FPV Drone Racing – 10 Défi de jour sur le simulateur DRL – Comment pouvez-vous entrer 10 jours?

So when my dad introduced me to the DRL simulator, I thought it would be a blast. I tried it out and I've played about 45 minutes and it's super fun. So over the next 10 jours, I've decided that I'm gon na play one hour each day. Just to see how good I can […]

UPSIDE DOWN Drone Racing!?

What I wanted this was my this is my idea, because we have one of the number one racers in the world. Si non, the number one racer in the world we've got someone who was here at the beginning of drone racing your little rusty a lot rusty, but I mean I say that […]

INDUCTRIX (INDUCTRIX) 200 Cadre en fibre de carbone, Construire la vidéo (Avec l'aimable autorisation de Rakon Heli)

You only need a few things. Your hex driver and a set of screwdrivers you're, probably going to need the Phillips head screwdriver in your set, so go ahead and grab those and let's go ahead and get started start out with your Phillips head. Screwdriver there's three screws on the bottom, so flip your […]

Hanging With DRL and Tiny Whoop during SXSW

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drone examen – Furibee Racing Drone

Today I have the Farabi fpv racing drone, just called the racing drone got it from gearbest, so stay tuned and we'll check it out again, Merci à gearbest. For sending this guy, I will post a link if you want to check out the price and the specs and everything but I'm gon na […]