Atterrissage sur une aile FPV MIDAIR?!

VORT3X and Drib check out FPV on a flying wing! After all they determine midair touchdown on it’s a good suggestionParticular due to DJI and Horizon Interest for making this episode potential! #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Aidez Rotor Riot en achetant auprès de notre détaillant: Wish to […]

Propulseur de drone SINGLE BLADE?? - Équilibrage extrême des hélices

For FPV drones, tri-blades are the favored selection, and even bi-blades have their placehowever can we make a kwad fly with solely SINGLE-bladed propellers? Propellers should be balanced to be steady whereas spinning. Prop balancing is a typical apply for RC plane with bigger props, however its not one thing we normally have to […]

Cricket FPV: Héros de la ville natale de Baltimore

Cricket is the Hometown Hero of Baltimore. He loves his metropolis and is taking up a tour of his favourite spots! Let's go to the place the King of Backwards startedCricket's signature motors are OUT NOW! #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Help Rotor Riot by buying from […]

En volant 8 FPV Drones at the SAME TIME

Pushing the bounds of the DJI Digital HD FPV System by making an attempt to fly eight FPV Freestyle drones collectively! Flying this many drones FPV is often troublesome and even inconceivable relying on the surroundings and gear used. DJI claims their system makes flying with different folks simpler than ever earlier thanhowever can […]

Rotor Riot Spec KwadHD1 Build with DJI FPV System

The construct guide to accompany this video might be discovered right here: Choose up your DIY construct equipment for this setup right here! Don't wish to construct it your self? Buy a pre-built setup right here: #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Help Rotor Riot by buying from our […]

How to Fly Freestyle like Vanover – le “Vanny Roll” – Série Trick

We're gonna be taught to Vanny Roll immediately! …Oui, that'sactually what we're calling it. #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Aidez Rotor Riot en achetant auprès de notre détaillant: Il fallait voler FPV comme les professionnels? Commencez ici: Obtenir la tenue anti-émeute Rotor ici: Get Rotor Riot Motors […]


Captain Vanover, Le Drib and JET get the ENTIRE amusement park to themselves! See among the greatest FPV Freestyle in a really unique flying location at Enjoyable Spot in Orlando, Floride! Large because of DJI for sponsoring this episode! You should buy your personal DJI Digital FPV system on the Rotor Riot retailer: Particular because […]

1kg Race Drone!? DRL Racer 4… Peut-il Freestyle?

There’s a superb purpose the Racer Four is so large and heavy. It makes for extremely aggressive racing and a really spectator pleasant machine. However how does it carry out for freestyle? Take a look at the Racer Four Avenue on Kickstarter to personal an official DRL race drone your self! Make sure you take […]


Deux groupes s'affrontent pour voir qui peut profiter de kwad robuste! Workforce Scorching Props vs Workforce Carbon Splinters, qui va gagner?? Regardez la vidéo entière pour apprendre comment on peut entrer dans le cadeau! Le gagnant peut être choisi deux semaines après la publication de cette vidéo! #FPVFREESTYLE (FPVFREESTYLE) – – – – – – – – […]

Les pilotes de l'équipe Rotor Riot!!

Please welcome the brand new official lineup of Rotor Riot Pilots! You’ll want to subscribe to all of them down under! – Pilotes FPV Freestyle / Hôtes – Joshua Bardwell [Bolé] Drew Camden [Le Drib] Corey Tapp [CRICKET FPV] Orta de Jeff [VORT3X] Alex Vanover (en) [CapitaineVanover] Jamie Hodges (en) [LittleStellarFox LittleStellarFox] Zoe Stumbaugh [Zoe FPV] #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – […]

Conversion d'un drone Freestyle en 3D! (avec Zoe FPV & Cricket FPV)

Zoe FPV, The Queen of 3D, is right here to show Cricket, The King of Backwards, easy methods to convert nearly any kwad to 3DLet's see how Cricket handles the upside-down insanity! #FPVFREESTYLE (FPVFREESTYLE) – – – – – – – – – – Aider le Rotor Riot en achetant chez notre revendeur: Need to fly […]

Hélicoptère FPV!

We fly quadcopters FPV prefer it's second nature. Cependant, comment fonctionnerait une perspective à la première personne lorsque vous pilotiez un hélicoptère extra conventionnel? #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Aidez Rotor Riot en achetant auprès de notre détaillant: Souhaitez voler FPV comme les professionnels? Commencez ici: Get Rotor Riot Attire […]