This is the fly with vampire 2 HD available in gold and titanium versions. Mine has the NIMH motors on here and the Goku stack, which is an F 405 running beta Flight HD version, vinyl fly and PNP available for and 6s versions, also with different motors and frame kits for around 50. It has speed, EB bluetooth, onboard which is nice. It also has a wheelbase around 110 millimeters, not bad standard size and plenty of TPU parts for protection was the first thing I noticed around the DJI camera, which is nice shark fin on the back TPU amount for your DJI antennas with a capacitor as well back There we have TPU end points and five millimeter arms, which is superb EC for freestyle quad replaceable arms is also a nice 3m patch on the bottom for your battery and TPU back mount looking pretty good back here with the crossfire antenna already mounted. For me really nice details on this quad, though I have to say the finish, looks amazing, as most of these fly with quads do 5 inch. Jim fan, 51 46 props nice medium cord, prop with a thin tip for a nice smooth flying quad and we have flyweight branded motorist. These are the ni n motors. These are 4 s, 23 s, 6.5, 24, 50 kV and 6 s version is 1750 kV. If you're looking for that, but look plenty of camera protection all the way around nice, indestructible, TPU, titanium, standoffs, really nice.

Looking finish on this quad and there's this little piece in the way right here, which I like kind of blocks, the SD card from flying out. I haven't seen that on the other quads recently there's, the Goku stack at 405, 50 amp 32 es CS, and it was a little bit hard to get to the USB port under here. So you're gon na have to bend that up a little bit with your thumb. You might want to trim that back a little bit: XD 60 on the bag and there's a capacitor tucked in right by my crossfire, so let's go ahead and get it on the scale got it zeroed out at Gramps, set the quad on the scale so battery Weight 366 grams, not bad and 4s 1300 standard size. Battery I'm gon na run today. 528, not too bad. You can also add a GoPro on top. If you want to so let's, go ahead and do some flying okay let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test now we're all set up ready to go my first battery. This is my first flight with this quad a lot of times when you guys have watts in the channel you're simi flat quad for the first time. So this is just me feeling out the throttle, seeing what the tune is like the snap and the roll rate. Actually, quite good, I feel like mr. steel with this tune. It does feel a little bit loose for the racing guys they target this one as a racing DJ I set up.

If you want to race this, you might want to dial back the rates. Just a little bit, it is a little bit loose for racing freestyle it's a hundred percent perfect on this tune. I really like this it's nice and loose the way I like it, I'm gon na come back across the field here. Plenty of control down low nice boost power loop, not losing a whole lot of a lot of my battery on that power. Loop 2450 kV Motors can sometimes be quite aggressive on an older battery. Just make sure you have a nice fresh pack on this quad. You will start to get some sag on some of those older batteries with the 2450 motor, so we're gon na cruise back across the field here, I'm liking. The way this feels it feels really smooth on the sticks and it's. What I was hoping for with this quad, this quad is an expensive quad. If you're going to build a DJI, HD quad, it better, come out with a nice tune and no jello, and from what I'm seeing I don't see any jello on this quad. It is almost like one of the gap RC releases, so I think gap RC is gon na have some competition coming up here with fly woo coming in with such a hard release like the vampire 2 HD I'm impressed with it there's there's a better power loop Coming back straight through not missing that one, just gon na go up here and let's check out the skyline, I do a couple flips and rolls it looks pretty good.

The DJI system is always impressive to me and it is a more expensive quad but you're getting a lot. I think you're getting a nice designed quad. The finish on the quad is really beautiful in person when you open the box you're not going to be disappointed with this one. It looks better than the gap RC quads, with all that nice shiny finish on their titanium or gold. I kind of wish I got the gold version of this one, but I have some gold versions to the others. I'M gon na show you later so now, we're taking up another battery, and we have crossfire on here so we're, just gon na go out a little more range flying this time. We'Re, just gon na go out and kind of sightsee a little bit and just enjoy flying in a straight line for a minute. Sometimes I like to mix it up like that on channel. I don't like to just throw you guys all over the place, with tons of freestyle the entire time I'll. Let you look at what the tune looks like on here and see that there are no vibes in even the straight ahead. Shots it's not sold as a cinema quads, but you can see Mount Hood way off in the distance right there and the reason it's not sold for a cinema quads. You see right there in front of the screen. You can see the props in view, so this is strictly not your mama's cinema quads.

This is props and view freestyle or racing most of the freestyle guys aren't too worried about props in I kind of actually liked it. I noticed some haters about that out. There we'll look the pros and, if you made get over it, dude it's kind of cool. Actually one thing I did notice is that there is a little bit of that TPU shielding, showing, in my DJI view that I don't really care for. You could trim that back, just maybe a millimeter or two to get rid of that. I see it more on the left than the right that's, also something you might notice, but I love the crossfire version. If you have a cross for our model, you might as well go ahead and get the crossfire version of this quad. You can send it, send it meaning going way out there for the new guys just getting into the sport. You can also fly this quad in stability mode for the new guys if you're just getting your first race quad, and this is cool I'm. Looking for that gap in the fence there it is. I wasn't sure I had that one right, but I found it again. The nice thing about DJI is, you can actually see where you're going. You can see those branches and ghost branches in the winter that don't have leaves on them. You can see them coming. I take way more chances with this DJI system and just gon na go for a little power loop here and a little bit off on that one.

Coming back to the right, a little further around this tree and I'm liking, this quad a lot. I think that it serves a lot of purposes. It serves a freestyle purpose, racing and it's gon na be a competition with something like the mark 4 that came out recently on my channel. So, if you're looking for something a little more fancy, probably also very, very durable, I did not slam dunk this quad, but very reliable tuned, smooth butter, smooth on the tune and plenty of power. With the 24 50 kV motors, you can definitely win some races with this quad it's fast and I'm. Just cruising at about 30 throttle right here, so it does have a limit of about 80 trottle. You can take that off and make it 100. If you want to, but they're just doing that to put a little bit of protection in there for your es ease but honestly you're not going to smoke 50 M PSU unless you're landing it in water, most likely really nice little bit of light shift right there With the DJI system I've seen that a few times before, but it is a little bit overcast right now and it's it's trying its hardest to handle those lights and darks, but it's doing a pretty good job. I love the detail in the DJI system and what you're seeing here is it's very close to what you can see in the DJI goggles and I'm shooting in 43.

You can also change it to sixteen by nine. If you want to so, maybe we should go back over here for one more power loop should I do it yeah? Why not see if I can pull it off last part of this battery there we go really solid quad and a nice solid release from fly. Whoa, I have other ones like the X spot 3 and the Xbox 6 5 coming up on the channel, and I have a mr. crock 5 inch so that one's coming up as well. I got the DJI version of that one. So this one let's let's go ahead and go back to the studio now and let's have conversation with you guys about my final thoughts on the vampire 2. So when I first saw it released, I was really really stoked about the way this quad looks. I think, as far as a 2020 version of a freestyle or racing quad, we have a really nice design, really really nice finish better than some of the other companies out. There are tons of TPU parts on here. Really nice gloss on the titanium covers up top aluminum everywhere nice covered DJI module tucked in flight controller down bottom really, nice routed, wires. Ni n motors are great TPU bumpers on the outside of the arms really nice, and my crossfire is already mounted on here, so that was nice to see from the factory, but the biggest thing is. I think that the quality is actually about 95.

At a 95, there are going to be some issues out there. If you buy a quad that's bonded fly from China. Sometimes you can't have an issue. If you contact fly wood directly, you should be able to get that issue resolved because they are a newer company and they're a more obviously a hungry company, and they want to be in competition directly with gap RC, because not only you have a nice finish on Here, they're, showing off with some of that finish here: I'm going to shave that back that TP you mount on my DJI camera just a little bit but I'm really happy with overall look and the performance, so I'm gon na have to say probably five stars out Of five, also, they DJI antennas in the back are mounted in the right way. I haven't seen anybody do that recently, they've been putting them down low and guys don't mount your antennas down low by the arms. It has some break up and I've been testing that with other quads recently, the mr. croc seems to be okay XR far enough out the quads a little bit larger wingspan on the wheelbase, but we have a really nice, really nice, quad, 5 stars out of 5. For sure – and I haven't rated a quad on the channel in a long time, but I love this quad out of the box, just rock and roll designs flying and performance. Everything is great about the vampire guys take care check out the link below I'm Justin Davis.