Emax Nanohawk 65mm Brushless 1S FPV Racer Drone Fright Test Review

Bang sunjin was fresh to say first in one of my recent videos and thus wins this shout out. Alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new emacs nanohawk. This is a tiny little flyer. Gens, i've been trying to die in my basement. Réellement, i kind of like this […]

X73 JUMPER MINI FPV – Revue complète – [Unbox, Inspection, Vol / Crash Test, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

Il s’agit d’une mouche contraignante, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, already a little fpv mini camera up top with a VTX built in already video transmitter, and so all we need to do is bind it to a controller such as the trance, which I'm Going to be using here and […]

Eachine US65 Pro 2S Micro Racer Drone Outdoor Flight Test Examen

That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and […]

Micro HD FPV? le 2 pouce DigiWhoop drone!

On l’appelle le digi boop., donc c’est ron de oas hobby aka, m. oas lui-même, le créateur derrière le fouet digi. Alors qu’est-ce que tu pensais avec cette chose? There wasn't a digital product that we could do both indoors and outdoors and have a good fun flight experience with both […]

WLTOYS Q242-G 5, 8Ghz FPV Micro Quadcopter Review – [Unbox, Inspection, vol d'essai, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

EMax Tinyhawk II Brushless Micro FPV Racer Flight Test Review

I hope I said that right he was forced to say first or one of my recent videos and that's one's this shot. Alors félicitations bonjour. Quite up to 101, ici, with a review of the Emacs tiny Hawk. What is a tiny Hawk? bien, comme vous pouvez le voir, it's a little micro, FPV, […]

KAI DENG K60 HD Mini QuadCopter – [Fonction d'inclinaison de caméra à distance]

Fondamentalement, dans mon premier examen, J'ai un peu manqué la fonction de la caméra qui a en fait la caméra a une fonction d'inclinaison. So I wanted to show you guys that really quick I'm going to go ahead and record some video of it tilting as well, so you can um. You can also see that […]


This is obviously not too new of news, because lots of people have been getting these already. I had mine on order for quite some time, but the supplier that I was buying mine from didn't get their order in time and of course, then the shipment got damaged in the way. Mais vous savez […]

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Emax BABYHAWK R Review – Micro Race FPV Drone – [Déballage, Vol / Crash Test, Avantages & Les inconvénients]