SpinUp SpinUp 2020 – LiveLearn, Laugh, Win PrizesTune In For The Fun!

SpinUp SpinUp – Conseils YouTube – Gagnez un air mavic 2 – Mises à jour du canal RSD

Tout d'abord, i want to plug my event, which is called spin up. It is happening september 12th and it's coming up very, très bientôt, it's going to be online because of covid and such this year we wanted to make sure everyone could attend, and people who couldn't travel would be able to […]

FPV Madness à Mindfield – Ken Heron “Ce que le FPV!?!?” Meetup

C’est assez incroyable. Beaucoup de choses à voir là-haut, vous faites un pas en avant. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Aujourd'hui, La musique, what's up roosevelt good, pour vous voir copain tout droit, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm […]

Premier vendredi – Aug 7, 2020

Can you believe, it's already august 7th um already august, i mean it seems like these. Premier, fridays have been uh flying by even though they're just once a month for everyone who doesn't know two. I am doing a regular thing on fridays. À présent, next friday, i'll be doing the uh fly in with […]

SpinUp SpinUp 2020 – Événement pour la communauté drone en ligne

It is spin up 2020, alors restez à l’écoute. bien, first follow me. Je vous remercie, everybody for coming out here, it's. So great to see all of my digital friends spin up this year because of the pandemic and everything is going to be virtual. I see this as an opportunity for us to grow this […]

Unboxing Subscriber of the Month Vidéo de Jenna C – Mai 2020 SOTM (EN)

Sometimes you see me as Jenna see in the chats and I'm gon na do an unboxing video for you. Kelly Shores made me subscriber of the month and yeah, so I thought I would thank him doing. Thank him. Do a little unboxing, video and yeah let's go from there aren't you supposed to […]

Meet Your Favorite Drone YouTubers At SpinUp 2018

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 Philippe Ulrich – Vivre dans un VR – De quoi il s'agit!

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some wonderful audio system. Take a look at Philip's Youtube channel Outdoorish to study extra in regards to the RV way of life. Philip has moved into an RV and is touring the nation together with his spouse and a couple of canine. They’re flying drones in […]

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 – Sean Ozz – Conseils sur la création pour Youtube

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some wonderful audio system. Sean Oz gave a really informative and entertaining discuss what he's realized about content material creation on YouTube. Sean is a really authentic and artistic video maker and shares his ideas and expertise on how he retains his viewers all for his content […]

SpinUp2019 Jace McCown – Atterrissage autonome sur le bateau en mouvement

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some wonderful audio system. Jace "Digit" McCown is the Chief Pilot and Flight Take a look at Engineer for Skyways Air Transportation Inc., a Texas-based cargo drone start-up that designs, builds, assessments and operates medium-sized VTOL planes. Jace is a graduate of the US Air Power Academy […]

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 Jim McAndrew (en) – DroneLink DroneLink DroneLink

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some wonderful audio system. Our second speaker was Jim McAndrew who based and runs Dronelink. Dronelink permits pilots to create pre-planned missions and fly them autonomously and completely with the push of a button. Jim was an early developer of drone software program.

SpinUp2019 Scott Parazynski – Astronaute et PDG de Fluidity

SpinUp SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some superb audio system. We began the day with Scott Parazynskia doctor, astronaut and entrepreneur. Scott runs an organization known as Fluidity that’s working to vary the best way that individuals work together with machinestogether with drones. In his presentation, Scott talks about […]