This is the mini Explorer sailplanes fpv plane and they have it labeled a sail plane on the internet, but I think it's it's. More of an fpv plane, it comes with a black canopy that covers up this battery bay right here, but I felt like I wanted to just throw all of my fpv here on here, including a Zod copilot. You can see it right there it's about thirty nine dollars, you plug in the servos to it and an S bus receiver, which I have there it's just a short range receiver, and we have GPS over here on the wing. We have full telemetry up top with this little AOL camera. This is the vc 400 from Zod, also around ', but it has up to about 400 Milliwatts, so for a quick, little plug and play park. Flyer all you have to do is power that camera. I have it powered from an extra XT 30 right there and I spliced off my traditional battery wire, so just plug in a 2 s, 600 250 milli ampère – and you can get around 10 minute flight time with that. If you want to run something a little bit larger, you probably could on this plane, you could probably run something up to about a 750 à 800. You might be pushing it cramming a 1000 là-dedans, but you guys can try that the motor is fairly small. Back here, so not super big. The prop has a couple dings in it from hitting a tree earlier.

It just adds a little personality to it. je pense – and it just has a little attitude now but being that it's a pusher everything on here also being super cheap, easy to land. You just belly land it in the grass out here, and I did a couple touch and goes where I just came down. The grass and took back off again because the prop doesn't touchand we have a t tail back here as welleverything plugs in back here. All you have to do all of the push rods on this plane are already ran for you and they have servos on the center of the fuselage inside here that are running your ailerons, which is neat because you don't see any sir on the wings at all And you don't see any wires out there. You only have a carbon spar through the middle and they move from push rods in the center right here. One single servo controlling your ailerons, which is saving you a little bit more weight. So this plane is about two hundred and thirty five grams. With a battery probably gon na get you up into the 260 gamme. I'Ll beat you, you might be able to make it under 250 grammes, but this was just a fun flyer, throw whatever you want on here. It'S just super ultra portable, and I love it that it's kind of like a shrunk down little odd range or seven, Cinq.

Seven it's that's, really cool so I'm, also going to show you my favorite new action cam for these smaller quads and fpv airplanes. This is the instant go and it has a single button on the back right. There double press this button right here and it will restart recording video. But someone told me the other day. It also has a new mode on it as well. You can double tap it and then all of a sudden, you have fpv mode so that's gon na. Let you record up to about five minutes at a time, so for airplanes like this, this one you can get up to about a 15 minute flight time on so that's. The only limit of this camera but I'm telling you that it's super super tiny. I think it weighs around 35 grammes. It has really nice stabilized video, so I'm, going to show you guys some of that, but before I get too carried away with all the details here and how much I like this little setup, let's go ahead and we'll do some flying and after that guys we'll Come back and we'll give some final thoughts about the Explorer super cheap that's. What I love cheap and fun here we go all right guys here we go let's, go ahead and get this plane up in the air and gon na show you the fpv view from my little azad co pilot vc 400 up in the top left hand, corner And what you see in the main part of the screen is the insta 360 aller.

C'est 30 frames per second 1080p stabilized video what's, so neat about this camera is that it's, so portable and so small. The other thing is that I did crash with the plane and I hit a tree. I showed you that broken prop there and that's pretty much all the damage that I got. The insta 360 go flew off the plane, but it is white which makes it way easier to find this on my old mobilis cameras that were black it did. The ego is small, but it's not too hard to find, if you're a tall grass. That would be difficult, but there are multiple ways to secure these cameras. You can also print out your own TPU mounts. A lot of people are starting to use these cameras, so let's go ahead and move off the FPV view, and I wanted to show you some quick shots, real quick of some clothes in flying with this plane. Vous pouvez le ralentir considérablement, ce qui est cool, see a little bit of vibrations there, a little bit of jitter and that's, because the camera became loose. I didn't have even have a piece of tape on it to hold it down, but I wanted to get in here and get close into the trees and show you how well this plane actually slows down it's it's kind of cool that it has that much stability. But back up high is where it to me: it's really fun to fly.

I did test this plane out on a day when there was no wind, and that is the best time to fly it. Je pense que, since it is so light it has a nice day he drew on the wings, so it can handle. Quite it almost can get thermals, because it's it's so lightweight, but out over an open field. You can do that over top of the trees like this, you know you have. You know air that the trees cool off the landscapes they're sucking down the hot air, so you have kind of a phenomenon to where sometimes you get sucked down in the trees with an RC airplane, it happens to full scale airplanes too, but it is the perfect Day to fly now and the stabilized video is looking pretty good on here now, the motor to me it is a brushless motor and I think some other people said it was brushed in some previous reviews, but it's actually a brushless motor. It does perform adequately for the plane and what's amazing about the go to me too. Is you can see how much the plane is moving around and it looks like the video is completely stabilized, like it's on a mechanical gimbal or something it's crazy. À présent, I kind of wonder also if they kind of gon na come out with some type of lens filters, or this instance Risa go free. Well filters might possibly have a pack coming out this summer, which would be really cool a little bit of lens flare there on the front end right there, but in my crash also getting back to my crash, the the front end of my plane separated and you Can take a little CA and just put it back together, the two halves or you can like.

J'ai fait. I just used a little bit of packing tape because I can take quite durable on this little EPO phone it's, pas super lourd, but in a pinch it works good and I didn't want to use CA at this time. But what's neat about this plane is that you can come in and you can almost like do touching goes with it, because your prophecy is way up, and I was trying to come down close to the ground here and right there. I kind of kissed the grass, which was really fun so I feel like I have a lot of control with the plane and it's something running on that to s 650 millions, which I think it's, like so cool, and it did come with an a jst. A red jst connector for my 2's battery, but I converted mine over to XD 30s, because I have way more to s 650 million batteries with the XT 30 là-bas, but I'm excited about this plane. And I would like to put some crossfire on there and play around with it, because you can get a 12 à 15 minutes flight time out of this plane and for the price of it having something this portable with so many options and this small that's just The coolest thing to me, so I think we will continue to fly this plane for sure absolutely and I'm gon na do some more things to it. I believe I'm gon na play around with the setup on this one, a little more because it is just so much fun to fly and so affordable, that's, the that's, the coolest thing to me DIY and super affordable I'm.

Loving this one, alright guys we're all done with the Explorer now. So what do you think down in the comments below? What do you think about the ins to go? I think the answer goes. Footage is looking pretty good. The stabilized footage on the nose end of this plane. All I did was just stick it down in there there's, actually kind of the perfect spot down inside there to put the go in so it's really cool. I didn't put any extra tape over top of it. I just have it riding right up front and you can't see any of the front of the plane it's like the perfect camera for this plane. I believe these in segoe SAR around 200. They shoot 30 second bursts, but they also shoot like a new fpv mode. Five minute burst, qui est super cool. I wish they would open that up a little bit longer, but they're worried about it overheating and possibly shutting off so that that's, one probably drawback about it. Five minutes at a time, that's, just fine for race quads. You can also put it on micros. You can also amount it sideways if you want sideways straight up, whichever way 1080p stabilized video really nice. Looking now, I I mentioned earlier that I put the copilot on here. If you want to fly this just manual with just maybe even a spectrum receiver, a Futaba receiver, vous pouvez le faire aussi. You have a lot of options to do that or you can do a Taranis sort of xm style receiver right here.

I got plenty of range out there in the field at least two to three football fields, away with this no problem and once the wind died out here, we had a huge massive cloud system moving in back here, and so the wind has been on and off All day, it finally calmed down a little bit to where I could really get in between these trees out here with you guys and just see how controlled this plane is. With these tiny little servos, the servos on here look like little five gram, servos they're really tiny they and they have the same type of plug on the tail that plugs in like a lot of the horizon hobby micros. So it might even be the same type of servo it's, just not labeled spectrum, and they are, they are not, I wouldn't, say they're the super highest quality servos in the world, because this plane is not super expensive, it's, abordable, mais il a volé. They flew really good. When it was calm now, when it's over 12 mile an hour wind that's, when this plane is going to get crazy, it was terribleand I was all over the placeit was kind of hard to hold on to and at times I thought I was just Gon na crash a few times, my flight controller made me crash, but that was because I had some settings wrong on it. Make sure if you set up as odd copilot by the way read the directions.

Watch the YouTube videos on this one because a little bit tricky to set up, but you don't need a computer. So I know I now if needed, and then once you have that you can fly out a range to your heart's content and it will return to home so it's nice. It also has stabilized modal here for the beginners but don't launch in stabilized mode. By the way launch it in manual and fly a manual and then get up and do stable us, because you want to make sure you all your services are working if it's not working right, it's gon na throw you into the ground. But I have to say two thumbs up for this plane for a lot of reasons, guys because number one it flies. It flies great number, two it's, Polyvalent. You can do a lot with this wing like it reminds me of the voluntary nature, like shrunk down to a mini form like I've mentioned, to people before, but it's, a really versatile and what you can do with the fpv on here and it's. Just cute I mean okay, the giant 757 Ranger shrunk down to miniature form. I'M gon na have a lot of fun with this one. Cette année,, and hopefully maybe I'llbring a follow up video with this one a little bit later and who knows maybe I'll stick a full into blown einav on this one because it's the perfect platform for that and it's, cheap and portable.

Mais merci encore pour regarder mes gars chaîne, I'm Justin Davisand this has been the mini Exploreryou can check this one out in the link below if the discount code does not work. Let me know guys we'll try to get a new one for you.