The product is called the artisan 3 plus, and it comes from our friends over at 1me. Now bluetooth is one of those technologies that slowly invaded our lives over the last 10 years and it's used today in all kinds of devices like headsets that are connecting to phones or peripherals like keyboard and mice that are connecting to your computer and it's. A great connection topology, if you've got a newer device, it's really easy to use. You basically put both devices in pairing mode. They find each other. They make that bluetooth connection and you're off and running. The challenge is: if you've got older devices like maybe an older stereo system or an older tv, that aren't bluetooth enabled it's really tricky to get them working with the newer devices and that's exactly where something like this comes in, because it operates as both the transmitter. So you can use it with an older tv to create a bluetooth connection you can use with headsets or as a receiver, where you can put it in front of your home stereo system and broadcast music from your tablet or your phone to that stereo system. So it handles both sides of that equation. À présent, i'm gon na get into the details of what really separates this from all the other products on the market, because i love this technology and this company's built in a lot of leading edge, features that really it from the others and i'll go through those one.

At a time, so you understand exactly what you should be looking for in a transmitter. Receiver setup like this, mais avant que je ne, i get a lot of questions on the channel about bluetooth in general and the biggest question i get is: where did the name come from? So if you're, not a nerd like me and you haven't done your history, it came from the design team that was putting bluetooth together over 20 il y a des années, presque 20 il y a des années, and they used the name of a scandinavian king, harold bluetooth, who was famous for sort Of uniting scandinavia, he was the guy that came in and said. We got a lot of warring tribes, a lot of strife going on here. Everybody get together, we're just going to be one big country and get happy and that's exactly what bluetooth technology is designed to do. It'S designed to create a really low powered high speed connection over wireless that's close over this bluetooth standard and it kind of stuck. It was only supposed to be a project name, but the guys liked it so much that they kept it. So bluetooth is what it's being called and what's interesting. Another nerd note here is that if you look at the symbol, the actual insignia for bluetooth, it's, it's sort of the letters h and b, the guy's name in scandinavian ruin, so they've combined those two together to get that particular insignia. So i think that's kind of a nerdy little background on it, but i love those kind of stories because i'm wondering why they call it bluetooth did the guy who invented it, have blue teeth.

I don't know, but now you know the story anyway, i'm going to get into the specs in a minute, but before i do i'm, not big on doing unboxings and throwing plastic all over the place. So what i'm going to do next is actually a closer look at the unit itself, all the components and paperwork that come with it. Just to show you what you get in the kit and then i'll go through the a closer look on the unit to go through the actual buttons and connections and things that you need to know how to hook it up and then i'll come back and tell You exactly why this unit is so different than everything else on the market today, and why this is one that you might want to consider if you're looking for something to connect up bluetooth devices to your stereo or broadcast from an older tv or something else to Be able to do that over a bluetooth connection, so stay tuned and i'll get into the unboxing next and then i'll get into the feature sets inside the box. You'Ll find the bluetooth transmitter and receiver unit a quick start guide. That shows you what all the buttons do, what connections you'll need to make and what the indicators mean also included, is a full user's manual. That shows you all. The connections you'll need to make with your own equipment at home as well as the specifications the product can support and then finally, they also include a happy, not happy folder, and i think this is a really brave move.

If you're happy and you open it up, it explains to you how you can get in contact with them, how you can brag about the unit and send them feedback if you're not happy. It also gives you contact information of how you can get a hold of the company with any questions or problems. You'Ve got and let them know that you've got some issues and i think that's, a brave move. A lot of companies nowadays kind of sell you something and then hope you never find them again. Si vous avez des problèmes, so i think it's great to include that on the other side of the house, they include a lot of connection cables and such that you can use to hook this up to your equipment at home. So i'll start off with the power supply. This is a standard micro, usb connection on this end and a full size usb a connection on this end. They also include a wall plug now. A lot of these units come without a power supply and either they include a cable, or maybe they don't even include the cable and just assume you're going to be able to connect this up to something on your own. I love the fact that they include the power supply the cable and the end of it again is a micro usb that plugs into the back of this. This standard usb a connection is great too, because if you've got some tvs that have the newer usb usb a connections on the back, a lot of them have that you can plug this into the tv and actually power this right from the tv without worrying about Plugging in the wall, ward, so completely up to you, but if you've got an older tv that doesn't have the usb a connection on it, you can plug this into the wall, plug this into the back and that's.

All the power you'll need now. As far as making the audio connections, they include an optical audio cable, which is really nice about a foot and a half long, so it's plenty long to make a connection from this to your tv or to your stereo. They also include a standard analog connection, which is a trs connection on this end, three and a half millimeter cables on both ends, and you can plug this into the headphone jack on your tv or the audio input jack on the back of your stereo, depending if You'Re using this as a transmitter or receiver and that's a really standard connection, now a lot of the older tvs and some stereo systems use the dual rca connections like this for left and right, and this plugs right into this adapter here, so you can still plug This into the back of the unit and handle the audio being transmitted or received through this technology by plugging this into your stereo. So they really think of everything when they're putting the kit together. Now next we'll take a closer look at the unit itself and i'll. Explain what the buttons and knobs do the case of the transmitter and receiver unit is constructed of a high impact plastic, which makes it really lightweight, but very, très durable. The company's done a great job of organizing the buttons and switches that you'll need to interact with. On the unit right in the top, which means it's super easy to control, they've, also built in a nice digital display below it, so you always know what's going on with the unit in the upper right hand, corner is an on off switch.

You can turn it on when you're using it and turn it off when you're not and that's something a lot of other companies don't put on their units, which it seems like a small point, but those other units are plugged in all the time which means you're Wasting power and you're working the electronics all the time when you're, not actually using the unit so being able to turn this off, will prolong the life of the unit. To the left of that is the mode switch. This unit can operate as both the transmitter and a receiver, so that switch determines which mode it's in currently, if you slide it to the left, it's in transmit mode, if you slide it all the way to the right it's in receiver mode, and if you put It in the middle it's in bypass mode now the unit's always passing audio through the back of the unit and, par exemple, if you've got to connect it up to a tv. There may be times where you want to broadcast to a set of bluetooth headphones, but you might also have a home stereo connected up or you've got a sound bar and, if you're, connecting through this to that sound bar in the bypass mode, it'll pass the audio Through this to that sound bar, so you'll have that great studio sound when your kids and family go up to bed at night. Maybe you want to watch a tv show or you want to watch a movie put it in transmit mode.

It now turns into a bluetooth transmitter to send that audio to your bluetooth, headphone. So having that bypass switch is nice again that's, something you don't find on a lot of other units. That means you've got to get behind the tv and reconnect up the cables on the bottom that's. The bluetooth sync button. If you hold that for three or four seconds it goes into pairing mode, you put your device in pairing mode, they'll, sync up to each other and you're off and running. This is the optical auxiliary switch. If you tap that button, it'll flip between optical and auxiliary auxiliary, is just another word for analog, so on the back, there are both digital and analog connections and i'll show you those in a minute to the right of that the plus and the minus buttons allow. You to on some devices, increase the volume or switch to the next track or decrease the volume or switch to the track you were just listening to, and the last feature is this nfc, which is a near field communication. A lot of the newer phones use that for connection topology. This unit has it built in so you have the choice of either using bluetooth on those devices or using the nfc connection on the back of the units where all your connections to your stereo equipment, your tv is made. This is the output to the speaker. This is the input to the device from your tv or from whatever device you're going to use to broadcast bluetooth audio.

This is the analog connection, the three and a half millimeter plugs in there. This is the optical connection and that's from the tv or the input. This is the output typically to your speakers, that's the optical and that's, the analog and in the center that's. The dc input from the power supply and again here are the two antennas you can fold them up for best, reception and transmission. You want to have them straight up. You want to have them parallel to each other as well to get the best radiation pattern, that's pretty much it for the unit. Now that i've shown you what's included with the kit i'll cover the technical things that you'll need to look for, if you're in the market, for this type of bluetooth, transmitter and receiver and honestly, there are a lot of products in the market that may look similar. But they don't operate the same way so understanding what the specifications are and how the impact the performance of the product makes. It really easy for you to compare one product against another to get the best value for your money. À présent, i'm going to divide these into two categories: basic specifications, which are things that impact the performance of the product, what it can connect to how well it works the second category, i'm going to call features. Those are things that are nice to have, they enhance your user experience and they just make it a better product overall, and the good news is, the team from one me has: got the basic specifications nailed they've done a great job of building a product, that's, incredibly Reliable, it works really really well, but they've also spent the extra time to build in some of those advanced features.

And what that tells me about. The company is they're thinking about me as a consumer and how i'm going to use the product and they're building in things that are going to enhance my experience and some of those features you may not even use when you first turn it on. You may find them later on and go wow. I didn't know that was in there and that really enhances my experience. So i don't know if you'll say exactly that, but it does make it a lot better, a product in general, so i'll go through the basics. First then, i'll talk about some of the features that are cool that are built into this, parce que, if you're out there shopping for a device like this, you want to compare the basics. But if you can get some extra stuff for about the same price, you might want to go with this product, D'accord, so the basic specifications. There are two that you should care about with any bluetooth device you're going to compare and those are the version of bluetooth and the class of transmitter that's built into the product. Now i'll start with the version of bluetooth. Now i'd mentioned bluetooth was developed almost 20 il y a des années, started with version zero as a beta, and then it matured up through different versions of version. One version two version: three version: four they're on version, five right now: i'm, pas gon na, bore you with all that early history up through four but version.

Four was the first one that really had a major impact on the audio. It did things like improve uh. The qualifications for the codex that can play codex or the underlying architecture of how audio is transmitted, it's, nerdy stuff, but it's got a broader series of codecs that it can support it, reduce the latency and that's the transmission time it takes from the guy moving his Mouth on tv to you hearing it in your headsets, they reduce that latency they've done other things to really enhance the audio in version four, so version four one. Four two four two was the last version of four that's kind of where everything stopped for me. En tous cas, with audio now version, five came out version. Five is really dealing with more high speed devices, so we're starting to see keyboards and mice and cameras and other peripherals internet of things kind of technologies connecting over bluetooth version. Five is really addressing that to improve the speed, reduce the latency for those type of devices, but it doesn't really impact audio, much there's a couple of things in there for audio and you nerds out there that are bluetooth nerds. I don't want to get into a sword fight with you, because i've got a lightsaber back here, i'll whip it out. If i have to anyway version five for me is overkill for audio now. The good news is this company makes a pro version of this. So if you're a die, hard got, ta have five two or five one.

You can go with the pro version, it's a little more expensive, but for me the better value is to go with this one, because four two does everything i needed to do for audio. So you wan na make sure any device you're looking at will connect over four to at least at a minimum or five two, which is the latest version. The other thing you need to be aware of is that all the bluetooth devices are backward compatible. So if you've got a 42 device and you're using one of the newer iphones that uses 5.2 it'll work just fine on this. Conversely, if you're using this with an older device, that's not 4 2 compliant it's compatible. So there's really no worry it's. Just that you don't take advantage of those features unless you're on that particular rev level. The second thing i want to talk about as far as basic features is the category of the transmitters. Now most of the bluetooth devices out. There are category 2 or class 2, which means their transmitter. Power will go about 10 mètres, so you get about 30 feet out of them and that's what most of us are used to. So if you've got bluetooth speakers in your houseand you turn them on for the most part, if you bought them a couple of years ago, vous vous y prenez 30 pieds, you're going to get choppy audio and that's just the way it works.

With a class 2 émetteur, this is a class 1 transmitter in it, which means it's way more powerful. Vous pouvez y aller 70 meters with this thing. Now a lot of people out there going to think well rick big deal. I can transmit 70 mètres, the device i'm using can't transmit back 70 mètres, mais honnêtement, what's going on in here is you're not only transmitting more powerfully but it's more sensitive for the reception as well, so having a more powerful transmitter means i'm going to get close To 70 meters or better, if i'm, in a wide open area now on the house, you've got walls and things that will affect it, but just know that it's got seven times the distance of an average bluetooth device. So that's a huge difference between this and most of the devices out there that are a class two device. d'accord, it works. d'accord, if you're in the living room, but if you're farther away than that you're gon na, have problems with choppy audio, where that really mattersand this is super important – est, if you're, connecting this up to a tv that latency between again the person speaking on the Screen and you hearing, it will drive you crazy and some of the less expensive devices that are class 2 devices. If you get more than 10 feet away from the tv or 15 pieds de distance, that latency starts creeping up and that synchronization is off and i'm telling.

You it's going to drive you nuts, because as humans, we pick up on that. We can read those lips and understand when that audio is supposed to be hitting our ear and if it's delayed it's going to freak out so having a class 1 émetteur. 4 2. On the bluetooth version means i'm going to have great synchronicity between my tv and when i'm listening now it's, not a big deal if you're listening to audio because there's, nobody speaking that you're just listening to a song, but if you're using it with a tv, you Want to make sure you've got a really strong transmission pattern, comme je l’ai dit, with the class 1 transmitter and that you want to be on the version. 4 2 at least all right. So those are the basic specs write, those down version 4, 2 ou plus tard. If you can get a class 1 émetteur, even better that's that's, the gold standard for these type of devices, that i'm comparing side by side, let's talk about the advanced features, D'accord, some of the things that are going to matter to you. A lot of these have internal antennas which work okay for a class 2 émetteur. But if you get into a situation where you're doing class 1 transmissions, you need external antennas. Having two antennas is even better than having one, because you get a radiation pattern. That'S, a much more even pattern out out from this device radiation wise.

So it gives you a much cleaner signal that you can move around in the room and not have dropouts and synchronization issues. So i love the fact that they built in two antennas externally on the unit. Encore, you can use an internal antenna, but it's really subject to where you're sitting and it really reduces your ability to transmit the other thing that's nice about this is that it uses both analog and digital connections. So you can connect over three and a half millimeter connection on analog, just like a headphone jack or you can use optical and do digital. If you want so that's, really nice a lot of one or the other they can't do both. One of the big features that you're going to find to be an advantage to this unit is that it has pass through a lot of them. Don'T have that now? What pass through does for you is allow you to make the connection let's say, par exemple, on your tv you've connected your tv up here. You'Ve got this side of it going to your sound bar or your home stereo system, where you're using it when you're watching those big blockbuster movies and the soundbar is where the audio is coming from everybody's enjoying it all. The explosions are all over the room and you're hearing it behind you and everything else, but then the family goes to bed at night and you want to use your bluetooth headphones.

bien, if you don't have that bypass switch, this guy has on it. You'Ve got to get behind the tv reconnect everything up just to use the bluetooth functionality of it so having a bypass switch means just by flicking the switch. I can go from my sound bar to my bluetooth, so when the kids and my wife go up to bed and i'm going to watch a tv show or some scary movie, i don't have people screaming in the living room. Waking everybody up upstairs just by flipping that switch so that's a major advantage. The unit also features nfc, which is near field communications. A lot of the newer phones will use nfc for connection to these type of devices, so it's got nfc built in the other big feature that it's gotten. This is something you definitely want to look for is a functionality called aptx, which is a synchronization technology that gives you lossless audio transmission over bluetooth, it's, a fairly new standard that's been introduced. I think it was in version 4, but apt capital x is really a function that you definitely want to make sure you have in any kind of bluetooth receiver transmitter that you're hooking up at home, because it's going to again give you that synchronicity with your tv, Parce que, encore, there's nothing that'll drive you crazy and believe me, i've tested a ton of these and i have more reviews coming there's, a bunch of i can't review, because the minute i connect up to a tv and start watching a show it's off by a couple Of milliseconds and man i'm picking up on that, but having aptx eliminates that reduces that that latency between what's being broadcast and what you're hearing in your headphones and it really improves tremendously, improves the experience for you.

So i think that's all. I really wanted to cover for the advanced features. J’aime ce produit, Beaucoup. I'Ve talked about it at nauseum already in this clip, and i think you can compare it to other fairly compared to other products out in the market and you're going to find they built a really quality product at a very good price. Ici, if you have questions about anything, i've covered today, whether it be bluetooth or this drop them in the comments below and i'll, do my best to get back to as quickly as possible. If you're interested in this product i've got a link below where you can go on amazon and check it out and see if it's something you might like, you can compare it to other products on amazon. But if you use the link, we do get a little commission from amazon for doing that. Donc, vous savez, if you want to support the channel use that link to go to amazon. I will have other reviews of other bluetooth devices, because this is specifically built for audio and it's a transmitter and receiver. You may not need this sophisticated device. If you're just trying to transmit audio from a tv, maybe only needs a transmitter. You don't need the receiver side, so i'll be doing individual receivers. Individual transmitters i've also got bluetooth devices that are dongles. You can use with your computer if you're, using headsets or keyboards and mice, so there'll be a couple more bluetooth, revision or should say reviews coming out so stay tuned to the channel if you're interested in that kind of stuff and that's pretty much it for today.

So i love this kind of technology. I hope this was informative and you got some value out of it i'm going to be doing a lot more of these clips. So if you enjoyed this, one make sure you hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley, family we're, going to be doing a lot more clips like this and you won't want to miss them.