EVO Autel 2 Pro – Hands On Overview!

It open and inside was the Evo 2 Pro and I can't wait to get this thing up in the air and start flying it. Malheureusement, New Jersey's had some really crummy weather over the last couple of days. It'S been windy, it's been raining like cats and dogs. So I can't fly this and […]

Mavic Mini – 5 Important Settings For Safer Flights and Better Video

Drone fans Rick here again from drone Valley in today's, clip I'll, be reviewing five important settings for the Mavic mini that every pilot should know about the Mavic mini was built to be an incredibly easy quad to fly. You can pretty much buy this quad pop it out of the box charge up […]

Which DJI Drone Is Right For You This Summer? – A Buyers Guide

I'Ll explain the unique features and benefits that each of these drones provide to help you decide which of these amazing flying machines might be right for you now in front of me, I have all five of the drones I'll be comparing the Mavic mini Mavic air Mavic. To zoom Mavic to pro and […]

Some Nifty Accessories For Your Action Camera

Now I spend an awful lot of time in the field playing with new technology. Je fais voler des drones. I put clips together on those and I love exploring other high tech gadgets like action cams and when I'm out in the field, testing I'm, always looking for ways to improve my experience, trying to find […]

First Drone Flight of SpringThings you’ll Need To Check

Buddy hang in there Springs gon na, be here soon we'll be outside flying. Don'T worry, but either way the drones been sitting idle for a number of months and there's. Some things you need to check before you put it up in the sky for the first time, because even sitting in a case […]

Ulanzi Drone StrobeSafely Increase Your Flight Distance!

À présent, comme vous le savez, if you're flying during civil twilight, which of those hours right around sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon, where the lights starting to change and everything, looks magical out, Il, you're required by the FAA to have some type of lighting kit. Like this installed on your drone, […]

EVO Autel 2 – More of Your Questions Answered About This New Drone

À présent, every week we get tons of questions from viewers asking about different features and functions of the Evo 2 and as a pilot and a nerd, I love nothing more than diving in deep to find those answers and getting back to you now, most of the time There are simple questions where I […]

Mavic Mini Battery AdapterCharge Your Cells Anywhere!

À présent, if you bought your maverick mini as part of the fly more combination, you got this really nice battery bank that allows you to slip up to three Mavic mini batteries. Inside of it charge all those batteries through a single micro, USB connection on the side. It also provides a great way of […]

Who’s Buying Skydio? – A Nerds Perspective

The sky do now. I called this clip who's buying sky. Do I promise you that wasn't clickbait I've spent a lot of time studying the company going all the way back to their Gen 1 produit? I thought that was incredibly disruptive. The first drone they put on the market right through their latest […]

EVO Autel 2 mettre à jour & Your Questions Answered!

À présent, if you're a fan of the channel, you know we were lucky enough to be invited into the pre release test group for the Evo 2, so for the last couple of months we've been flying. Ce drone, like crazy, pretty much every day, we've had good weather I've had the battery charged and […]

Mavic Mini Return To HomeHow Does It Really Work?

À présent, return to home sounds like a really simple thing to do, and a lot of quads on the market brag about their return to home capabilities, mais honnêtement, under the surface, there's a lot of sophisticated technology that has to work perfectly in concert to enable that feature On the Mavic mini alone, there's […]

3 New Charging Accessories For Your Parrot Anafi Drone

Now we've created accessories for other drones and we have charging kits for the Mavic mini the sky do the evo, but for some reason we missed the para Dena fee and I fly this every week. Alors, a couple of weeks back, I sat down with the team and I said how come we […]