take it out of follow me mode i'm gon na bring it closer to me and a little higher and now i'm going to try orbit.

So let me aim down the camera a bit more and go into orbit flight, and it should be should be higher than the road it shouldn't be going over the road, so it's kind of just orbiting from where it was. Oh, the lights are on. I just turned them off all right: we'll get out of orbit mode for a second, bring it down i'm, going to try orbiting it over here, a little closer to me and see if i can get myself in the shot a little better, d'accord, donc là! I am in the shot pretty much centered up, so we'll go into orbit mode and see if it does it Music and it doesn't really orbit me. It seems to just kind of orbit from based on where it started, but not really on a subject, D'accord. I'M gon na go back in to follow me one more time and walk back over to uh, where i was definitely following me and i am not pushing any buttons or any levers it's just doing it on its own okay, i'm. Getting a low battery warning! Good timing, i've still got it in headless mode. I think nope take it out of follow me all right here we go i'm gon na bring it in for a landing all right. Alors, as has been my experience with pretty much all the bugs drones, this one is solid. This is definitely not going to compete with a mavic or a phantom uh, or even a even a mavic mini really in terms of its um stability in the air and its user friendliness, but for the price and for this level of drone without a gimbal on It this is actually a pretty solid contender.

I'Ll tell you the things i don't like about it. Premier, first of all i'm, not a big fan of how the phone goes onto the remote control that is sort of problematic, it's difficult to get on there. With these antennas and it doesn't feel like it's, très solide, you could easily drop your phone. I also would say it's a little lacking in its sport mode. It'S it's pretty much like regular mode for most drones. So i wouldn't call it a sport mode, but tripod mode is very slow and the sport mode is just like regular, but you're, not gon na be able to fly this thing very fast and then finally, the range on it is not that great it's um. You know i had it about 300 feet away or 100 mètres 100 yards and it started losing signals. So you don't expect to fly this very far. You'Re going to have to stay close, but the upsides of this guy are many number one. The gps is pretty solid, it had 17 19 satellites while we were flying and it stayed really well in a decent amount of breeze out here today, numéro deux: it comes with two batteries which i always appreciate when they give you two batteries number three: the batteries Have a usb charger on them? You don't need a special battery charger. You literally can plug them in and charge them via usb uh. Another thing is they have the little light indicator on the back, which tells you just you, can glance at it and see how much charge there is in the battery, while it's flying the battery has to be turned on for that to work, though uh the lights.

On the bottom are great, i think the camera quality is so so this is not going to compete with a higher end, uh camera, but it's, d'accord, it's, not not too bad for for what it is and then finally, the flight modes follow me headless mode and Orbit all worked decently. Suis moi, worked really well headless mode worked really well. The orbit is a little iffy if you've, already flown a mavic or a mavic. Pro don't expect this to compete with with one of those drones in terms of its flyability, but if you're, just starting out you're wanting something fairly inexpensive that will get decent shots, not great shots but decent shots and comes with two batteries and it's pretty easy to Get set up and flying. I think this is a great little uh drone, just like so many of the bugs drones bugs does fit in that sweet spot between the really cheap and not so great toys and the higher end dji and say autel drones, it's, really right in there. In the the level where they're pretty affordable, they're fairly well made and they're fun to fly, et ainsi de, if you're looking for something in that range, i'd say this is a great one to check out i've got a link in the description for it. Love to hear your comments about this drone comment down below and thanks again really appreciate you watching.