Now I know a lot of you been asking on the channel hey Rick, who won all those cool prizes over Christmas. I would have loved to have this clip done sooner, but you have to remember the logistics of running 12 contests like that can be a little overwhelming. I had to gather up all the emails pick. Winners at random notify the winners make sure we had the right shipping address and send all that stuff to them, and again it was the holidays. We were trying to take a couple of days off. I had a bunch of new products to review and honestly I wanted to fly a little bit too, so I tried to do my best to balance all those, mais de toute façon, the good news is all 12 winners have received their products and we've gotten some amazing feedback From the people that have won those contests so much so that we're gon na continue to do these giveaways every month going forward this year and of course, we'll have another 12 days of drone Valley Christmas over the holidays next year, but stay tuned for that. At the end of this clip right now, I'm going to announce the winners and that will explain how we're going to move forward with contests throughout the year, because I love flying and I love giving back to this community. So if I get gear that I'm reviewing that I want to put back out there for other people to use that's something we're gon na definitely focus a lot on this year.

So stay tuned. Athena out of this clip and I'll explain what those contests are all about. The day one prize was a teller drone and that was won by David E out of Fort Worth Texas day. Two was the ATampT Power drum and that was won by Jo T who lives in Naples Florida with day three. We gave away a Hydra, cable and floodlight combination and there should be three winners, but I actually got excited and sent the fourth email out by mistake. So we sent four kits along and those went to Jim em at a Golden Colorado, Steve K who lives in Harley's, Ville, Pennsylvania, Justin, W out of Perth, Australia and Carmindy out of Barcelona, Spain. So we really had an international crew there for day three with day. Quatre, we gave away the Y's camera that went to jet F and County loaf. Ireland now I don't know if that's near the Blarney Stone, but I hope he's having a lot of fun with that camera day. Five was the Mavic two gear and that went to mark M and Laguna Niguel California day six was the Mavic mini accessory kit that went to bill B and over Texas boy. Texas is showing up an awful lot in these winners day. Seven was the rove dash camera and that was won by Michael C in Las Vegas, Nevada and in day eight. We gave away four and one card readers and it should have been three winners.

But since I gave away four different prizes on day three, I thought what the heck let's just pick an extra winner. So there were four of those given away the first one to Tracy, J and Deltona Florida, the second to Robert K and Ontario Canada. Susan are out of nova scotia to Canadian winners there and then finally, John T in Wellington, New Zealand that kind of balances out the Australia win day. Nine was for bugs three drone and that went to Stevie in The Woodlands, Texas and man was he excited to get that drone day? Ten was the Osmo action and that went to Kevin L in University Place Washington and he was really excited to get that and he said, he'll be recording a lot of amazing footage. So I'll have to keep an eye on his YouTube channel day. Eleven was the DJI goggles that was won by Nathan, be out of Elkton, Maryland and finally day. Twelve was the Dory drone and that was sent to Frank L at a Chicago Illinois. So congratulations to all the winners. Alors, as I'd mentioned, we had so much fun. Putting those contests together and the feedback from the winners was so positive that pretty much every day I found myself opening an email and sitting there smiling ear to ear, because the people that won those contests really appreciate the gear that we were shipping to him. And I realized that it brighten our day a little bit and in some cases we ship drones to people that have never flown a drone before so I'm picturing and dad mom, the kids out in the field powering up the drone for the first time putting it Up in the sky and experiencing that joy that we feel every time we put a drone up and that's got to be something that really counts, and we sent cameras out to people that are gon na use them to create some great home videos.

The gentleman that won that underwater drone is gon na spend a lot of time around lakes he's a fisherman. So I can imagine him waiting for it to get a little bit warmer. Throwing that thing in the water and going down there and exploring all the underwater surfaces and stuff so for me, I'm. Looking at that thinking, we ought to do more. Of that I mean why do we restrict it only to the holiday? So what we're gon na do going forward? C’est vraiment bien. News is we're gon na have at least one giveaway a month, because we work with a lot of different manufacturers that send us gear to test it, and we can't use all that gear. So why don't we give it back to the community, so stay tuned to the channel. We'Re gon na have at least one in some cases, two or three giveaways a month, depending on and again it couldn't be simpler to enter. We don't ask for anything more than you hitting a link below in this case below this video entering your email address. We'Ll pick one name at random, like we did with all the contests over Christmas we'll send that winner an email, let them know they won and we'll ship you, the gear free of charge. We don't charge for shipping there's no strings attached. We don't care where, in the world you live, you just get some free gear, so it's our way of giving back to the community, because I love flying.

I love exploring technology in general. Alors, if there's something I can do to get other people involved in the Hobby and make their day a little bit brighter that's exactly what we're gon na do here in the channel. Alors, for the first giveaway in January, Je me sens, like we've, been neglecting our phantom fans I'm. A big fan of the fan of products I've been flying it since the early days of the Phantom. This is a phantom 4 right here so for January's contest. If you're, a phantom flier we're gon na give away a high speed, multi charger that you can use to charge your batteries now this'll fast charge all your phantom batteries. It works with any phantom 4 batterie. Any one of the family it'll charge three batteries. Dans le même temps,, as well as the controller, so it's got a special connection for the controller and we're going to give that one away as part of this contest. Now these are something that we used to sell on the website and for a while they disappeared. We couldn't get him anymore, so they're pretty rare, but I was able to score 12 d'entre eux, so we're, given one away as part of the contest. But if you've been looking for one of these, j'ai 11 more of them available and just to sweeten the deal a little bit. We'Re gon na knock 5 bucks off the price. So I've got a coupon below that you can enter on the website and actually knock five dollars off the price.

Aussi, as part of this contest, we're gon na give away four of these battery guards. Those are little rubber guards that fit on the bottom of the batteries. One thing that I'm always worried about with the phantom batteries, as we lay this down on dirt. You'Re gon na get debris up inside there, so those rubber stoppers go on the bottom and prevent debris from getting up inside there. If you make the purchase on the website, I'll throw those in too so you'll get all this stuff. But the contest is for the charger for the for battery protectors and again we'll ship it to you free so make sure you hit the link below and enter that contest, and I promise you I've got some amazingly cool stuff, we're gon na be giving away through The rest of the year we're working on you know the twelve days of drone belly Christmas for next year as well. I'Ve got some thoughts about that. So I want to make sure that you guys get every value you can out of the channel, because I love putting these clips together and I love talking about technologies. You guys know nothing makes me more joyful than having somebody send me. An email saying, hey thanks for that product you sent me here, are some shots of me and the family out in the field flying the drone just a great day. So thanks an awful lot for watching enter the contest and if you have any questions about anything we've, you don't get the drone.

You just get the charger.