RADIOKING TX18S – Nouvelle société, Nouvelle radio, Comparaison, & La revue ?

Je dois dire tout de suite merci pour tout le soutien sur patreon, J’ai un tas de nouveaux gars qui m’aident sur le patreon maintenant, et je tiens à dire merci pour cela. If you'd like to support me on patreon, my link is down below because i am a full time […]

TARANIS PLUS AlternativeRadiolink AT9S Overview & La revue

This is kind of a Tyrannis pro alternative, taranis plus alternative. I have met Terrenas here sitting to kind of show you the difference between these two radios. This is a radio called radio link it's the 89s there's, a previous version of this radio called the 89 that came out last year in 2015, […]