I could not be more humbled with the amount of support you've shown the channel, and i love the interaction we get. Every time we post a clip, whether you're supporting something i've said or you've got questions about a technology or if you think i made a mistake and you put that in the comments and we all get smarter together and that's, really what the channel is all about. When i sat down to do my first clip, i thought about the channel and what i wanted to accomplish with it and really what it came down to is i'm a super nerd. If you haven't figured that out alreadyand i love new technology i'm thirsty for any kind of new tech that hits the market and i like to look at it think about what it brings to the market and how it benefits me. And then i'll talk about it. Now before i started the youtube channel, i used to come down to dinner and talk about it with my family, which i think they put up with politely for quite some time and i'm sure i was driving them nuts, because they're like dad that's enough about home Security cameras or wi fi mesh networks go start a youtube channel and that's exactly what i did and i've said from the very beginning that if i put some content up and you're finding value in it, i'm going to continue to do that and the feedback and All the positive responses we've gotten from you proves that point, so we've got big plans for next year and i'll get into those in a minute, mais avant que je ne, i just wanted to thank a couple of people on youtube.

À présent, when i first started, i was watching a lot of different youtube channels and i still watch an awful lot of them every time somebody posts a clip, but there was one gentleman in particular. His name is iris, guys adventures. If you haven't checked out his channel. Go over there and check it out and he was interesting to me because he was flying drones at the time. Fantôme 4 is up in the air and he was talking a lot about the technology of drones and i watched those clips and thought i can do that i'd like to do that. That'S something i'm really interested in and he's one of those tenacious youtubers. Who is constantly pushing the boundaries of different things, so he's moved on from high tech, but he's he's behind the scenes? Kind of clips he's doing a lot of really interesting things, and i love that he just sits down and continues to turn our clips. So if you're starting a youtube channel that's the kind of attitude you've got to have don't, let the naysayers tell you, you shouldn't, be doing what you're doing do what you love that's. What i do, if i love something i'm, going to talk about it on the channel, but iris guy was one of those guys in the beginning that really inspired me now, depuis lors, i've been lucky to meet a lot of other big youtubers in the drone space And other high tech spaces, a couple that come to mind are kelly from ready set drone he's been a great guy to know, i've been to a spin up, and i just think he does wonderful things for the community there's a bunch of others, billy kyle.

I call him the young guy he lives in philly. I just love his attitude, he's he's, interesting and he's. Looking into a lot of new technology, ken from original dobo is another one, build a drone reviewer's, a guy that i like an awful lot. 51 drones. 51 drones, J’ai oublié de mentionner 51 drones russ. I am so sorry i was out in the field. There were tons of mosquitoes eat me alive and the sun was going down. I had a piece of paper taped to the camera with all the people i wanted to. Thank and the wind blew it off the camera, so i forgot i'm. So sorry so 51 drones. What a phenomenal channel he's raced past me as far as subscriber count goes, and he does a wonderful job describing the laws and technology, and i just love his channel ken herron's another one to watch. I love watching kent's channel he's a funny guy he's got a ton of puns. I call him the pun meister, because when you watch his channel you'll moan but you'll laugh it's, a really good channel and the last person i wanted to mention was captain drone who's up there in canada, never flown with the gentleman but i'd love to get up There and fly with him i think right now, i can't go across the border, so once things settle down a little bit i'm traveling up there we'll do a little flying together, there's a ton, more people that i haven't mentioned and i can't get through them all Individually, but i really apologize for missing those three so now back to the clip and all these people.

I watch on a regular basis and i think they do great job putting technology together in front of the camera. That makes it easier for all of us to fly and i'm watching them, because you know i try to figure stuff out on my own, mais beaucoup de fois, i'll watch their channel and they figured something out that i haven't seen yet so. I'Ll. Look at that and go man. How did i miss that, so we all get smarter together, which is a great thing londonard's another person who keeps me honest electronically, ask questions and give me a hard time on the channel. If i screw up on something and there's one other gentleman that i like a lot electrical dynamo and he's he's, one of those guys that just goes out he's, not he's, not big he's, not you know making flashy videos, but he likes to photograph sunsets and sunrises He'S doing reviews as well and some technology, but he's been there since the beginning and in the very beginning we would, Tu sais, look at each other's clips and critique them, and i love that he's still around. You know commenting on the channel and talking about things. We'Re doing so, all those folks are great if you get a chance, go check out their channels because they're turning on some great content and what i love about this community, the most is that there's not a lot of competition out there.

Everybody gets along everybody's sort of recommending things that other people are doing, we're supporting each other a lot of times, i'll get texts in the middle of the night from ken dono about about some technology that i should pay attention to or billy or somebody else and It'S it's really nice to have that that fellowship, if you will of technologists that get together all right so enough about that, we have some big plans coming up for this year now we've been doing a lot of drone giveaways. We called it the summer of drones. I'Ve got one more coming up, so if you haven't subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button, because this one's a huge one and you're going to want to get in on it and i'll be announcing that probably in the next day or two so definitely pay To the chance pay attention to the channel and watch for that one, but in addition to that, we've got some big plans for 2021 we're going to be doing a lot more with live streams. We'Ve been experimenting with it. I wanted to make sure i nailed it down before we did it, but we're going to be doing a segment called drone valley live, which will be a regular thing where we get on, and we answer questions that you've asked we'll ask for questions in advance of It i'll do some research and i'll talk about them on that particular segment and we'll.

Have you know the ability to post comments and ask questions on that? Drone valet live another thing, i'm thinking about. We haven't decided, if we're going to do it yet or not, but youtube offers memberships which allows you to join the drone valley family officially on youtube and support the channel now again, i'm a little bit hesitant to do it because i'm, not sure people are going To be offended by that, but that would allow us to do a lot more giveaways and i like the concept of having a family that segregated from the general youtube community, because a lot of times we'll do giveaways and people will loop in to put their entry. In for a product that really haven't watched, the channel or don't even fly a drone, and i worry they're going to get it and sell it on ebay or something so by having this, the separate section that are just subscribers for the channel that are also members Would allow us to segregate a lot of those giveaways and probably do a monthly giveaway as part of that group, so that's, something we're considering if you have thoughts on that drop it below i'm going to try and make whatever the base level is really really easy For you to get into so it's, not a big financial burden, but it would at least put you in that group and then we'll have different levels. If you need support by phone or support by email or maybe we'll have a monthly call where we all get together and talk about drones, but we're kind of figuring that out right now, so any comments you have or feedback on that would be really good.

Another thing i'm going to try in the new year is i'm going to try and look for smaller youtube channels that are just starting and we're, probably going to pick one of them up a month and i'm going to call it. The 1k club, because youtube has got this threshold, Où, if you get above 1000 subs, then you can start monetizing your clips that's a really tough thing to get to, and i will tell you when you get to one getting to three getting to five getting to Ten is a whole lot easier, so i feel like by exposing some of those channels on this channel and maybe even mentoring, those folks that are starting those channels a little bit to get them to that. One thousand subscriber mark will allow them to be monetized at that point. It'Ll help them create better content, and i give a little bit of insight into what i figured out over the last four and a half years, so we're going to call it the 1k club. I haven't started it yet so don't start emailing me, but once we put a clip together explaining what it is we're going to take. You know entries if you will from people that want to be part of that and we'll pick one each month and probably do 12 in the year and then the other thing is don't miss our uh 12 days of drone valley christmas. We do that every year and i love doing that it's my favorite time of year, because i get to give away a lot of cool stuff and you don't have to do anything.

You basically just have to enter the contest when we do it so that'll be starting, probably late november we're going to start a little bit earlier this year, but there'll be 12 prizes. Some of those days will be multiple prizes, so it's going to be a lot of really cool stuff being given away for christmas, and again i love this business, i love being in this youtube space. I love dealing with drones, we're lucky to be friends with a lot of big manufacturers who really are very benevolent and send us a lot of gear, souvent, i'll review, something and that ends up being a giveaway in the channel as well. But i just love giving back to the community. I mean i'm, très, very lucky that we're doing okay, the channel is doing really well and we've got these relationships, so i feel like let me spread the wealth a little bit that's, what the giveaways are all about. So that's all i really had for today, um we're, going to start doing also more high tech reviews. I almost forgot to mention that, where i'm expanding the channel a little bit and things like home automation, smart systems at home power, portable power banks, i've got one i'm going to be doing on the brand new product that just came in today. You'Ll see that on the channel soon, so if there are other things you want us to review, Faites-nous savoir, because i love drones and this is going to be a drone channel, but there are so many other pieces of high tech gear out there that i Play with on a regular basisand i can't not talk about those, so i think i think my tagline is going to be if it runs on electrons i'm going to talk about it.

So hopefully you guys will enjoy the expansion and please, if i put a clip up and you don't like the product i'm talking about don't nail me just wait and i'll put another clip up next and you'll, probably like that one. But there's no point in yelling. At me, because i did a clip on some smart bulb or something and you're thinking where's the drone clips. The drone clips are coming. Don'T worry anyway, that's it for today, i'm sorry i'm, around a little bit but i'm really really excited, and i could not be happier and more humbled again from all the support we've seen in the channel. So thank you so much. Please keep watching subscribe to the channel. I promise you we've got some amazing things coming up this year and that's it for today.