Unboxing Drone POLLTAR JT 1 PRO | Review dan terbang perdana | drone murah kualitas kamera bagus

000, buat membantu, mencegah, makhluk, nyanyiin tombol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj4ZQzwQIKg

Disappointed But Still A Lot Of Fun To Fly HolyStone HS165 Drone TodayIFeelLike TIFL

Welcome back to today, Je me sens, like today were going to take a look at the holy stone. Hs 165 drone thats right. We have a drone in the house, so lets unbox. It check it out, and here we go all right hereis the drone lets just go ahead and take a […]

Pilotes' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

.. yeah., But I tried with everything I had to just keep the car on the track and do it the right way. And yeah …. Mais de toute façon, we persevered as a team and Im grateful for everyones hard work.. They told me to give the position back so immediately when I heard that on […]

Review on SJRC f11 pro (great budget drone)

So before i get started, please hit that subscribe button and comment down below um. How you like this review and how you like the drone, permet de, get right into it? d'accord, guys so, while im opening the drawing youre making a lot of stuff in the background im in this area. Since i dont […]

Great Drone For Beginners with 50 Min Temps de vol! V-Coptr Falcon!

This is a bi copter drone, meaning it only has two propeller arms instead of the typical four that you see on a lot of other popular commercialized drones, i say its been almost two years in the making, because these guys, the makers, zero zero. I met them out at ces january of 2020. […]

Apple Drone Concept designed by Eric Huismann! #shorts #apple #drone #concept #iphone 13 #Iphone 14

That would elegantly lift it into the air for leisure, flying or even photography purposes. The unit is equipped with cameras that can capture videos in 4k at a range of 60 frames per second and allow for panoramic shooting for impressive streaming capabilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvwI40-oECw

New BSA Goldstar! First Look ReviewMrs Flyer's new bike?

One of folks, while me and mrs managed to blag ourselves into the nec a little bit before the doors open and were just heading towards the bsa stand, parce que, if theres one bike, i want to see here at the show this year, its the new bsa gold Star lets go, Regardez […]

DRONES y PERMISOS. Video Blog del VOLCÁN de La Palma (Parte 2)

Un escenario de emergencia, un notan una segregacin del espacio, por otro lado vamos, a ir al puesto de mando avanzado y vamos, a ver cmo coordinan desde, all los diferentes vuelos y tambin vamos, a estar con la unidad militar de emergencia viendo las labores que realizan en Una misin en concreto all en […]

UNSTOPPABLE! 2022 VW Golf RCar Review

If you get the dsg from a 2 liter turbo four cylinder and we do not have the dsg, we got the manual yeah. Give me my less torque and give me my six speed manual. d'accord, so were at toronto. Motorsports park in cayuga and im gon na take a couple corners before we […]

Voyage Aeronautics VA-2080 Micro Drone Unbox Fly

I like these drones lets, see how we can do here. La musique, howdy thanks for joining me im wayne. I picked up another drone. This is the voyage. Aeronautics va 208 0 ultra compact folding micro drone. All right three speeds push button 360 stunt rolls thats training mode help. Beginner pilots learn how to […]

Lego Spider-Man: Spider-Man’s Drone Duel – 76195 – La revue

So i know its been quite a long while, since ive done one of these reviews, its mostly because i have been busy for the past month or so with a lot of things such as vacation and so on and so forth. But i am back and ready to do more reviews and videos […]


Lo mismo que tiene el book 16 que ya visteis anteriormente en otros vdeos aqu en el canal, un dron ete que segn dice mj x nos dara, un alcance sobre, Lla 600 metros as que si quieres un drone para largo alcance un drone que te d. Un alcance exagerado no es tu don […]