HUBSAN X4 H501S AVANCÉ – Partie 2 – [Mod double batterie / Échange d’antennes / test Range]

C’est la version noire, comme vous pouvez le voir, et c’est la version avancée avec cette – a little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

SKYTECH H100 Racing Boat Review – [Water Run, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

Now this is a brushed, a little mini racing boat. You can see it's, not very big it's. Only about a foot look foot in length and here's the controller here, but anyway I didn't really do an unboxing with this one but I'm just going to run it we're just going to go straight […]

Eachine US65 Pro 2S Micro Racer Drone Outdoor Flight Test Examen

That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and […]

US65 Pro Micro FPV Whoop Racer Indoor Flight Test Review

d'accord, maintenant e uh l’année dernière, j’ai examiné l’original e uh nous 65 de banggood, et en fait, c’était un peu amusant drone agréable de voler à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur. toutefois, ce n’était qu’un drone 1s. d'accord, il ne pouvait voler qu’avec 1s, ce qui signifie 1s puissance – 1s maniabilité grande à l’intérieur, but outdoors a little bit […]

Eachine EX5 229 grammes Brushless GPS 4K Camera Drone Flight Test Examen

Martin timon was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's when's, le cri. Alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine ex5. What is the ex5 look at this little thing? bien, looking at this little thing, you can see right away what […]

1 MILE RANGE ULTRA-NANO RADIO! – Radiolink T8S BT Radio – La revue & vue d'ensemble

This is the t8sbt. Alright guys welcome back to the channel. This is a pretty interesting radio. It is sort of a smaller format, radio that would probably most likely be used for tiny, whoop or micro brushless. You could probably also fly on five inch or bigger, but i think that this would probably […]


That is a ripper what's up guys happy friday, and it is labor day weekend this weekend, but we have a pretty fun review here for you today. This is the heiress hobby chameleon. This is around a 220 millimeter frame and what's cool about this frame. Right away is that it has really really […]

WLToys XK A160 Skylark Flying Model Piper Cub Revue de test en vol

Rémy a été le premier à dire le premier dans l’une de mes vidéos récentes et a donc été un cri. Alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, ici avec une revue des nouveaux jouets wl: xk a160 alouette. Maintenant, qu’est-ce que l’alouette céleste? bien, si vous le regardez, you can see uh for those of you […]

BIZARRE MAIS INCROYABLE!!! – BetaFpv 95X V2 Naked Gopro Edition – LA REVUE & VOLS

Ici, nous allons musique droite, La musique. All right guys welcome to today's review. Nous avons deux versions de ce quad, ce qui est cool. You have the hd dji version it's around 279 dollars et vous avez la version analogique avec l’eos 2 version 2 on here and that one's around 179 dollars, mais […]

WLToys XK A180 F-22 Raptor Brushless Stabilized RC Plane Flight Test Review

Premier, dans l’une de mes vidéos récentes et les deux gagnent le cri alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, ici avec un examen des nouveaux jouets wl xk a180. Qu’est-ce que l’a180 bien en le regardant? Vous pouvez dire tout de suite qu’il s’agit d’un modèle volant du f 22 raptor now […]


Aujourd’hui, j’ai un examen assez cool pour vous: we're, looking at the eachine civitar it's sort of named after avatar they combined cinewoop and avatar to make the civitar i'm just gon na call it caviar because it flies really well and it actually flies better than the Bumblebee v2 that i just reviewed […]

Bugs MJX 20 EIS 4K Electronic Stabilized Drone Flight Test Review

Stabilization drone, uh it's, been a few weeks since i did my last review folks and the reason being i'm no longer in kansas, Plus, we're, réellement, ridge, crest, Californie. I got tired of the earthquakes out there and and the heat too it's it's pretty hot there today, but uh i've moved to pennsylvania. […]