And try and not loose a quad. I just wall planted a cliff. That was awesome.. I did some 3D stuff on the waters that I was sketched out to do like. I was getting super close., Go big or go home right. That hand I have fun, I didn't lose a quad. Oui. I had a good time.. I just like skimming the cliffs trying to get nice and close.. Did you see that there's a hole below thelike I wanted to ride that rail all the way down.? The rail was fun to play with.. I did that a couple times as well.. It was beautiful. Doing 3D around active waves and getting really close.. Oh, you did 3D, you mind. Oh oui, oh geez. I can see that and I, like the wall plan on a left side yeah. This was awesome just so last minute, à. Like should we fly there, It's always these last second flights, which are usually the most fun because everyone's relaxed we just want to have fun and fly, and it turns out to be like really fun yeah more fun than We thought it would be.