Furibee Geniuser 160 – UN BON! – Revue complète

Here we are with the furry B genius, cateur, genus, er or whatever they want to call this thing, it's a pretty cool, looking quad it's super stretched, as I showed you guys before. I do have a venom 650 battery here. This is 4s and it's also can't see the C rating on it, […]

Furibee X215 PRO S – CORRECTION FACILE DE GYRO! – LA, 5S FPV [ examen honnête ]

Pardon, La musique, Salut, les gars, welcome back to the drum camps, channel I'm, Justin Davis and today we're gon na check out the free bx 215 pro – and this is the s edition now. The other reviewers did have some problems with this quad and i'm gon na show you what those problems are and […]

INCROYABLE! – Aurora RC MINI FIGHT 124mm Micro Review [ LA / FPV / Avantages & Les inconvénients ]