DJI MINI 2 test Range – Jusqu’où il ira? (Fonctionnalités cachées testées!)

DJI MINI 2 Flight Test Review IN DEPTH – Comment est-il bon…VRAIMENT!?

$175 low cost 4K Drone – Bugs MJX 12 EIS is not bad for your first drone! ?

Après ça, here we go has to be one of the best values out there right now. Dans 175, you get 4k 3840 electronic stabilized video 50x digital zoom, au sol, Capteurs, gps maps, all kinds of modes 5g, wi fi video in here, making it a lot more reliable. We have folding props on here […]

4K Drone for $167! – MJX Bugs20 4K GPS DroneNot a bad drone for the money ??

This is the b20 i'm going to take this out of the box. Let you see what's in the box included for the money under 200.. 4K is it's kind of crazy. So you get a pretty good flight time on this battery we're going to talk about the flight time, the characteristics, the different […]

DJI Mini 2 – Official specs and photos Confirmed

Aujourd'hui, some new official photos have come up and some of the specs have already been confirmed. Watch this video. If you want to see which specs have been confirmed, what photos have been taken and how you can be one of the first to get the mavic mini 2 before the others? Attendez: it's […]

Mini DJI Mavic 2 – All the specs revealed (19 things you should know about it)