RL R10 Two Armed Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

The jeff jeff was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's. What is the shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review. Another neat new drone. This is the rlr 10 drone. What is the rl r 10 drum? This is an oddball one. Folks e uh ., […]

KFPLAN KF609 Teng Great Learn to Fly Drone Flight Test Review

You Korea was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus was this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, ici avec un examen d’un nouveau drone soignée, the K F or the K F plane, KF 609 mini tang tang mini. What is the tech mini? bien, If […]

Z53 Cessna 2 Channel Gyro Stabilisé RC Airplane Flight Test Examen

Wait let's, attendre l’école. J’espère que j’ai prononcé que correct. Lucas a été le premier à dire tout d’abord, mes vidéos récentes – Oh en fait, I'm. Probably one of my videos. Probably a couple months ago, I didn't forget you, bien que, but congratulations good morning quite come to one, oh one here with a review of […]

Eachine P-51D Mini Mustang stabilisé 4 Channel Stunt Trainer Avion Avion Flight Test Review

This able to fly fighter aircraft is a ton of enjoyable for intermediate and above fliers. Quick and maneuverable, it may be flown absolutely stabilized whereas nonetheless permitting stunt aerobatics. In the event you get into hassle in a stunt, simply let go of the sticks and the aircraft will shortly and robotically degree itself. […]

P-38 Lightning Flybear FX-816 2 Channel Beginner RC Avion Flight Test Review

Cette capacité à voler mannequin volant d’un avion de chasse de la Seconde Guerre mondiale pourrait être très simple à voler. Un avion étonnant pour les aviateurs débutants et de même pour le vol intérieur de gymnase d’hiver. Découvrez-le ici Professionnels – Deux canaux (la manette des gaz et le virage) Avion de RTF. Le vol est géré par la poussée différentielle de ses deux moteurs. […]

How to Back Flip, Front Flip, Superman & Land | RC AVENTURES

HELP FOR BEGINNERS or Skilled RC fans.. that might use an additional bit of information to dial every little thing in! Many viewers have written to request HOW TO DO A FLIP.. or how one can preserve your RC truck / buggy / automotive straight within the air.. when leaping. In todays lesson I show […]

Anoirmnssori FX819 Long et haut vol débutants RC Airplane Flight Test examen

This two channel newbie's airplane simply desires to fly, even at minimal throttle. With stabilization gyros, it's a straightforward to fly powered glider that also needs to be a very good slope soarer. Découvrez-le ici Professionnels – Two channel RC airplane with stabilization gyros do an awesome job at minimizing curler coaster (phugoid) […]

GD-006 Diamant DA62 RC Airplane Flight Test examen

GD-006 Diamond DA62 RC Airplane Flight Test Review This inexpensive easy to fly beginner's model of the Diamond DA-62 is extremely aerodynamic and quiet in flight. Find it here Pros – Beau modèle de vol de l'avion léger Diamond DA-62. – Livré avec émetteur. – 2 gyro canal stabilisé. Très facile à piloter. Génial […]

Est-ce le meilleur Drone pour les débutants?

Buy Now Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera!: You may also be interested in watching these other Drone Reviews: DJI Phantom 4 Revisited + CRASH TEST!: DJI Phantom 4 + Inspirer 1 First Drone Flight!: ============================= Gear I Use to Make Videos: ============================= 1. Canon C200: 2. Sony A7III: 3. Favorite Prime Lens: […]