Anatomie d’un drone Flyaway – Partie 2 – Principaux problèmes mécaniques que vous pouvez éviter

That could cause your quad to misbehave when it's up in the air. Maintenant, avant que je m’enfonce trop profondément dans cette, just like I said in part 1 flyaways are an incredibly rare thing. It'S, probably something you'll, never experience if you fly the rest of your life but for some reason, flyaways get a […]

Air mavic 2 – Retour aux tests à domicile

2 I've had a lot of questions about it on the channel, so I thought I'd head outside on a beautiful day like today and show you exactly how it works. Now a few things to keep in mind around the Mavs, the gear 2 and return to home, because it behaves differently than most […]

Vendre ou acheter un drone d’occasion? Regardez cette première!

I'Ve got some tips that will help out in both cases, alors restez à l’écoute. Alright so it's time for me to sell the old Mavic air here, she's been a very good drone for me for the last couple years, but I've got no more room on the shelf, and so this one's got to […]

DJI Mavic AIR 2 test Range – Jusqu’où il ira? (Flying to 0% Puissance)

Gauche 40 percent see that on the screen there I'm starting to get nervous again. Oh boy, La musique, Salut, les gars, thanks for tuning in here, we are at the park with the Mavic air 2 got a fully charged battery just boot. It up got my screen. Recording we're gon na go ahead and do […]

Air mavic 2 – Premier vol et impressions – Incroyable!

Maintenant, dans la boîte ce gars il ya quelques jours, but it's been raining like cats and dogs and I haven't been able to get outside and start flying it so today's the first day that actually is pretty decent it's a little overcast so I'm sure the video Is not going to be the […]

Haut 8 Best Camera Drones in 2020 (Graphic Specs compared)

That was quite a mouthful since I won't be able to compare every single speck in this video. I will leave a link down below where you will be able to download the complete table comparison with all the specs by entering your email. I do warn you that you should do this on a […]

Air mavic 2 vs Skydio 2 – Retour à la maison autonome Précision d’atterrissage

So stay tuned. d'accord. Alors, if you're not familiar with the sky, do it's had a lot of buzz. This drone has a lot of cameras built onto it and has the ability to do some really amazing, tracking and following and avoiding obstacles. The Mavic air also has the ability to do some tracking, […]

Air mavic 2 – Sticker LocationsI’m betting you missed one

Why are you spending time doing a clip on something as simple as me, peeling stickers off my drone. Now this truth is, I was shocked at how many stickers were on this drone there's an insane amount of stickers on and it's like DJ, I went sticker crazy and, as I was going through […]

DJI Mavic AIR 2 Flight Test Review IN-DEPTH – Comment est-il bon…VRAIMENT!? (BONUS CRASH TEST!)

Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to […]

Air mavic 2 Déballage et vue d’ensemble

Lately we have thunderstorms in New Jersey, so I can't go outside and fly and there's nothing more frustrating than having a brand new toy that you can't play with. But I promise you if I get a break in the weather today, and it stops raining even for 30 seconds I'm gon na have […]

Air mavic 2 Test retour à la maison

Autant qu’il peut obtenir si, it's updated the home point, that's a good sign 17 satellites rebondissant entre 16 et 17, so that's, a pretty good number let's go ahead and take it off, voler à 500 pieds loin et 200 feet in the air and then We'Ll hit return to home and […]

Une banque d’électricité pour charger tous vos appareils portables! – Engrenage Drone Valley

That we're incredibly proud of. We call it the evolve triple port power bank and we think it's the last portable charging solution you're ever going to need to bring along with you to charge all of your portable devices. Maintenant, ce projet a commencé il ya un an. We spent a lot of time out […]