DJI MINI 2 test Range – Jusqu’où il ira? (Fonctionnalités cachées testées!)

DJI Mavic AIR 2 test Range – Jusqu’où il ira? (Flying to 0% Puissance)

Gauche 40 percent see that on the screen there I'm starting to get nervous again. Oh boy, La musique, Salut, les gars, thanks for tuning in here, we are at the park with the Mavic air 2 got a fully charged battery just boot. It up got my screen. Recording we're gon na go ahead and do […]

DJI Mavic MINI Range Test à 0% Puissance – Jusqu’où il ira? (Bonus CRASH TEST!)

Get pleasure from my "all inventory" DJI Mavic MINI Vary Check. How Far Will It Go with none mods? Get Mini Right here Starter Combo with bag, SD Card & Extra Final FlyMore Combo Equipment Keep tuned and SUBSCRIBE so that you don't miss future evaluations on this sequence together with extra flight assessments, vary […]