MEILLEUR AVION RC DÉBUTANT dans 2020 – Hobbyzone AeroScout S Esky Eagle

J’ai un nouvel examen pour vous ici aujourd’hui, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, Non, attends! C’est le es. C’est le gars de l’Est. Oui, vous pourriez être confus, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, et […]

$80 MINI FPV PLANE!!! – Pathfinder Explorer under 250 Grammes!

This is the mini Explorer sailplanes fpv plane and they have it labeled a sail plane on the internet, but I think it's it's. More of an fpv plane, it comes with a black canopy that covers up this battery bay right here, but I felt like I wanted to just throw all of my […]

40″ RC AIRPLANE for $90! – Cessna 162 – Tout bon? ?

Since I was six years old and I started flying multirotors almost ten over ten years ago now so I've been in it since the very beginning, but airplanes are what I started out with and they are my first love. So you see on my necklace right here. I'Ve got the Wright brothers necklace […]


This is the version two one, and this one has a 55 pouce d’envergure. That is a pretty good size, a really nice glide ratio on this, and it also is sporting, une 46 pouce, fuselage it's, all balsa and Monaco on here. So it is not a foam airplane, but it flies way way […]

MEILLEUR débutant RC avion 2019 – PRESQUE INDESTRUCTIBLE! pour $99

Avion RC le plus indestructible pour les recrues? Le modèle volantex Epoch 2. Tremendous sturdy "milk jug" fuselage en plastique. Avion de Nice pour $139. Acheter le Volantex TrainStar Epoch 747-6 V2 1100mm Wingspan EPO Coach Plane RC Avion KIT/PNP [Coupon Code]: ToysHo [Prix d'origine]: $109.99 [Prix après coupon]: $97.89 [Lien]: Purchase the Volantex Ascent 747-Eight Bush Airplane banggood […]