This is a three to four s plane. You can't fly it on 4s i'm going to test it on 4s it's not really recommended, but 3s 2200 will have a nice mild flying trainer style, plane and we're going to do some 360 video on top we'll do some line of sight and then, […]


If you want to help me out on my patreon that'll, be awesome too I'm trying to really level up my patreon this year and get that going so that'd be a great help. But today we're talking about lipo chargers on the channel, and this is going to be the video if you're, Recherche […]

MEILLEUR AVION RC DÉBUTANT dans 2020 – Hobbyzone AeroScout S Esky Eagle

J’ai un nouvel examen pour vous ici aujourd’hui, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, Non, attends! C’est le es. C’est le gars de l’Est. Oui, vous pourriez être confus, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, et […]

Nouvelles hebdomadaires (20 Jan Jan, 2020)

Another not so weekly weekly news for another year seems like it doesn't it coming up in the review Q. We have the beetle home now remember. I got one of these as part of the kid I got from DJ I, this is a little I think, void 200 gramme. This is lightweight, listen […]

Fixation de mauvaise soudure

Aujourd'hui, I'm gon na take a look at what happens when soldiering goes wrong. I'Ve done a couple of videos on how to solder and how to solder properly the gear you need the techniques and so forth. So you can have a look for those do a search or prop. If I remember I […]

Le plus grand planeur que j’ai jamais testé, Volantex ASW28 ASW-28 V2 |DRONEPEDIA

Je ne suis pas pris pour deux mille. 400 millimètres près de deux mètres et demi d’as aile que aujourd’hui je vais à eux, pour montrer cmo va et vient, sortir, voler, à voir pour le moment, Je vais y aller, Partir, ah venir sur, pour enlever le couvercle, apporte tout et. Lo nico que hay que ponerle es nuestro […]

TobyRich MOSKITO Biplane Review

FPV Drones Chasing RC Planes, CrashING RC Avions

This was only a typical day at our native subject. Comply with me on INSTAGRAM (captain_drone) to see what’s arising for evaluate in future movies. Take a look at Andre’s YouTube channel for loads of RC Airplane movies: BELOW IS THE GEAR I USE TO CREATE MY VIDEOS: Chapeau de Digicam de mouvement (Etats-Unis): Motion […]

Sub-250 grammes, l’avenir de l’avion RC?

Déplacement tout le chemin jusqu'à des avions RC, multirotors et drones qui pèsent plus bas que 250g ouvre tout un monde nouveau du safer, voler beaucoup moins restreint pour les individus dans des nations s’apparente à Canada, les Etats-Unis et une variété croissante de différents endroits. However simply what are you able to do with a sub-250g […]

Foxeer Predator Micro et Bonsai marcher-autour

Virtually any FPV camera will give a good picture on a sunny day but how does the Foxeer Predator Micro work on a dark, dull, overcast day? As promised, here's the answer — et, by popular request, a walk-around of the Bonsai RC plane that is to be the long-range FPV test platform.

La revue: Appareil photo Foxeer Predator Micro FPV

A great little camera in the micro-form-factor making it great for almost any RC plane or multirotor drone. It's hard to fault this camera and it ticks most of the boxes a keen FPV flier needs. I'll post follow-up footage of cloudy-day footage because that's always a lot more challenging but the WDR certainly seems […]

TechTuesday: Diodes explained

Diodes are a key building block for the electronics found in RC model planes, drones, helicopters and FPV systems. This video is in a slightly different format that uses more practical examples to demonstrate what diodes do and how we can use them in the hobby. Laissez-moi savoir ce que vous pensez.