Do the tiny hawk to we're gon na show you the specs and we're gon na do some flying today. It is a brushless, minuscule, woop, indooroutdoor, 1s and 2s lipo s1. S4, 50 and 2s 300 milliamp much better camera on here, 7, more power and the motors. The t2 has a 75 Millimètre […]

PREMIER COUP D'OEIL! – Holybro Kopis 2 Hdv – La revue & Vols

NOUVEAU' Holybro Kopis 2 HDV 6S Quad évaluation complète et examens de vol. First "DJI " 100% Freestyle" Bnf quad I've seen provided. Let's go freestyle in HD! Acheter un Holybro Kopis2 HDV DJI 5" Quad Banggood : sauvegarder 7% hors de votre achat avec le code de coupon : toyho Holybro Kopis2 with conventional analog digital camera setup […]