ULTIMATE COMBO! – DJI Eachine Cvatar HD 3″ Cinewhoop Cinewhoop – LA REVUE & VOLS

You can't tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]

6S Cinewhoop pour $219! – HGLRC VEYRON 3 CINEWHOOP – LA REVUE & VOLS

It is a Bugatti actually named after Bugatti, ce qui est un peu cool. Il a un 4 in success and DJI options, ce qui est agréable. This is the lightest of the 3 inch cinemas that I have and I pretty much have them all at this point. This is a hundred and thirty six millimeter […]