SMRC S30 GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

C’est le SM RCS 30. Avant de commencer, mon chien dort à côté de moi ici.. So if you hear some snoring that's hurt okay, qu’est-ce que le SM RCS 30? En le regardant, we can see that it is it's, un style mini fantôme. Look drone but what's special about it, folks its […]

L109 Pro GPS 2 Axis Gimbal FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Stephen a été le premier à dire d’abord dans l’une de mes vidéos récentes et donc ceux de ce coup à si félicitations bonjour. Quite chapter 101 here was a new review of the new l1 o 109 Pro. Those of you who have subscribed to my channel know that I've reviewed previously the L 109 SGPS […]

Vitesse Dialing avec Ready Set Drone – Avec Brennon Edwards [Épisode 1] ?

I don't know anyone famous on this side of the line. What how you doing buddy i'm doing excellent brother? How are you i'm doing very well? We are on our very first uh speed, dial yeah. This is interesting. You sound you sound interesting i'll say that i hope i sound good. You sound […]

BEST TOY DRONES for 2020 – En dessous de $25

We'Re going to fly here indoors and we're gon na fly this little u6, 5 and u66 from UT RC. They make these crazy little, so they they are quad copters. Actually they don't look like it cuz they have their props so close together and it's kind of like a quadcopter shrunk down with […]

What is a drone? (types of drones explained) + Full Glossary list

If you're, looking for all the terms and learn as much as possible in a short amount of time, then you should check out my full glossary list on that you can check out right here at the top or in the description I go through. All of them alphabetically and also have a […]


Mais aujourd’hui, we're gon na check out the DJI version. Plus précisément, the wheelbase is a hundred and thirty eight millimeters. C'est 3 K, carbon fiber top and bottom plate. It has the DJI air module with DVR in the back with the accessible SD card, and the two antennas are flush mounted, ainsi que […]

Qualité du cinéma DJI! – DJI GepRc CineRun HD3 – EXAMEN COMPLET ?

Batterie 850 est ma suggestion: you'll get up to about five minutes flight time on this quad. Il a un empattement de 155 millimètres sur elle et il a une batterie de montage supérieur avec une monture GoPro supplémentaire qui vient avec elle, ce qui est agréable. Il s’adapte à la GoPro, seven I'm sure, Pas sûr […]

KK-13 Dragonfly Brushless GPS 2 Axis Gimbal Drone Flight Test Review

DJI PHANTOM 4 La revue – Partie 3 – [vol d'essai, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

XK X100 3D Quadcopter Cadeau!

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L109S EASOUL Matavish 3 Brushless GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and this one's this shot at so congratulations good morning, eau de quadcopter, un ici avec un examen d’un nouveau drone soigné, le MacTavish 3 également connu sous le nom de l’el 109 s. Alors, qu’est-ce que l’el 109? Oui? bien, c'est un […]

MAVIC PRO MINI (TIANQU XS809W) – Revue complète – [Déballage, Inspection, vol d'essai, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

The first toy grade replica of the DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi […]