Annonce de la FAA

À la fin de 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration released a notice for proposed rulemaking, a set of new regulations that they want to put into effect. We are not fully certain of how best to handle these proposed regulations, but what we do know is that there's a lot about them that is very […]

Peut un Cinewhoop RACE et FREESTYLE?

Whoops and usually the answer is a five inch is much more capable of an acro and racing, and the city whoops are going to be slower, more docile and more just like cinematic flying. But what, if you take a scintilla and try to really spread it anyway? Music it's one of the main […]

Community Spotlight! décembre 2019 R01

Thank all of them for making. So many awesome opportunities happen and we'd also like to thank all of you guys for making rotary possible this channel couldn't exist without all of you guys supporting us by watching the channel eyes shopping in our store for all the drone parts that you need. Alors, Merci […]

Construire: Cinewhoop w/ DJI HD FPV (feat. NURK (en))

We accepted really exciting for you guys today. So Cindy whoops are one of my favorite tools right, so the city whoops. This is the Shen drone. Skort we've got a couple of them. What I love about these is that they can do things that other camera systems can you can't go from really […]

Racing Drones with a FUSECURRENT = CRASH!

So I assume I'm getting some tutorial there like Cory. Are you gon na race, pour it you're racing Cory? d'accord? So I guess we're handicapping him. This is the easy money ance you think it's a chance of keeping up with you. No not at all it's gon na be easy money where's the […]

3 pilotes TUNE le même Drone FPV

J’ai entendu dire qu’ils voulaient avoir un tas de pilotes, régler la même gousse et voir qui tunes au mieux, and I think we all know who that's gon na be. Je vous remercie bien Alex. Je pensais à Alex.. C’est l’émeute rotor HD un cadre, and it is the rotary […]

Hanging Race Gates from a Giant $15,000 Drone!!

While I think we got a 40 minute de temps de vol, so we can just chat for a while before we get off, did you have to raise gates hanging from an altar extra, une 33 inch pump machine and what this looks so gosh Music that was so sick? New wing still live sort of […]

Dremel Drone!!

Indoor Cinematic FPV Drone?.. CineWhoop comme un PRO!

Le CineWhoop est un petit, drone FPV compact qui a l’installation et la maniabilité d’un drone de course, cependant peut saisir de superbes séquences cinématographiques dans un moyen que rien d’autre ne peut. Avoir des conduits permet de voler dans des zones intérieures très serrées rebondir sur les obstacles un peu que de s’écraser! Having nicely tuned machine and figuring […]

PowerLoop a $15,000 Drone!? (Alta X avec RCTESTFLIGHT)

Particular Because of Daniel Riley (RCTestFlight) from Freefly Methods for letting us rip the Alta X! Attending to fly $15,000 drone in acro mode was an unbelievable expertise! Subscribe to RCTESTFLIGHT!: Try Freefly for extra pro-grade and American made drone gear!: #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Assist Rotor […]

Le secret de voler à l'envers…

Cricket FPV, the king of backwards, is instructing his buddy Ron methods to fly backwards! Is it luck? Or is it ability? #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Aidez Rotor Riot en achetant auprès de notre détaillant: Il fallait voler FPV comme les professionnels? Commencez ici: Get Rotor Riot […]

Atterrissage sur une aile FPV MIDAIR?!

VORT3X and Drib check out FPV on a flying wing! After all they determine midair touchdown on it’s a good suggestionParticular due to DJI and Horizon Interest for making this episode potential! #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Aidez Rotor Riot en achetant auprès de notre détaillant: Wish to […]