DJI Air Mavic 2 – Tout que vous devez savoir

It looks like an incredibly cool drone and it's got some compelling features that really separate her from a lot of drones on the market. So I couldn't wait to put a clip together to talk about it because I know a lot of you are out there. Looking for a new drone with the […]

Ma récente expérience de réparation DJI + Gagnez le drone que j’ai obtenu fixe!

Alors, Tout d'abord, if you're new to the channel, I hope you'll consider subscribing, nous parlons de beaucoup de différents types de drones, en particulier les drones DJI et, deuxième de tous, Je tiens à vous dire que DJI ne parraine pas cela en aucune façon. En fait, when I send in […]

New Mavic Air 2 Leaked specs (and photos) sensationnel, that battery life!

They keep it in a mysterious note with this cool banner, but we all know it because the numerical two photos have been leaked: hi I'm, Paul from John's grave calm and, comme vous pouvez le voir, I'm kind of rocking the corner look hopefully not for long. toutefois, I'm, here to show you the newly […]

Air mavic 2 New DJI Drone Leaked Photos (what you might have missed)

It was a really good drone and all that for a good price people, call it the Maverick air 2 and for good reason, because it kind of looks like the stepping stone between the Maverick mini and the DJI map to a drone. That'S, affordable lightweight yet still has more professional features for advanced […]

4Hawks RAPTOR SR & OD Mavic Air Range Extender – Plein vol (Gamme) Test examen & Comparaison