X8 2020 giveaway it's been a long time coming, but i have been mentioning in my videos for the um kind of the combo edition. I got that i would be giving away the standard edition and just to make it uh kind of a bonus for you guys. I got this extra carrying bag […]

DJI Mini 2 VS Mavic Mini (25 things to know before you buy)

DJI Mini 2 – Mighty Small – drone examen

. What if your best friend had told you that, in less than a decade, you would have a flying camera to choose high resolution photos and 4k video, a camera that flies fast far and perfectly stabilizes every image, and that this flying camera would fit in your pocket? And cost less than 500 […]

DJI Mini 2 – Premier vol | 4Images de K | Premières Impressions

Everything is ready to go. I'Ve downloaded the latest dji fly application with all the updates needed to fly this guy and i'm all ready to go now. I haven't put it up in the air yet i'm out on a beautiful afternoon down in south jersey, one of my favorite places to fly down […]

DJI Mini 2 Déballage et vue d’ensemble

bien, today is another incredibly exciting day for me and you can see i'm smiling ear to ear because dji just announced the brand new mini 2 drone and i've got one right here in front of me. À présent, before i get into all the nerdy details of what makes this product so special, laisser […]

DJI Mini 2 – Official specs and photos Confirmed

Aujourd'hui, some new official photos have come up and some of the specs have already been confirmed. Watch this video. If you want to see which specs have been confirmed, what photos have been taken and how you can be one of the first to get the mavic mini 2 before the others? Attendez: it's […]

Mini DJI Mavic 2 – All the specs revealed (19 things you should know about it)