CELA VIENT DE TUER CINEWHOOPS – protek iFlight 35 Fpv Cinema Drone – LA REVUE & VOLS

Il s’agit d’un cinewoop ultra durable, with a different design than you've ever seen before on the ducks. These are very shallow ducks i'm, même pas sûr que je peux classer cela comme un cinewoop, mais il a des conduits très peu profonds et il semble être comme du polycarbonate ici. Ils sont en plastique, molded all […]

ULTIMATE COMBO! – DJI Eachine Cvatar HD 3″ Cinewhoop Cinewhoop – LA REVUE & VOLS

You can't tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]

LONG RANGE Fpv under 250gDiatone ROMA F4 LR 4” Drone – LA REVUE & VOLS

It is brand new. It comes in around the 300 mark we're going to test it with a lipo on here, a 4s 850 as well as a nice long range battery on there from gap, rc it's, the 4sp 3000 Milliampères. It should get me up where it's 20 minutes flight time on this […]

LE PLUS DURABLE! – iFlight Chimera Longue Portée Fpv Quad – LA REVUE, Accidents, & VOLS ??

It is a unibody four inch, long bed original style x, frame with around five four to five millimeter bottom plate. It is pretty beasty, it is the thickest of the bunch uh as far as your bottom plate and your arms go it's the heaviest out of the bunch all the ones i've tested, […]

CRAZY FAST!!! – Happymodel Crux3 Micro Brushless Quad – LA REVUE & VOLS

Peut être – and here we are with the krux 3, so i'm gon na fireit up on a 2s battery we're, going to put up to a 650 on there and i'm going to show you how it rips after that we're going to come back and we'll. Do a little spec check, […]

LEADER OF THE PACK! – Geprc Crocodile Baby 4 – REVUE COMPLÈTE & VOLS ??

Yesterday on the channel, we flew the gap rc crocodile 7 HD. You got to go back and check that one out that was a super awesome review made in flight down a river and up the mountains through the trees super fun, um kind of crazy, that being a reviewer. I can do that. […]

MAKE THE BEST DRONE VIDEOS IN THE WORLD // Geprc Crocodile 7 HD Lite Review ?

This is the kind of quad that makes you want to get away, get away from it all, get away from people just get out there and explore nature and have some fun. Maybe in some places you've never been before or explored, and you want to come home with some epic video seven inches […]

RADIOKING TX18S – Nouvelle société, Nouvelle radio, Comparaison, & La revue ?

Je dois dire tout de suite merci pour tout le soutien sur patreon, J’ai un tas de nouveaux gars qui m’aident sur le patreon maintenant, et je tiens à dire merci pour cela. If you'd like to support me on patreon, my link is down below because i am a full time […]

ROI DE LONGUE PORTÉE FPV JUNGLE – Drone à longue portée iFlight Titan Chimera7 – REVUE COMPLÈTE & VOLS

So all right guys welcome to today's review today, we're checking out the iflight chimera. C’est la chimère édition de sept pouces qui peut voler 6s. Vous pouvez également jouer avec 4s, mais je dois vous dire que ce quad est très capable. Il peut faire des vols long-courriers sérieux 20 à 30 […]

QUAD DE L’ANNÉE – Geprc Phantom HD Fpv Quad – REVUE COMPLÈTE & VOLS ??

Today i have a special video for you guys. It has been a long year and we've had lots of different quads on the channel and today we're going to talk about one of the best micro freestyle, brushless fpv race, quads that you can possibly get your hands on. This is going to be […]


The 85x and the 75x, but i wanted to go a little smaller this time. I recently flown the 85x, and i just wanted to see what this lighter weight format would be like and we're going to play around with 50 megabit we're going to put it up to 50 megabit run at 700 […]

The FUTURE of DRONE FILMINGAerialvation Cinestar

This is the aerovation sinistar. Here we go Music now. What aerial vacation has put together here with their bind and fly option is probably one of the most impressive drone bundles out there under 250 grammes. We have everything in this box that you need to fly and they've gone a step further by […]