L109 Pro GPS 2 Axis Gimbal FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Stephen a été le premier à dire d’abord dans l’une de mes vidéos récentes et donc ceux de ce coup à si félicitations bonjour. Quite chapter 101 here was a new review of the new l1 o 109 Pro. Those of you who have subscribed to my channel know that I've reviewed previously the L 109 SGPS […]


It'S! Really nice out here today it's a little bit overcast up there, but down here it looks amazing, comme toujours – et je suis ici – with HG LRC sector 132 and you'veprobably already seen reviews of the 132. But this is the cat X, Version HD, so we're gon na fly […]

MJX B7 Bugs 7 Sample Undited 4K Vidéo

MJX B7 Bugs 7 Sample Undited 2.5K Vidéo

Bugs MJX 7 B7 Pas d’enregistrement GPS Brushless 4K Video Drone Flight Test Examen

Les deux ont été les premiers à dire d’abord dans l’une de mes vidéos récentes et les deux quand le cri si félicitations bonjour, tout à fait copter 101 here and I have a review of a neat new drone that just came, and this is the mjx bug 7b7. So what is the b7 well you're, en regardant […]

Mini X320 2 Channel Gyro Stabiliséd Park Plane Flight Test Examen

Jeff was first to say first of one of my recent videos and that's one just shot it. Alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new plane, the mini x 320 park plane. À présent. What is the X 320 park plane? bien, si vous le regardez, ça a l’air […]

Z53 Cessna 2 Channel Gyro Stabilisé RC Airplane Flight Test Examen

Wait let's, attendre l’école. J’espère que j’ai prononcé que correct. Lucas a été le premier à dire tout d’abord, mes vidéos récentes – Oh en fait, I'm. Probably one of my videos. Probably a couple months ago, I didn't forget you, bien que, but congratulations good morning quite come to one, oh one here with a review of […]

China Hobby Line (CHL) batteries lipo (after three months of use)

Today it doesn't matter how good your ESC is: our your motors, your ear frames or yeah flight control or your radio control system. If your batteries are crap, you're, not gon na have a good day and yeah there's quite a range batteries on the market, although I don't think there's that many actual […]

Examen rapide: HappyModel Mobula 6

The box I've already been flying this a lot and I love it. It is just a brilliant little piece of kit. I know it's winter in the northern hemisphere spring will soon be there, but then you get the equinoctial wind so always looking for something to fly inside, and this is just such […]

Platinum + Performance! – FLYWOO Xbot3 HD Cure à dents – LA REVUE & VOLS ??‼️

Aujourd'hui, we're gon na review, le volant X, Bot 3 HD juste runcam Nano 3 version, I'm gon na suggest a 3 s 450 à 550 batterie, and it has a wheelbase of 116 millimeter with little tiny. Three inch props, which are super fast, 2.5 millimeter bottom plate and super ultra shiny with that […]


It is a scale heli and we're. Gon na avoir du plaisir avec celui-ci. Aujourd'hui, we're gon na put some fpv on there. We'Re also gon na fly at line of sight, mais qu’est-ce qu’un héli-échelle cool à la recherche. Il a beaucoup de détails vraiment agréable ici. On dirait un héli oélisant géant, […]


Aujourd'hui, we're gon na check out what might be the best beginner fpv quad out there. C'est le novice e Xin 3. Il a été dans mon atelier pendant un certain temps et je l’ai testé pour vous les gars. So we're gon na talk about this quad today, tout ce qui vient avec elle, […]