À présent, if you love this quad as much as i do, you're out every sunny day, there is and you're putting the quad up in the air, and you want to keep it up there as long as possible and the one problem we all wrestle with is the Fact that it's hard to keep those batteries charged when you're out in the field and it takes a long time to charge them when you're home getting ready to head out for an afternoon of flying. So over the last couple of weeks, we've been researching a lot of different options to quickly and safely charge. Your batteries, both at home before you leave and out in the field between locations and we've, settled on two chargers over here and it's, not an easy thing, because these batteries are based on lithium ion technology, which is a bit of a ticklish chemistry. That requires very careful charging and discharging of the batteries to get the longest life out of them, and these are probably the most expensive accessory you're going to buy for the quads. You definitely want to take care of these guys and treat them with kid gloves so that they last as long as possible. Now there are other options out there. Par exemple, if you bought the mavic mini as a standard package, you got the quad a battery and you would charge that battery inside the quad you'd basically slide the battery in the quad connect up a micro, usb cable here to a wall charger and you charge That one battery, if you bought extra batteries, you'd, have to wait for that battery to finish when it was fully charged, le retirer, put another battery in charge that battery and then go on to your third battery, and even though that worked, it always worried me That i'm charging a battery inside the quad, which is going to generate heat i'm using circuitry.

Not to mention the fact that it takes a long time because you're charging one battery at a time. And you have to remember to keep checking on it. Sort of like watching toast, before it pops out of the toaster to pull that battery out and slide another battery in there, so that's, probably the worst way to charge the batteries, even though it works it's not very efficient. I didn't like that. So if you bought the flymore combination, you actually got this beautiful hub, which held three batteries and they did a wonderful job in the design of this, because the batteries pop in the front and also you'll notice, they're leds on the front. À présent, if you own, the quad you've seen this already, but i love the fact that i can push one button and i can tell exactly what the charge level is of the batteries. I also have a really nice carrying case to protect these batteries when i'm traveling. So if you connect this up to a wall charger, let me do that real quick there's, a micro usb on the side, and i can connect this up to a wall charger the minute i do there's intelligence built into this that's. Looking at all those batteries and it's finding the battery that needs the least amount of charge. Now it doesn't charge all three of these batteries. In parallel, it charges them in series based on the amount of charge in each battery, so the one that needs the least amount of charge is the one that will charge first, and in this case it looks like that's the one when that's finished it'll move on To the next one, then it'll move on to the last one and if you connect up the controller to the outside of this right here through the usba connection, it'll actually move on to the controller.

So it'll sort of in a serial fashion charge all your batteries and whatever external device you have connected up whether it's your controller, votre téléphone, your tablet, whatever's hanging off that usb, a cable and that's a big step up from individually charging those batteries on the quad. Because you don't have to keep track of and they'll charge on their own it's, still not the best way to go, because each of these batteries are 8.4 volts, that's, une 5 volt charger, Et alors 5 volts coming in here has to be regulated and controlled by The brains inside this charging hub and it does a wonderful job of testing the batteries to see which ones needs the charge first, and it makes that determination. It'S controlling the current going into the lithium ion batteries, but in general it's it's a slow way to go. It'Ll get it done if you don't mind letting it sit there, but i was looking for a way to actually charge all the batteries at the same time and even better. Yet if i could charge four batteries at the same time and that's actually where these two chargers came from, so the difference between what you get here and what you get with either. One of these chargers is that this can only charge one battery at a time because of the 2.5 amps that are hitting it at 5 volts that's, not enough current to actually charge a bunch of batteries simultaneously.

You need more current than that, so both of these are designed to deliver at least two amps or two and a half amps of current to each of the ports at the same time, while they're keeping track of how those batteries are absorbing that charge. Because remember these are ticklish chemistries inside there with the lithium ion, so that charger has to take responsibility of looking at two or three different batteries and saying you all need different charging currents and you have different charge levels. Presently, i've got to keep track of you. You and you and understand that i'm treating you differently when i'm dispersing that current, so these chargers are smart enough to do that. So let me talk about these really quick there's two places you're going to want to charge your quad batteries, either on the go or at home and i'll start with the car charger first, because that's, probably the easiest one to explain so, if you're out in your Car this car charger is a great option because it allows you to charge two batteries simultaneously. It'S got two separate battery connections on the end of it. The other cool thing is each of these: have little dust covers on them, so if you're only charging one battery, you can close it up or, if you're not using to close them up, because if you throw in the back of your carand this thing hits The carpet you're going to pick up bits of fuzz and you don't want that getting into the batteries, but in addition to these two custom battery charging cables, it also has a usb a connection on it.

This usb a connection on the car charger is a 2 amp connection, so you can use this to charge your controller. You can charge your phone, your tablet, whatever plugs into a usb a connection both of these will deliver that 8.4 volts and it delivers it at three and a half amps. So it's a little bit higher current than you can charge from a standard usb charger and it'll charge your battery safely, because the electronics built in there is checking each battery level to make sure that it's not pushing too much current at it. It'S charging it safely and as it starts to get more charged it'll actually reduce that current and shut off completely. So let me show you how that works. So when i plug it in over here, i've got a little bank battery bank here that i'll use to pretend it's my car, so i'll plug it into the car and immediately you'll see an led come on. Let me turn on that portion of it. So it's green right now green is good. Green means that you've got a fully charged battery, but there's no load on it. Yet so let me take these two batteries out and i'll. Show you how it works. You essentially just slide the plug on it like this. Just like you're gon na charge it at home and the minute i put that battery on you see it turn red the reason to turn red is because it knows it's charging a battery, so both batteries are charged right now, they're plugged in and it's charging.

So these guys are getting current again three and a half amps maximum to each of the batteries it's going to charge them pretty quickly and it's also going to charge them really safely. Because of that, balancing that goes on once these are fully charged. That light will turn green and you know they're fully charged. Aussi, you can use this external connection here if you've got a usb cable here's, un micro, usb i'll, plug that in here, and i can charge my controller at the same time so what's nice about this is that you can use it in your car when you're Between locations to actually charge there, you go to actually charge your batteries and your controller. Now one thing i will caution you again: lithium ion lithium polymer technology. The battery chemistry is really sensitive to heat. So you never ever want to put this in your car when you're out flying and leave it in your car to charge because you'll damage these batteries really quickly or worse. They could spontaneously combust there's, been a lot of videos out there on youtube about lipo fires and lithium ion fire, so never leave the charger in your car when you're off in the summer flying but use it between locations. À présent, where this becomes handy for me, is i fly in a lot of different locations on a given saturday. I'Ll get up really early in the morning. Go to my first location. I'Ll fly a little bit and then i might drive an hour to my second location.

I'Ve got my batteries plugged in on the seat with this in the car charging them and in a lot of cases when i get to that second location they're fully charged because i never run them down to zero. I always keep them about 25 ou 30 pour cent. So i can throw a lot of current at them when i'm driving to that second location. It also gives me the option to charge my controller or my phone or my tablet through that same unit. So with one plug, i can charge everything which is pretty cool. D'accord, let me show you the home charger next, so that's, the car charger and again we've tested these against a bunch of others in the market. There are a bunch of them out there that are less expensive, but i really wasn't comfortable with the regulation circuits that are built into them. I need to know that if i'm charging those batteries, then i'm charging them safely and i'm not going to cause issues with damage to the battery. Because if you force too much current at them or you're, not watching the voltage to keep that regulated, you can definitely damage those batteries and it won't happen like a light bulb it won't blink out and not work. It'Ll just get weaker and weaker over time, and you don't know it but you're damaging it a little bit at a time all right. Alors, with the home charger, assez simple, you basically plug it into the wall, so here's, a cord that comes with the cord, comes with everything you need, so you plug that in the back you plug it into a wall outlet and the minute you do it goes Through a power and self test and all the leds light up green again, it means that there's no current being drawn from any of the outputs.

Now the other cool thing is: it comes with four outputs, so it'll charge four batteries at the same time, but if you're only charging three batteries, you can disconnect these and put them aside. Alors, dans mon cas, i've got three batteries. I'Ll disconnect that for now and the same applies here where you've got the dust cover on the end of it, you slide it over the actual connector on the battery and then once you do immediately. The charger knows: euh. Oh i've got a battery. That needs a charge and it's not a full charge, so i'm going to turn red and i connect up the second battery. The same thing will happen. So what you're getting is the charger sort of taking charge of the charger taking charge of charging the batteries, but letting you know how it's doing so again as it does the assessment of how much current the battery needs. It turns red and says i'm throwing current at that battery right now, rick, so those three batteries are all red at this point, all three of these are charging. One of them is going to finish before the other two because, as i showed you, one of them was a pretty close to a full charge when that battery finishes finishes that light's going to turn green. So you know it's fully charged the other two will stay red. The other thing, that's cool, is that this is going to push 8.

4 volts out at 8. Amps total for the four of them, qui est 2 amps per branch circuit, so it's a little less current than the car charger. But i like the fact that it can charge four of them at the same time, because i have a lot of batteries for the mavic mini and i want to charge them all at the same time. En plus de cela,, there are two usb connections on here. So you could use a micro, usb cable to extend this to let's, say your controller, while you're charging your batteries, there's the controller charging and another one. I don't have anything else to charge it's micro, Usb, but another one you could plug in to maybe your phone or your tablet, or something else that you want to charge battery bank that you want to charge along with you. So this is a great option. If you're home and where i use this is let's, say i'm going to go to fly on a saturday morning, typically i'll get up really early and i'll charge. My batteries. That morning, before i leave, i don't like to charge them the night before, but i'll get up and charge them that morning, i'll plug everything in i'll go. Take my shower. I'Ll get the car ready when i come downstairs, everything's charged and i'm good to go and the best part is in my car. I have an outlet like this. I have an inverter built into the car, so i can take this with me in the field.

Leave it in the back between locations and actually charge my batteries when i'm traveling from one location to the next location, so it's a really, really wonderful solution. Encore, these have been tested by us extensively. We'Ve got a bunch of people that use them on a regular basis, i've been using the car charger and the home charger for at least the last five weeks, rock solid technology. We stand behind it, uh they've, actually links below where you can buy these off our website. Si vous souhaitez prendre en charge le canal, hit those links and pick them up, mais encore une fois, i've tested a bunch. These are the ones that we picked. je, like the cabinet, because it's abs, plastic it's not heavy it's light. You can take it with you. I also like the plug design, where i can pull everything off and just have a square to take with me. It'S a lot less space to take up so fits in my bag, and it works really well. The last thing i'll tell you is we've, also built and i've talked about this before in the channel, in addition to having sort of a dedicated cable, because right now this is a micro usb usb to micro usb. So you can only charge micro usb stuff with it. You might be out in the field and want to charge a bunch of different devices. So we make a hydra cable, which i've talked about before on the channel.

That has a usba in one end and three different flavors of connectors on the other end, so you can plug this in to either this usb here or the one on the car charger and all three of these go live at the same time. So i can charge my controller with the micro usb. I can use the usbc to charge a phone or a tablet, and i can use the apple connector to charge anything that connects to a lightning connection on that end. So that's pretty cool that's, a really easy way to sort of take all that current and disperse it among three different units, or even just have this in your car, because if you've got an action, camera a drone and maybe a phone, they all take different connections. This solves your problem for you, that's available on the website as well. Then the last thing i'll talk about is a cable. We came out with called the evolve universal charging cable, and this is basically a usba cable in this end, so you plug it into any usba port, and you can plug this in here. The car charger any wall, charger you've got your computer any place that a usba connection is available. You can plug it in the other end of it is the usbc which is the most common connection for modern electronics. So if you have newer stuff, like action, cameras or phones or tablets, usb c is probably the one you've got, but if you've got an older device, you're thinking gee, i can't really use that so how's it to universal cable.

bien, it also comes with these two adapters, and this adapter here is a micro usb adapter i'm. Pardon, this one's, a micro usb adapter when i snap that on boom i've got a micro usb connection and i can charge the controller with it. So i just plug that into the controller and boom the controller starts charging. If i've got an apple phone, i can disconnect that connect. The other one up and i've got an apple connection, so it's the perfect cable to have that will adapt almost like plumbing. You can plug in what you need to adapt it to the device you're trying to charge, and that way you carry one cable and a couple of end connectors and you're good to go so either this or that hydra cable will give you what we think are The ultimate flexible choices when you're plugging a cable in to sort of expand the use case for that usb, a port so that's pretty much it for today, encore, i'm, always looking for ways to make flying a little bit more fun a little safer to get you Back up in the air as quickly as possible, because at the end of the day the whole reason we bought the quad was to fly so anytime: i'm, not flying whether i'm charging batteries or wrestling with a cable connection, that's time away from flying. So whatever i can do to speed up that process safely, to get you back up in the air and fly, is something i'm really interested in, and i think these two solutions, both the car charger and the home chargerwill do that for you really well, if You have any questions about anything i've covered today.

Please drop those in the comments below and i promise to get back to you as quickly as i can to be honest. I'Ve been out flying an awful lot because we've had beautiful weather in new jersey and i'm. Taking full advantage of it, i hope you guys are as well because summer's sort of coming towards the end it's going to be winter before long here in the east east coast, and i want to get up as much as possible. But if you have questions, i promise to get back to quickly. If you need any of this gear, there are links below to our website. You can go there, you can find both chargers. All the cables. I'Ve talked about a bunch of other cool stuff. For your drone, so if you want to support us here at drone valley, go down there, hit the link and buy a couple of products, we'll ship them out the same day. Free shipping and we'll probably get it to you faster than amazon will anyway, and the last thing i'll say is: if you haven't, subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley family. We have so many clips coming over the next couple of weeks on drones and other high tech gear that you're not going to want to miss i've got a lot of cool stuff, we're going to be reviewing so hit the button join the family and that way, You'Ll get a notification when we post something and that's it for today.

So thanks a lot for watching. I really hope.